Friday 24th June 2011- End of Year Show!

I really wished I had blogged about the upcoming weeks to this event! It was the best time ever in my life. Every day waking up happy to see my lovely friends, but sad that I only had a small time left with them! We'd set up our gallery space together, feeling as if we worked more as a team than we ever had the whole 2years we'd been in our little group. It was a lovely feeling to know that we'd dome all that, mostly by our selves, our tutors worked so hard helping us to organise the show it was amazing. A few of our group had been and got them all a bottle or two of their favourite drinks, and we all sat and hid in a corner of my friends installation to write their cards! Good times!
 I am missing that place soo much already! It only gets tougher from here!
So with the gallery space up and ready to go, and my lovely 50 foot hallway that I painted all by myself, with a little help from two friends,(and I mean a Little help) me Jadeykins and jayy were back at my mums ready to get changed and have a few drinks before the show started. Maybe one of us had too many, Jayy!! It took both of them to help me get into my dress! lol. Should really stop eating for a while!
My brother came home and said he'd take us up the college cos I wanted him to see my work, and he wanted a free glass of champagne! Lol. It was really nice. My dad was there to meet us, so I showed them round, then mum and mi man turned up, and had to show them round too! My brother is very critical of contemporary art, and he was very vocal with his criticisms too! I laughed tho.
Back outside my Fifi had come up,(in her Wheelchair cos she broke her leg the week before) so I was wheeling her around, and my friend came running up to me saying someone wanted to buy my work! It was that drawing, that I'd only decided to present in the show three days before! It turns out she worked at the university of Kent, where I'm going! She wanted to buy one piece in the show that evening, and out of every group presenting work, she chose mine! There must have been well over 100 pieces in that exhibition, why mine? I was a bit too drunk to think about approaching her by this time, o my tutor said he knew her and would arrange with her to contact me about it, I have yet to hear about that. But still, a result!
By about 7 all the wine had been drunk already,and My Jayy started blubbing that she was sad that we were all leaving and we'll never see each other again, that set Jadey off, then, I started too! So we were all there blubbing like girls the rest of the time we were there. Its funny now, wasn't then though.
I knew we'd stay in touch, we still talk most days too. I will still miss seeing everyone 3days a week!

Thursday 23rd June 2011- Poxy Christmas Lights

I know what you're thinking, why is she posting about christmas lights in July? Well in my final piece I'm using christmas lights to represent stars. I had such a mission to get said lights in place too! Luckily my friend Jan kindly donated me some when mine broke two days before. My piece, named Per Ardua Ad Astra, was finally ready to show. I wish I'd posted about the efforts i put into making the figures but still, I guess that'll remain history now.
This last two weeks we'd managed to put up temporary walls, fasten and paint them, and paint the floors, and get all our work in place for the show tomorrow, not to bad going guys! I'll post a picture on here soon.

Friday 3rd June 2011- My Birthday!!

Well i know this was ages ago now but it was a bloody brilliant day! Had such a good time. Luckily it was our last half term form college so I had most of the week to make sure everyone knew where we were meeting n stuff. I wsa so glad I arranged my day, cos I wasn't about to sit around and expect other people to do it cos nothing would of happened! Want a job done, do it yourself! Had to go and get my friend Smelliot a badge as we shared our birthday, so I got myself a badge too, as I didnt get one, see, job, done, myself!
 I got very very drunk! A few too many jugs of purple rain during the afternoon I ws out of my face by about 4 in the afternoon, and surprisingly could still walk in my killer heels! Don't know how I managed, or how the rest of the County put up with us! But it was brilliant!
 Seeing as mi man was at work I could chill out with my friends and not have to worry if he is ok. Bit harsh but I wanted to have fun on my birthday! There ended up being about 15people there with us, and everyone got me lovely cards, and a few presents too! Woulda been soo much better if it hadnt taken me half an hour to get my eyelashes on that morning!lol. Even my besties Jada and Max made it! Which was a lovely surprise!!
I met himself at his friends and went to his brother and sister in laws when we got near hme as we'd promised, and drunk some more! They'd got me a lovely necklace! Very pretty indeed, shame the piggles like to try n steal things like that so I been keeping a close eye on it when they're out and about. Thank god they didn't take any chunks out of my hair that I had done a few days before!
I just had to blog this day, even though it was a day I'll never forget!

Sunday 1st May 2011- Puppies!

Yay, today we went to meet my aunties puppies! I forgot to say during the week we went over to mi mans mum and dads house and as soon as we walked in the door his mum said to me, Kat, your auntie's dogs had puppies, I want one! Ha ha, so I called her up and arranged for today to go and meet them. My mum was worried when I 1st asked about them, think she thought I wanted one!
So anyways, we went over his mum and dads, and had a lovely roast dinner before we went off to Hastings to see my auntie! It was so nice to see her, and I hadn't seen my cousins for such a long time! Awww the puppies were so sweet! There was one left, he was meant to be theirs! They had been looking for a dog for ages! My aunties dog Rolo, is a chocolate Labrador, and she paid for a stud dog in Smarden to mate her with, now she has 6 gorgeous puppies! They won't be ready to leave Rolo until the 9th of June. But that time will go so fast!
They are so sweet. Rolo is a really good mum too. She knows exactly when its time to feed them, my aunties boyfriend said you can literally time it, exactly every two hours without fail she would just get in the big open box he made for them, and rally them all together to feed. They were so funny. Not long now and I'll be taking him for lots of walks!His names Alfie! My cousins have already started calling him that!
It was so good to meet them!

Saturday 30th April 2011- He's out

OOOOOOPS!! Just deleted that whole post! What a doughnut! Well It was long so I won't go into it again.
Mi mans been out at the football in London, so I stayed in and chillaxed with Fia.  It was cool but I really felt like going out and doing something!
I walked her back across town to meet her mum and go back home. Whilst walking back I called my good friend Maxine, she had been at her uni in London since lunchtime studying for her dissertation, and it was nearly 12 o clock at night! Bless her heart!
Its mad how far we've both come in the last few years! We both started our courses at the same time, and now we both in our final month, Scary!
Around half 12 1ish mi man called me and said he was on his way home form the station, and I was still wide awake! So I walked down to meet him too. My feet were killing when I got back!

Friday 29th April 2011- The royal wedding,big woop

As soon as everyuone knew it was a royal wedding, most people I knew were like, so what, then they found out they had a day off! Then of course everyone suddenly became very patriotic! I intended to have a lie in! That was the plan, until my man woke me and insisted I tell him if anyone important came in to the church! The wedding hadn't even started! Wake me when I can see the dress!
Well it was lovely! I'll admit that, my mum had gone to the pub with a few friends to watch it, and I knew from 20miles away she would blub when the wedding started! I texted her and told her to stop crying, and she said she was doing ok until I texted her that! Woops!! I think I have the only guinea pigs in the country that sat and watched it with me! That was funny! They don't usually pay much attention to the telly but they sat up and took notice when the hymns were playing, still don't think they were very impressed with them, I know I wasn't! Not a big fan of church music! My piggles are definately mummies boys! They took notice all the same! Mi man was getting all into the spirit and singing along, love him. I told him I said, I know why you like choir music, cos its one of the few times you are allowed the words in front of you! Ha ha, he's not very good at remembering lyrics.

Thursday 28th April 2011- College with Fia

This morning I really wanted to start on my final piece, didn't happen yesterday. Fia met me by mums and got a ride with us as she doesn't have her mums car anymore. So wanted her to stay with me, and was really looking forward to telling my other tutor about my new kitten. But as soon as we got into our studio my tutor said Fia was not allowed in our space while he's tutoring, glum! I sat in the canteen with her for a bit, then we figured out a loophole, my tutor said shes not allowed in our studio, nothing about the rest of the college, so as long as we stayed in the sculpture room its all good. I started trying to make models as a mock up for the figures in my final piece with clay, that didn't work too well! Really didn't work too well! The clay didn't stay in the positions I wanted it to, was getting really worked up with it! Then technick came in and I moaned at him that it wasn't working, and he showed me a much better way of doin it!
So while Sofia made Dave minion from despicable me, I listened and worked along while nick taught me this new technique. It was really fun, when I knew how!
I won't bore you with the technicalities of it but its coming along alright now. Pics are on the way!
Binks was being a little tear away when we got home, he thinks he's top cat cos he'll still got his balls, well not for long sonny boy! He popped Obi so I sprayed Binks with a water bottle, and boy he can run! Dozey little monkey! He's really not sure what to make of the piggles!

Wenesday 27th April 2011- Back to college

Back at college today, still haven't started making prints from my etching, may do that next week. I decided to start on my final piece. Not long left now until, we'll be done with this course. Scary stuff.
As much as I wanted to crack on with my work, I really shouldn't have let mi man introduce me to a new game on facebook, Farkle, the day before I go back to college. Last night I was playing it for ages. It is so addictive! I played twice and already beat nearly all of my friends highest scores! Ha, that's what you call lucky!
I had this genius idea to make a mosaic for my dads garden, and I got technick (our technician) to cut me some big boards up to stick stuff to. Then I had to figure out how to get them home.
So I had a brilliant idea to get in the computer room and get some research done, and facebook called me! It was nearly, lunchtime so I spent pretty much all my lunch break playing, was really bad! I love college.
Don't know what I'm going to be like at uni.
Hope I'll be more focused after a few weeks off than I am now.
After college I walked home with a few friends, got back, all pretty normal until I realised I'd left my keys at my house. Woops, so I said goodbye to the girls so they could walk back to theirs, sat outside my mums thinking it wouldn't be too long until either someone came home, or mi man came to pick me up after work. Soon after sitting down, our 'nice' neighbours(not the mad ones) came past and said hello, and the lady, Jane I think her name is, said that mum had been telling her about me going to uni in September, and seeming interested she asked me what I was going to be studying, I told her the course I really want to do, Film studies, History and Philosophy of Art, and she said that she'd studied Media many years ago, and had a book I could borrow, how sweet of her! She said she'll find it and drop it through the door at my mums. That was nice enough, then a few minutes later she came out again and said she'd found it, and I could have it. I told her I'd give it back when I was finished with it. Was lovely of her to offer, but I think with books that once I've read it I doubt I'd ever read it again. Saying that, I did get a book out about one very cool artist Heironymous Bosch, From the college library that I've read twice and renewed about three times!
So anyways, I called mi dad and told him the situation, and he said he'd be back soon and would I like to meet him at b and q to see what he had in mind for the garden. Seeing as I had nothing better to do than sit there I thought I'd go and meet him.
Just after arriving at b and q mi man called and said he was on the way back, to which I told him he might as well meet me there. I waited for dad, and mi man for about 5 minutes, then they both turned up at the same time! Perfect timing! Wandering around b and q, they were discussing everything they saw. I accidentally caught the eye of some random guy whilst rolling my eyes at them and I said, don't let men loose in a d.i.y shop, he laughed! Finally, after explaining to me what he wanted in the garden, I told him I'd be able to use broken crockery and stuff better than buying tiles to brake, so we left. So if you have any broken plates, send them my way! Wish we still had mi mans old plates we smashed a few months ago now!

Sunday 24th April 2011- Smarden

Today was another one of those tedious ordeals, that I generally put up with cos I know other people want me to be there, next year I'm not so sure I will endure it! May stay home with the boys.
So we said goodbye to the animals and set off to meet everyone at the bat farm. Then walked to the pub, the guys were eating all sorts of rubbish, squid!? Who eats squid as a pub snack?! Madness I tells ya.
I was just worryin about the moggies to be honest, so we went to see the duck race, tedious! On the way back to the farm we stopped at the 'art gallery' well some of us stopped at the art gallery, dad stopped at the one with a bar and beer on tap. We sat out in the garden next to the pond where they had some massive fish, I'd love to go fishing in there. It was so hot. Soon enough we were on the way back to the farm for a barbeque. That was nice. We all had way too much food I think, and enough drinks to feel a little tipsy.
 I was still wishing my cats had their own mobiles, and apposable thumbs to answer them!

Saturday 23rd April 2011- Dreams do come true!

Wow!! I woke up this mornin, in relatively good shape after yesterdays drinking! Mi man woke me with a cup of coffee and said he and his friend were off out to 'hunt' for breakfast, (at the cafe) so I decided to catch up on facebook, and check my blog stats and stuff. A little while later he came back saying he'd been talking to the neighbours about obi's cat friend. and they asked if we'd been feeding it. Well, he told them we hadn't because she's not ours to feed, and they told him that this poor little moggy had been abandoned by other neighbours three doors down, and they were taking it to the cattery this evening! Well mi man told them how fond I am of that little puss already, anmd that he'd talk to me about tsking it in, like he had to! He came upstairs and told me all this. My response was disbelief! I ran out the garden in my pjs to find out if this was true, and sure enough it was! Our neighbours said that when they feed her this evening they would catch her and bring her round to ours, really and truly, I didn't want to wait that long! I leant over the back wall, and whistled. Not even a minute later little moggy paws jumped on the wall right next to me! So I gently picked her up, and took her inside, and the rest, as they say, is history!
We had to go over to our friends for a party this afternoon, almost didn't want to go cos I wanted to stay with the new mog. She was a little nervous about this new situation, and she didn't know where she was.
So we went to our friends for the party, had some lovely food and played in the paddling pool, her dog wasn't sure what to make of it! I ended up spending most of the time there filling up balloons with water, didn't get to throw many of them though.
We didn't really stay there too long, I wanted to get back and check on the cats.
 So when we got home, a certain little someone had pooped in the hall, and it weren't Obi, poor little bugger, I don't think our new cats very well, mind you. We don't have a clue what she's been eating for weeks! Think someone can sleep in the bathroom tonight! Poor little mite!

Friday 22nd April 2011- Drink!!

After a pretty uneventful week it was good to get out and do something, we all met up for Chambers beer festival. Well the guys met up at the station, me and Fia walked to meet Lisa and take a detour to her friends to pick up some clothes. That was fun, in my new shoes, hadn't even met Lis before my feet were hurting already! Not a good idea the amount of walking we had to do today!
We caught up with everyone near Chambers, before the event had even started, sat outside and waited for them to open! After 5 or 10 minutes I shouted through the door for them to let us in, a few of our group were worried I'd get us all banned before we'd even got in! That would be funny, Wussies!
Finally they opened up shop and we immediately got the drinks in and started our day, I stopped to mousse my hair then cracked on with the Malibu and cokes!
Its real funny being at a beer festival and not drinking beer. Mostly because I know that I like what I'm drinking, and don't waste time trying all sorts of different drinks, when there is probably only a handful that I'd like, well I don't like beer anyways but that's not the point. I don't get this whole tasting every beer in the place thing. Find what you like and stick with it, that's my personal opinion anyways, I know a lot of people would say that's the wrong way to go about life!
So with a few of us there already and some meeting us later we decided to order some grub, and what good grub it was too! I had a big chicken and something baguette! It was really spicy! Most of our lot had got the spicy ribs, so I tried one of Fia's and they were really good! I was dipping my chips in every ones spicy rib sauce! That was fun! I was really bad and had a chocolate mousse pudding, okay two! but they were so yummy!
When everyone had arrived a few more drinks were consumed before we headed down to the Pullmans for a few more! The garden was really nice down there, it had been such a nice sunny day, why we'd spent it in a bar that is effectively the cellar I don't know! But it was nice to be out in the fresh air when I'd only seen the sun to go out and have a fag! Ironic huh. So we sat around a big table, everyone having a laugh and telling jokes that had been sent on our phones. I was getting really angry with myself though by this point, my dad jokes around all calls me tiddling tessie, but today I actually had probably been to the loo at least once every half hour if not more, and by the time we reached the Pullmans it was even worse.
Everyone left a lot earlier than we'd been planning to head back, but we were off to Rileys to play pool anyways so it didn't matter too much. Where I'd been threatening to go back to ours when everyone else left(cos my feet hurt) I think mi man was pissed with me that I changed my mind and wanted to stay out a bit longer! We had a good time though, the guys played snooker, and I kept the scores! I played his friend at pool, and won! There's no beating mi man though, no chance Kitty!
On the way home we stopped at Tesco's to get some fags and so they could get nibbles and went home to watch 2012, seen it about 5 times now but I still love that film! I took my shoes off after a little while, got a piggy back some of the way home too, bonus!!
Sorry Fia! We drank some of your So co whilst we watched the film, I didn't let him eat your daim bar though!! Was a bloody good day!

Thursday 21st April 2011- Town, coursework and Chillin' Out!

Was so cool that Fia stayed round last night. We were up real late talking about loads of madness. Weren't even that drunk! Haha, good old times, hopefully soon she'll remind me what we were talking about! So didn't want to get up this morning!
Me and Fia went to town today. We went to Costa's and had an iced coffee, that was lush! Then we went to New Look and I got a new pair of shoes! They wicked cool! Love em! Fia got a white boob tube like mine! We gotta make sure we never wear em on the same day when we together now.
 It was so hot outside today, so when we got back from town we sat out in the garden and I did my sketchbook for a bit, don't how I'm going to keep up with my blogs when I start uni, is hard enough now! But we sat outside, and listened to our music all loud, with a few so co and cokes, was a wicked day!
The pigs came outside to chill in the sun with us for a bit! that was fun! Tried to keep them out of the sun most of the time though, especially my Squeakles, cos he is mostly black, I thought he'd probably get hot quicker. Love them! My Obi came and sat with us for a bit, but he found he favourite cozy spot by the door and stayed there the majority of the day!
 I know several people that do not understand the concept of chillin' out! Is kinda like meditating but in a less mind-consumed way, and instead of clearing my mind I seem to fill it with loads of random thoughts and questions, like, do butterflies worry about how they look?, and, how big does a cat have to be, before its a tiger? Why does a bee think it always has to work? and does a bee even think? I love bee-ing me, ha ha.
That's what friends like Fia are here for, to ask random questions and debate nonsensical topics, and some quite deep ones too! Really wish I could remember what we were talking about last night!
Fia's staying with me tonight as well, and coming out with us tomorrow, then mi mans got his friend staying tomorrow night, we ain't gonna be alone until Saturday, Oh well, what a pity never mind! Jokes, lol.

Wednesday 20th April 2011- All good fun!

I really don't like being here on my own! Simple answer, go out to work same time as mi man does, then my boys will be on their own allday! Can't win! I don't like leaving my boys on their own allday, but when Obi spends most of his time sleepin, and the pigs do their piggle thing, I suppose it ain't that bad.
I went to meet Sofia in town, so she didn't have to walk all the way over on her own. Didn't stay there too long though. We headed back and did our girli things, watchin telly and trying to come up with the next big ideas for my projects! I did write back to my friend this evening. Took ages too but I just wanted to get it finished and sent quickly.
We had a wicked day though, from what I remember of it!

Tuesday 19th April 2011-Home

Do you know how many of my friends/family have birthdays in April? I'll tell you, Lots! I have one friends on the first, one on the fourth, two of my friends share a birthday on the 14th! mi mans mums was yesterday, and his sister-in-law is next Friday! There's a few in between, distant cousins and old friends I don't really have much to do with anymore, still a lot.
One of these friends, I got a letter from today, I may have mentioned a few weeks ago I was writing to a friend (a little late) for his birthday, well I got a reply today, and I was so shocked I didn't know what to say! I'd have to tell you now it has been a little while since we've spoken. Wasn't even sure if I'd get a letter. Writing a letter was really all I could to break the ice after such a long time. It was nice to get a reply, but it just gave me so many more questions than I thought I would want to ask. Maybe I'll reply tomorrow.
Went back to mums for the day today, wasn't all that much happening. I went round to the pub for a few drinks with some good friends this evening, that was nice, sitting out in the beer garden having a chat. I fell asleep before I went I was that tired, really haven't been sleeping right, think is too much playing my new Sims 3 on my phone before I go to bed! Not a good idea!
Was a nice evening at mums trying to get on track with my blogs. Nearly caught up too! Ooops!

Monday 18th April- Finally finished

This holiday was dragging a bit last week, now I'm getting used to it today just flew by! I was up and round my friends house, near my mums early this morning. Spent a little while there before Fia came to see me. Needed to see her after last night!
Mi brother got in from his friends about lunchtime and asked if I wanted to finish my tattoo today, its always better when I havent got time to freak out about it! Luckily mi man was out for lunch with a friend so I didn't have to worry about what he was doing! He called me to say hi still and heard the needle going so he knew I was being coloured in! That was funny! We started about half one, and was finished by about 3 half 3, not feeling the pain too much! Luckily Fia was with me to keep me company!
My obikats friend hasn't been around for a little while!

Sunday 17th April 2011-More Fishing, and bad news!

Today was not my day Was so bad! It was nice to be sitting out in the sun, but that was about in, besides falling in, everything that could possibly go wrong, did! For all the time that was there, about 5or 6 hours, the first 4and a half I caught 3 trees! Lost 3hooks 5bbs (well 4 Fia dropped 1) and lost a float. Not impressed! Got in a big knot one time and cut myself trying to brake the line without scissors! Ooops! It was bad.
One of dads friends from work was with him, he was sat in a swim with a dead sheep in the water near him, and a dead lamb 6  foot behind him, don't know how he managed that, it stunk over there! The only thing that was good was the cute bouncy lambs that were chasing each other round the field behind us, and I eventually caught 5 fish in the last hour before we left, blinking typical! Not a good day! Glad Fia was there though!
When we got home it was getting late already, so we had showers, had dinner, and cuddled up on the sofa to watch some crap before bed, just as we finished dinner I got a text from my friend saying was I at home, and could we come up, a bit worried I picked up the phone and asked if everything was ok. Apparently one of he pups had taken a turn for the worst, and she didn't want to see him deteriorate. So she wanted to do good by him, and not let him suffer. She basically asked if we could come up, but I knew she wanted us to come up and say bye. It was very sad, I sat and cuddled him and had a good cry. Poor little guy, I do love him, shouty little pup but he is still a sweetie. It was getting really late but I didn't want to leave! I knew I had to say bye. Bye bye baby boy!! We'll miss you!

Saturday 16th April 2011-Out for Chinese

Weekends are great! We got up late and went to town to look for some stuff, i needed new moisturiser, fun. Mi man bought me a new top! Yay! When we were nearly done in town we had to drop by Kalala's to book a table for tonight. We going out to celebrate! Haha! Well, we'll go into that another time! But we booked the table, and whilst we did one of the girls in there noticed my tattoos, she recognized the Chinese writing, and knew what it meant, so that was good news!
We went home and got ready to go out. It was a lovely evening, mi man, me, his mum and dad, and his brother and sister-in-law all had too much food, but we had all finished relatively quickly, it was still quite early when the waiting staff were not too subtle about saying we could leave now! So we were all off to mi mans mum and dads for teas and coffee. Which was nice as its not very often you find everyone together. It was so nice. I got a lot of catching up to do now!

Friday 15th April 2011- Obi's Girlfriends Back

Well, not a lot happening today really. I got up and let Obi out to play so I could get some things sorted out, I cleaned the kitchen and mopped up, didn't want Obi to get bleachy paws!
 After that I was planning on going out to see my friend. So I called Obi in, and for a change he didn't comeback. So I went out to go and look for him. I called him from by the back gate, and I saw a little girly puss come running towards me! She rubbed up on my ankle and purred at me, so I stroked her and called Obi again.. Nothing! I walked up and down the alley, seeing if I could spy him anywhere, with girly cat following me all the way! She followed me up and down that alley for at least 20 minutes! Bless her! I called my friend to say that I was waiting for Obi to get back, didn't want to leave him out unless he got scrapping again, he's had a few of them lately. I forgot to say he did yesterday!
One big cat was out in the garden, and I could see Obi didn't like him. He tried to go around Obi to get out of the garden and my boy was having none of it! Obi went for him clawing out like mad! He made me jump and I shouted at him, and the other cat ran away! He sat on the neighbours roof keeping guard of the garden for ages after that!
Anyways my lovely friend told me that she didn't mind if I wanted to stay and wait for him. So I did! And our baby's girlfriend sat with me the whole time! Silly girly! At one point a street cleaner guy came by on a big machine and I was worried that she might get scared so I picked her up and held her, but then she dug her claws in and jumped into our garden!
She started playing when I was stroking her, and she bit my hand! Cheeky moo! Wasn't happy with her after that. She's still cute though, well she was until she started trying to follow me into the house! I only went in to get my sketchbook! She is a little minx! She's not as gorgeous as Obi though. He came back a little while later, saw me playing with her, then buggered off again, jealous much Obi baby? Love him!! I eventually managed to entice him in with some treats!(not chocolate hobnobs, he ain't that fond of them!)
So yeah, my day did end up revolving around him. Not ideal most of the time, but I'm on holiday so I'll let him off this time.

Thursday 14th April 2011- Maxi's Birthday! and curry!

After Fia stayed at mine last night she came back to mums with me today, via her mums so we could get her car and she could get ready. I thought we would come home to an empty house, or at least just my brother to be in, I found mums car outside, which was very weird. I came in and no one was to be seen, a little while later mum came downstairs and she had a nose bleed! That was a bit worrying as she never gets them! Turns out she went to hospital yesterday to have an operation, and it also seemed like I was the last person on the planet to know! She said I would have only worried and she wasn't even going to tell me, but as I was there, she did. I was worried, but I think I would of been worse if something happened and I didn't even know she went in, so people, in future, I kind of want to know these things!
I stayed a little while and chatted with her and Fia about stuff, then I had to go to work for a little while. I think I need a new job! It was a slight bit painful today! Still had to crack on for a bit,only did about an hour an a half. I really couldn't focus, so I explained what had happened, and said that I had to get home.
Got home to find Fia and my brother had gone out shopping!
Here she is with the news on shopping!
Hellooo :) well me and Kats brother decided to go shopping because we thought Kat would be gone for a while.
So we went to Matalan, he was insistent on looking at absolutely everything!! Seeing as I don't like shopping it wasn't all that bad, we then went to tesco to buy some lunch, by then Kat was already home so we hurried along a bit..
When we got home we made hot dogs!! But i left them in the water a bit too long and they kind of exploded haha, they was still good to eat though and was good :), we sat and watched TV until Kat and everyone went out for dinner..
Seeing as I wasn't there Kat's back to tell you what happened.
Hi, well we got to the County, and got drinks in before we ordered our food. I cashed in on the drinks big time! I got my first drink, then I got a drink with my dinner, and one of our lot didn't want the drink with his meal so I had that too! So I was sat with three drinks in front of me before we'd even got our food! Nice!! Curry was lush! I'm not usually that much of a curry fanatic, but it is nice with popadoms and mango chutney dip! I love that stuff! We all nattered and ate lots, I had a very nice hot chocolate fudge cake for dessert! Yum!
After everyone had eaten we all chatted a bit more, then me and mi man had to get on our long arduous journey home, so we left the rest of them to it!
Obi was glad to see us when we got home! Haven't seen his girlfriend since though!

Wednesday 13th April 2011-More Birthday Celebrations

I stayed at home today so I could catch up on a few bits. didn't think I had to be back at mum and dads for anything today
This morning I got a text from Maxi saying that this evening they were going out for a meal, and she really hoped I could be there, I so wished she'd told me that yesterday! Then I could of been back at home! But still, I tried to figure out a way to get home to be there, I asked mum what she was up to, there was no way mi man would come all the way home then go all the way back out there! So I was stuck! I told Maxi we could make a plan soon though still.
 Luckily Sofia came to spent the day with me!We didn't really do much, just watched a lot of telly. I texted my brother a few times to see how he was getting on with a back piece he was having done today. He was booked in from 10 this morning til 5 this afternoon, and I thought 3and a half hours was painful enough!
I then had the hard task of writing an old friend a letter. It wasn't the writing that was the difficult part, it was what I wanted to say. I haven't seen this friend for a few years now, but we still stayed in contact through mutual friends. this friend was very important to me as they are one of the people who originally introduced me to Capoeira, and has been a big part of my life for the majority of the time I've been an adult. So I thought seeing as it was his birthday last week, i thought I should use that opportunity to open the lines of conversation again. It was really difficult to get started but once I had I managed to write four pages!
Just before the post went I mangaged to get the address off another friend, find a stamp, and walked to the postbox just in time!
Before mi man came home from work he called to say he was on his way so we asked him if he would pick up some pasta sauce so I could make a pasta bake. Fia wanted to make a potato salad so we cooked up some bacon to put in it, I ate most of that before it even made the salad but it was very good all the same!

Tuesday 12th April 2011- At the Beach, the park, and home to mums

I had a brilliant day today, my friend Rachy brought her daughter down to see me so we could take her to the park! It was really cool, when they got down they came in for a cuppa and I introduced her to the guinea pigs. She loved them!
We made a move quickly and got to the beach so we could have a picnic there. Me and my friends daughter went to play with the waves! It was cool, I didn't want to get wet feet though, learnt my lesson on that last time we were out. So anyways, we had a nice picnic on the beach and set off down to the park. It was heaving, there was so many kids on the climbing frame I thought it was going to fall over!
 There was kids pushing in and shoving each other out of the way! Has nobody told these spoilt children how to wait their turn?! At one point this little boy went to push in front of my friends little girl so I just stopped him, and told him, she was first, you can wait!! He seemed shocked! Like he'd never heard this sentence in his life! Then I took her to go on the zip lines, she waited patiently. Whilst other children who were in front of her went. There was a dad and his little boy waiting too, I was positive they were there before us, when everyone else had gone the dad said, "After you." I said, "No you go, I'm sure you were here before us." He smiled then put his boy on the zip line. They must have been waiting a while. Bless them. There was some nice people there.
Then, I took her to go back on the big slide, where, in the queue, we saw lots of kids holding sand in pots, in their rolled  up t-shirts, in anything they could use to carry it. They were throwing it onto the slide, then sliding down in it! When I asked one child why they were doing this they replied,"It makes you go faster!" I thought right, and what about the other kids? I asked my friends girl if she still wanted to go on the slide, and she said, "Yeah, but I don't want to get a dirty bum!" How sweet is that?! So I took her over to the slide on the other side, where others kids hadn't messed it up quite as bad. All too soon it was time to leave the park and head back to the car, we walked up through the cave path and to the top of the hill, where we got the lift back down, cannot think what them hill lifts are called now, sure I'll remember at some point. After we got home I had a quick cup of tea at theirs and went back to mums. Not a lot happening this evening. After such a lovely day not a lot could be that good!

Monday 11th April 2011- fun day!

Luckily I didn't have to get up for work today! I didn't quite know what I was going to do, I started cleaning the kitchen after I let Obi out. He was out for hours this morning! I was planning on meet Sofia at some point, didn't know we were going to do what we did, but I'll get to that later! Whilst Obi was out he'd found a new friend! A beautiful little girl cat, she didn't have a tag so I don't know her name. but she is cute! Such a floosy as well, you know that noise that girl cats make when they trying it with a boy cat, she waas doing that, and rolling on the floor in front of him! She was trrying it bless her, don't think Obi knew where to look, he is a gentleman you know. Even if he does scrap with big cats sometimes. Eventually I got him to stop flirting and got him in, and she sat right out by the window and meowed and meowed until I went out!
Anyways Sofia called me, and said her and her man were going to his friends house for a BBQ, and he'd said I was invited as Sofia's always talking about me! But when Sofia came to meet me we had to go get the food! Fia got her friend to come pick me up and dropped us to Morrison's to get some BBQ stuff. We weren't there too long, managed to get all the necessary BBQ stuff, a few disposable BBQ's and some more food!  After we'd paid for everything Fia decided to go back and get some more ribs, I waited outside to have a fag. Whilst I walked out there was some guy trying to flog windows, I told him, slight problem with that, I don't own a house, I told him I didn't think my boyfriend would appreciate coming home to see I'd changed all the windows! When Fia was out we then set off to their friends house!
I felt like we were walking for ages but it really wasn't that far. Soon as we got there the boys started the BBQ, in their "ug make fire" man ways. don't know what it is with men and bbq's! They all get a pair of BBQ tongs in their hands and all of a sudden they are the worlds best cook! Me and Fia set up plates and she peeled, chopped and cooked the onions, I can't do that, chopping them always makes my eyes water, I've tried everything people say to make you not cry, it nevers works!
It was good anyways, we all ate far too much, music and drinks were enjoyed, I can't say I didn't feel bad sitting in a friends garden in the sun with a drink and nice bbq when mi man was at work, I did feel a bit guilty.
 Mi man came to meet me there after work but he didn't stay long as we had to go to our friends as it is her birthday today. Lots of Birthdays in April! We had to go home first and get her presents I'd left there, and Obi's girlfriend was Still in the garden, Obi was in the kitchen too just watchin her! So I opened the window and she came up to say hi. Obi was a good boy and he didn't go out! We moved her out and closed the window ( I did go outside to give her one last stroke as she is so cute!) and we set off to our friends!
 It was really good to see her, and we had nommy birthday cake too! It was really nice! We watched the new series, think its called the Waking dead, the walking dead? something like that! It was really cool! All zombies running around eating people! I was giggling most of the way through and saying "BRAAIINS!!" In the most zombie-like voice I could! Ha it was funny. Can't wait to watch the next episode!
When we got home, we found Obi's girlfriend still in the garden! It had been raining and she'd stayed there, in the rain, how cute! I opened the window to say hello, and she was all soggy, bless her heart! I had to leave her cos she wouldn't ever leave if I kept stroking her! She was out there a little while after we were in still. I said I want to keep her! Mi man then said, "How would I feel if someone took Obi?" It was a good point!

Sunday 10th April 2011- My girls visit!

I still love weekends! This morning we had a lovely lie in, and breakfast in bed before heading up town, just to be nosey, and see whats happening. Wasn't really much going on. We had a really lazy day. It was great!
Mi man wanted to watch golf this evening so I knew I was going to be bored off my trolley!
Spent most of the day preparing for this tedious ordeal, was thinking about catching up with my blogs! Lol!
Then I got a call from a good friend, one of my besties, Maxi. she was asking what I was up to this evening! I told her, not a hell of a lot! She said her and our friend Jada was thinking about coming to see me! That was so cool! I haven't seen them for ages!
Then Jada texted me a little while after asking me what I was doing, I was like, "I just told Max that!" lol. "Come see me!" About 20 past 7 they said they were going to be on the way soon, come 20 past 8 I was still waiting! I just thought, typical1 They've always been like that but its been so long since I've seen them I'd forgot! About 10 to 9 I called Jada and asked her where they were, she said Max had been at the gym so she had to drop her mum home and then they were on their way, it was about half 9 I think by the time they were actually on the way though! Blinking typical of my girls!
They finally arrived, and came in for a cup of tea, and met our Obikat. Mi man was watching the golf so we left him to it and sat in the other room. They said they love our house,, ain't that sweet, still can't believe they hadn't been to our house before! But the last time they came down we went straight out. After we finished our tea we went out to go down the beach, it was so cool, it was all dark, wasn't even that cold! We went and sat by the sea and talked a little while before we set off to the new park, months ago I went there in the day, and it was really busy, I would of felt bad taking the zip line from the little kids so I had planned to come back when no one would be there. It was so cool to be there with my besties. We had a lovely little walk there, I showed them the way and some cool little paths. When we got there we were all like kids again, on the zine lines, racing round the climbing frame,we sat in one of the tunnels and had more chats, and we went down the curly slide so many times we were all dizzy! Before we knew it, it was almost 11o clock! We had to head back home then. Unfortunately Max had to get up for work the next day! That sucked! But it was really good to see them still!

Saturday 9th April 2011-Fishing!

We've been fishing a lot lately, has been really nice as its been so hot!
I wanted to have a lie in this morning, but for some reason I was up quite early today. Think I was looking forward to going to the pond. We had breakfast and got ready to go.
We weren't at the pond too long before the fish started biting. It was quite a slow day though, not a lot happening. We got there a little while before dad did as he had to work this morning. I only caught 8 fish, and the last one I only got cos I'd thrown all the bait in whilst getting ready to pack up! That was a little cheeky, but I won all the same, mi man spent most of the day in the lead still! He had a little lamb friend come right up to him, it was so cute! I like lambs. No nasty comments about mint sauce please!!!!lol

Friday 8th April- Rewriting essays

I don't know what happened, but I did feel ill when I woke up this morning. With today being the last day of the term before Easter break I thought I'd better get my essay retyped, seeing as my tutor was off sick and our art history lecturer filling in, this was even better as he was there to check my work as I was doing it, its not that I needed that much help, it was more with the layout and settings he is quite particular about! I was sat at that poxy computer for ages, after I realised only half of my essay was saved to my key drive I had to type it again from the copy I had printed, that was Tedious!
Ohh what a day. Fia came to meet me around lunch time with a quite odd tasting bottle of coke, don't know what was in that, honest! After last night it didn't surprise me! I was so looking forward to getting home, had enough of this term.

Thursday 7th April 2011-My friends birthday

Today was so fun, it was my good college buddies birthday! No one had told me though so me and a few other friends decided to take our lunch break early and nip into town to get a pressie and a card. We all thought the same thing as well, our friend loves jewelry, so we thhought it'd be nice to get her a bracelet or a necklace, we were looking for ages for something perfect, then we found it! We got her a bracelet, that had a big butterfly on it, with her favourite colours! We really hoped we liked it!
As it was so hot we also went to New Look to get some new clothes, I got a wicked cool new outfit, a really nice white boob tube, a pair of grey 3quarter length jogging bottoms and a loose grey and white stripy top, it looks Lush, need to get more tops from there soon!
We got back to college quick as we were a little more late than planned, and all said happy birthday to our friend as we gave her her present and card, and she loved it, all the wrapping, the gift bag, and her present were all of her favourite colours! Sweet! She said the bracelet we picked her was exactly what she would of chosen! It was a lovely day all together.
With a gay talk about politics in tutorials to end it! Bloody perfect! Fia came to meet me just before this started, and got to sit in it with me. Was wicked. We walked back, got an energy drink, and watched time gentlemen please with my brother, and waited for mi man to finish work, and we set off back home. On the way we were being really loud, for some reason. Think it was the energy drink! We stopped past her special someones house so she could pick up her booze, and got home to make dinner. Don't really remember much after that, I'm sure we had a pasta bake. I don't know.

Wednesday 6th April 2011- With Fia at college!

Fia came to meet me at mums when I got to Ashford this morning, we still managed to pass her on the ring road though, that was funny. We had to go to the hospital for a blood test first thing in the morning, I came to hold her hand. That was done pretty quickly so we were back to college before 10. As I finished my drawing last week I was a bit lost for what to do now, I decided to etch a plate to make a print from a small section of of my drawing. which was still stuck to a wall so it was hard work to make the plate stay stuck in place, it was really bugging me!
By the afternoon my hand was killing me from etching too hard, I so wanted to go to sleep!

Tuesday 5th April 2011-Still More Work, Tattoos and Training!

Oh my god what a busy day! Got back to mums bright and early, waited a little while until the rest of the world woke up. Then got to work, lots of moaning but I think we got more work done this morning in 2 hours than we got done in 4 yesterday! Don't know how that worked, cheeky monkey was trying to test me on a few things today, I had to tell him, I don't need tutoring thanks, if I did, I wouldn't be tutoring him! that was funny, he told me I don't know how to spell every word in the dictionary, so I said not being funny, pretty much, I do. then he said, ok spell something in tukish then!! Funny guy I said, "How has that got anything to do with English?" It hasn't! Then he told me to spell a word that is actually German! Oh I laughed, bless him, that's why I'm working with him though, I've got the gift of patience that not many people have to the levels I've acquired. I love it. I think his mum would have killed him if she'd sat and tried to work with him for that long!
When it was lunch time I went back to mums to meet mi man on his break. Then I got up to the studio to crack on with my sleeve tattoo. Luckily Sofia came to hold my hand for a little while, that was nice. I picked the wrong day to do this as I knew I was going back to Capoeira tonight, really missed it and my friends and my instructor have been nagging me to come back for ages now. So Fia came with me there too for moral support, and it was so fun! I missed training a lot but I still can't help but feel like it's a lot different than how it used to be. I miss the good old days more! Really want to get back on track though. After class Fia drove us over to our mate chippys house to meet everyone there, and we watched a few episodes of black books! I love it, its so funny. Didn't get home until gone half 10, college tomorrow! Yay.
So knackered!

Monday 4th April 2011- Lots of Work

What a day, tutoring was not something I was looking forward to today. I love doing it but it would be so much more fun if the boy I'm working with had a bit more motivation. Its hard because I really want him to do well, but its like people always say, you can't help someone unless they help themselves! He wants to do well I know he does, but until he realises he's got to put the work in to see a positive come back, he's not going to get very far, unfortunately. I can see a lot of myself in him sometimes, I never focused too much at school, and I just assumed that I'd find a way into something I enjoyed. But it never happened. Now I'm back at college trying again to get an education to get a decent job. I don't think if I knew then what I do now I would of messed about like I did. But he's got a chance to change, but like me, I think he's not going to realise it until its too late. So we spent most of the morning with him trying to talk his way out of doing some work, it was only when I said, look, I don't want to hear it, write down anything you're going to say, and I'll read it later. I really don't like being harsh with him but its the only way I can get him to do anything.
We had a break for lunch and got right back to it, for some reason, even though I was there for nearly six hours, we only got about four hours of work done. There wasn't really a lot of work to show for it either. I really want him to do well for himself.
 I just went to sleep on the sofa when I got home, mentally drained!

Sunday 3rd April- Mothers day

I do love Sundays, one of the only days of the week I don't feel guilty having a lie in. Mi man was up earlier than I noticed. I don't know why anyone gets up before 9 o clock on a Sunday, its madness I tell you! Fair enough if you have dogs that need walks, or if you've got to work, or a plan to go out somewhere exciting, but for a lazy day chilling out, why get up so early?! Anyway, I had my lie in and mi man mad me a lovely bacon and egg sandwich in bed. Loved it! I tried to get ready, slowly seeing as it was one of the few days I wasn't being rushed out the door by a certain someone!
We went to visit his brother, and sister in law. They're cool. They'd been looking after a briefcase for him, but the dozey sausage couldn't remember the code! I decided I'd have a crack at it, I was told it had a 7 in it! Well that helped, not! After about half an hour and systematically going through every combination with a 7 I realised that it obviously didn't have a 7. So I started again from 001. Oh my days it took a while, I'd sat there for so long trying every different number that when I cracked it I nearly jumped out of my skin! I was so proud of my little self, and I'll tell you what, I'm never going to forget that code now! not telling though, haha!
We then set off to see bear, t, and the pups. ohh they are sweet! We sat and chatted for ages, well the boys talked about crap and me and t pulled faces at them being boring! Bless them.
I need to stay on track with my blogs so I don't forget what I'm doing everyday!

Saturday 2nd April 2011- Cycling, to the pub!

I had a cool lie in this morning, couldn't stay lazing too long as we had to get out and get on our bikes!
We got to mums right on time, for a change we weren't late! We left with everyone in their crap hats, I'm too cool for a crap hat, I just won't be falling off anytime soon! I hope! Me and dad- as usual- went tearing off in the distance and left mi man and mum straggling behind, they love it! It was a really nice day, summers definitely come early this year!
First stop was at the Good Intent, in Aldington Frith. Sat Nav said otherwise apparently to others that came to meet us there in their cars! So met up with a few friends in the pub garden when we got there, I found  a little ladybird friend, that was cool! I like ladybirds, they are definitely my favourite bug type creature.
We had a nice lunch, a bit filling for a cycle ride but I know now not to have sausage and mash when I've got to cycle home! A few malibu and cokes later we said our goodbyes to the drivers and set off to our next destination, the Farriers Arms. It was old!! Was like we'd travelled back through history a few hundred years!
There was a little pup with a man inside by the bar, she was so adorable! Should of taken a picture of her she was beautiful! Again we got our drinks and went and sat in the garden, this time dad thought it would be clever to check the map for the quickest way home. Good plan! We had a laugh at some normal people, I went off to play with some littuns across the field. Came back knackered from running around then had to get back on my bike to get home. It always hurts more getting back on.
On the way back we passed a field with an obvious foot path through the middle, all we had to do  was chuck our bikes over the style, I really wanted to go that way as it would have cut out having to cycle right around the sides of this field, bit no one else was up too it, and I didn't want to go on my own. Next time I will though! We went across one of the busiest roads in the town on the way back, and stopped in Macd's for a mc flurry pudding, was very nice, would of been better if they'd put more than three poxy smarties in it!
We stopped at chippys for a quick cup of tea, and set off home. This was the easiest part of the journey as it was right by my sisters old flat, I used to cycle that way all the time to go and see her.
We got back to mum and dads and got the bikes back, and set off back home via Sainsburys to get some food. All good fun! We had a pretty uneventful evening after that, just relaxing our poorly legs after a long day.

Friday 1st April 2011- April Fools Day and Parties

My tutor was soo funny this morning! As soon as we were all in our room he said we had to do key skills, everyone moaned and groaned about it. He asked us to get a pen and paper and go to the reception, which I thought was quite odd, but I thought maybe we were getting the results back from our exam last week. So we all followed to the reception, where our tutor did the register, then he said, " Right, about this Key Skills... April Fools!" and walked out! Cheeky guy fooled everyone! Ohh it was funny!!
So couldn't focus most of the day, don't know why. i just sat staring at my sketchbook most of the morning! It was only when Sofia came to see me that I actually got some motivation to get some work done. She sat with my class friend round the corner and he taught her how to do 3D Graphic Animation on his laptop, don't know how much of it sunk in though! Fia offered to take me home, as we didn't have art history this afternoon, and I really couldn't focus I thought I'd just get back and chill out for a bit. Fia dropped me off and I got lookiong for something to wear tonight. We were off to a friend of mi familys house for a birthday party, didn't wear anything special. Just as well as it turns out it was more of a film night than a party,first they watched some crappy film, then Toy Story 3, the night was a bit dull at parts. Then at one point Batty offered to come with me and pick up Sofia so she could come and join in the festivities with us! Was more fun driving to go get her.Well, til she got there anyways! We watched Despicable Me after we got back, again. Was really funny, as my dad had never seen it before he was giggling like a big kid! It was brilliant!
Ohh my days, I really wanted to get the colours done on my tat this afternoon but mi brothers mates have just got back from their holiday so he wanted to go and see them, fair enough really, can do that another day!

Thursday 31st March 2011- Finally Finished

Today was such a good day for me, after a long few weeks my drawing was nearly finished, I spent the majority of the day making sure I'd finished my drawing, final touches took a lot longer than I expected. My hand started hurting so much after weeks of drawing allday I decided to use both hands! Apparently I am ambidexterious!
 I don't know why some days everyone wants to play around and have a laugh, today was one of them. It was brilliant! Until I peeked at the register and realised how many weeks we got left, not many! We got next week, then 2 weeks off for easter, then a couple of weeks, then a half term, god knows why! But all in all we only got about 6 or 7 weeks left before we have to clear out and set up for the end of year show.
 Still in pain but thats life, will be making sure I try not to fall over again, unless I'm too drunk to notice!

Wednesday 30th March 2011-College Student Rep Meeting

Tired as usual I dragged myself out of bed to get ready for college, so didn't want to get out of bed, my knees are trying so hard to heal I can hardly bend my legs, was considering not going in today its that bad. My boys were being particularly noisy this morning! I think they know its going to be summer soon!
Not much to report today, Was really hard  to focus hobbling around doing a penguin walk! Haha, my tutor was sweet though, I told him I'm going to be walking like a spanner today, and he said, its good to walk like a spanner sometimes, its grounding! Then he said we should all have a walking like a spanner day. That was cool! I'm really going to miss college so much!
The day went on and soon Sofia txted me and said she'd come and meet me in a bit, so I got on with my work, thinking I'm going to have to get on with finishing my work before Sofia came to meet me. Then I got told that we had a student rep meeting over lunch break and that I needed to get opinions of my class mates of anything they want changing. Don't know why they think we should do that now as we only have a weeks left.
 But anyway, the meeting started at the beginning of our lunch, 12.15. We met the woman who'd came down from Dover college to run the meeting, and she told us how the meeting was going to be carried out. Instead of us bringing up points and asking if anything could be done about them, she asked that she could follow her plan of a group of questions she wanted us to answer and then if our points fitted in with them then we could bring up them up. We went through everything, from security in our campus to equality and how well we feel our tutors perform. Ohhh it was tedious, was alright when it was something that was relevant, and the majority of the time it was just me and one guy answering all the questions. But it was good to feel like we had an input. I just hope it makes a difference. It was 20 to 2 before we got outa there! Sofia was at the window of the door pulling faces at me about half way through, think I think she went downstairs to annoy everyone.
When I got out of there I went to see my tutor to tell him it was done and I was going to get some lunch real quick, me and Fia went out for a fag, grabbed some food, and I got back to finishing off my drawing, Started it about three weeks ago, pretty sure I'll have it done by tomorrow.
Around 2 half 2 Fia said she'd have to be getting back to pick up her mum form work, and she'd offered to take me home so I didn't have to walk with my poorly knees. Which was lovely of her. So we set off home, we went the long way home to see whats about, not a lot as it turns out.
I got home and had to put my feet up and rest my knees. Big wuss I know but it really hurt. Soon enough mi man had finished work and we set off to our house, via the walk in centre so he could have a check up for his poorly sickness, we are a pair at the moment. It was funny, there was a few normal people, and one particularly moody looking teenager, she seemed like she had a serious problem realising there was more important people in the world than her, and appeared as no one had ever told her otherwise! People are funny!
On the way back mi man treated us to a lovely macd's and we watched no ordinary family. I wanted to go to bed early, never happens!

Monday 28th March 2011- Nursing Poorly knees

I was in so much pain when I woke up this morning, hardly slept last night cos my knees are so sore from my minor accident last night. I decided to attempt to have a lie in. It didn't work! I got up and cleaned my babies den out. They love it! I had to try and get it done quick cos my knees wouldn't let me bend down for that long! My lovely friend told me to go see her so she could patch me up a bit. That was nice, she got some hot water and iodine, and wiped them and let them dry. She did joke and say I look like a 7yr old! Lol, funny gal! That did make me laugh! I had to run back after a little while to meet Fia as she way down my way for a few days. I had the laziest afternoon I could, not wanting to move cos every time I did  move it was so painful.
This evening, after putting some iodine my lovely friend gave me on my wounds I watched the second have of a two part series called Everything and Nothing on bbc four, and learnt about what the definition of nothingness may be. It was talking about peoples theories and experiments for hundreds of years, it showed an experiment to determine whether light needs a substance to travel through, the same way sound needs air to travel. Sounds dull but I wanted to know what nothing actually was. Turns out even if you make a vacuum container, and remove all the air from it atoms and 'anti-atoms' form and then 'extinguish each other in less than a hundredth of a second. So really and truly there isn't ever a space with nothing in it.
 Just watching everything now on iplayer. Don't think its as interesting, to me personally.
As mi man was out this evening it was nice to kick back and watch something I wasn't sure if he'd be interested in. I recorded some stuff for him anyways.
I think Obi realised I was in pain as he came and snuggled up on me, as usual, but he seemed to be different today, he fell into such a deep sleep I even got a few tiny little snores out of him! So beautiful! When he woke up he stretched and rolled right over on his back, between me and the sofa, and layed there with his feet up in the air for ages! Was so cute I really wish I could of filmed it!
When mi man finally came home I made him some spaghetti on toast and when straight to sleep, was so hard trying to sleep with my sore knees!

Sunday 27th March 2011- Hunting n Fishing with Jimbo and Ned

Did you catch that South park? Bloody classic!! We watched the one with Russell Crowe and Tugger last night. Great stuff!
Anyways we went fishing today. Was really nice day for it as well! I stupidly suggested we go to our friends farm,'the Batfarm' and fish in one of the ponds there. I thought it was be good to see the bat and meet some of the new lambs and calves.
 Usually fishing is quite good there, today was not so good. I didn't get a single bite all  the time we were there! After a few hours I said, why don't we go somewhere else? No sooner had I said this than mi man and dad had pulled their rods out of the pond and had already started packing away.
We got to the next location, a pond in a place called Coldblow, just outside Shadoxhurst. Literally as soon as my hook hit the water I got a bite! I was kicking myself we didn't go there earlier! Dad was catching fish after fish, by the time I'd got 3 he'd caught 9! Cheeky git I swear they just jumped out of the pond at him! After a little while Fia drove out to meet us as its not too far from her parents house, and I set her up with a rod and showed her how its done. Totally out of the blue her first ever bite was a Massive fish! It was huge! I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a bit jealous! By the time we tried to get the landing net to her it'd came off the hook! Still weren't bad going for her first time! In the end I caught 21, dad caught 35 and mi man caught 7! One of those they managed to catch at the same time!! That was strange! I started going fishing when I was 5 or 6 years old and I had never seen that in my life!!
All of a sudden it got very cold! We quickly packed up shivering and started heading back!
We dropped dad off at his house and headed back home.
Nearly home we had to stop at the shop to get some squash, usually I wouldn't blog about such trivial events, if it wasn't for what happened on the way there this time. Just between the car and the shop, I thought I'd run as to not keep mi man waiting in the car, and I tripped up on the floor where it gets uneven, and fell on my knees! Luckily I put my hands down so I didn't smash my head on the floor! Still bloody hurt though! It was only when I came out of the shop and back in the car, I looked down and saw the amount of blood on my knees that it really started to sting! I shouldn't have looked! Quickly we got back to the house so we could clean me up a bit, and mi man, from spending way too much time with my dad just said, oh wait, let me take a picture! I was like, sod the bloody picture and help me!! Cheeky git I was not impressed! He did clean it up for me though, and I don't care how old I get, when I fall over I will always go crying to my mum! Tried crying to my dad it doesn't work! lol. When I called him and told him what happened he just said, "Oh, I thought it was something serious!" It was bloody serious I was in pain!! He did make me laugh when he just replied to that with, "Well, stop grizzling then." Then I called mum and she made it better! So not going to be fun  living with my knees for a few days! I'll post the picture up later! What a crappy ending to a lovely day!

Saturday 26th March 2011- Walk in centre

Mi man has been poorly sick for a few days now, been threatening to drag him to the walk in centre since Thursday, today we finally went, ohh it was tedious! We waited for hours, reading health pamphlets and giggling to pass the time. He was thinking about giving up and going home about half an hour before they called him in but I made him wait or it would have been a total waste of time!
After what seemed like days they called him in, and I went off outside to have a fag, in the rain, so I sat in the car. Can't wait to start driving now! Especially since mi mans letting me do the gear stick!
When I got back in a dear old lady with one of them rolling shopping trolley bag things came in and asked if she could make an appointment, bless her heart, when the lady at reception said she'd have to wait if she got signed in she got all confused and said she'll come back another time. Then she couldn't figure out to press the button to open the doors,, so I jumped up and showed her how it worked! She was so appreciative, bless her old crinkly stockings! Old people are sweet!
When mi man came out he'd got some medicine and a bill and we were off to do some food shopping, oh the fun! We usually have a laugh when we do the shopping. We got back to find obi racing down the stairs to meet us, well, he probably wanted to see if we'd got him anything.
Then we spent a very lazy afternoon watching telly and I had a nap. I started eating my chocolate bunny I got a few weeks ago, going to feel bad eating his face!

Friday 25th March 2011-My Re-interview

Today was the day, I didn't really have to worry as the tutor on the higher national diploma said she thinks my ideas are strong last week, but she needed to see more evidence of it, Fair enough! Last night I scrambled around my mum and dads looking for all my old sketchbooks and work I wanted to put in my portfolio.
I got to college lugging my portfolio all the way, and sat down to do my work while I wait for my interview.
It seemed to go pretty fast. I had my break slightly earlier so I could be ready for my interview on time. I had a weird chat with a new friend in the year we was last year. He's just random as they get! Cool dude!
Anyways, got through the interview without a hitch, got offered a place! Still don't think I want to go back there though, going to have to wait and see what the other uni's I have offers to are like.
I love fridays, I was just getting as much of my practical work done as I could as i knew I couldn't take it home with me. Later in the afternoon a few friends were asking if they could leave early, my tutor asked if they'd been working hard enough, I asked if I could go early and my tutor said I had been working very hard so I most definitely could go! I was drawing so much I even was drawing with my right hand at one point cos my left hand hurt so much! I guess I am ambidextrous!
At home this evening as mi man was out gallivanting somewhere as usual. Luckily Fia was coming to see me for a bit. Mi brother asked me if I wanted to get started on doing my sleeve, he'd drawn up a few idea's and I loved them, I spent about a hour trying to choose what I wanted. We started with one piece so we could add to it at a later date. It was wierd but it didn't hurt anywhere near as much as any other my other tattoos did!
After that was done me and Fia went round to my friends house to catch up, and they ended up chatting about babies and horse riding for hours! I do love it when my friends get on!

Thursday 24th March 2011- So much Coursework

I got to college quickly as possible this morning. On my way I got a text form my friend at college saying she didn't know how too tell me in person so she thought to text, but her cat had been hit by a car at the weekend and had passed away last night, poor little thing tried so hard to stay alive but he just didn't make it! I was close to tears. Much loves fat cat! That was his nick name cos the clever little monkey figured out how to get into his food box. I know at least he's not in pain anymore.
I really had to crack on with my drawing if I want to get it finished in time for the Easter break, the plan is to finish this drawing and get it digitally downsized so I can make a print from it. I need to get it finished soon so that I can make a start on developing my ideas.
I spent most of the day doing my drawing, until we had to walk over to the other campus to do a poxy key skills exam! Well most of my class mates had to walk, I had a love Fia come to meet me and take me and a few friends over there.
She said she'd hang around and wait for me as I only thought I'd be a little while, English exams are a piece of piss! Turns out we had two exams, both 45minutes long, and we weren't allowed to leave in between!
I had finished the first one within the first 20 minutes, and sat there bored for the rest of it. Oh one moment was priceless though, one of my friends at college, Jayy, she is lovely and really funny, but she has a tendency to fall asleep whenever shes a tiny bit bored. So I sat there thinking, I bet Jayys asleep right now, looked over, and sure enough she was passed out on her desk! Oh it was sweet bless her!
Got to the second exam and the examiner said, as soon as you've finished this one you can go. So, knowing Fia was waiting for me I rushed through it really quickly so I could leave! Ohh it was rubbish! It really was a waste of time! At least its done now, just as I was leaving Fia was calling me to say she had to run  to pick up her mum from work, so she dropped me home and off she went.

Wednesday 23rd March 2011- Tutor Training Day

I love having a lie in on days I could have been at college. I really wanted to be there today but as I couldn't do anything about it I thought I might as well make the most of a day off. I had a lovely long lie in, and got up to sort the house out, seems like it doesn't matter how much time you spent on housework, it always gets just as bad in a few days. I don't know how it happens, even if I sat here and didn't move for days I'm sure it'd still get messed up somehow, I blame Obikat. Lol. not really! He's too cute to blame. We did have a lovely cuddle this morning, bless him!
I don't get why tutors need training days, I said to my tutor the other day while we were on the topic, "Do you know how to do your job?" He replied, "Yeah of course I do!" So I then said what the hell do they need training for then?!
I don't get it!

Tuesday 22nd March 2011-At mums and 'My Sister' Hannahs, Blogs and Stats

This morning I went to my mums in the morning, mainly so I could see mi man at lunchtime. I set about sorting through my emails and facebook a bit, something I hadn't done for a while! I had a little bitch fit at my stat counts. I have been keeping track of my stats from the day I had my blog set up, Its funny that I know who is reading my blog, where they are, what site they've come from and where they went after. I know that the majority of my readers have found my blog through my dads. I know that some people have been looking for other peoples blogs through mine, and I know who they are too. I know how many times a day people have viewed my blog, which for some people is a surprisingly high number of times!
Don't get me wrong, I do not mind that people I hardly know are reading my blog. But I'm sure my life isn't that interesting, to check if I've updated it ten times a day is a bit extreme isn't it? Anyways, back to my life!
I messed around with the laptop and watched some telly whilst trying to figure out how to make my essay better.
I watched this weeks dispatches about train journeys. It was just in the background bu I totally agree with what it was trying to say, the bit that I paid attention to was when they had a rail passenger who commutes to London everyday for her job, in this bit this woman said that she pays four Thousand pounds a year for her season ticket, and has hardly ever, ever she said been able to actually sit for any time of the journey. I would have gone mad! Paying that amount of money for a season ticket you would expect more than to be stood in a walkway getting shoved past as more people got on. I would expect my own carriage! When she was asked if she'd complained she said she didn't see the point! I would ask for my money back!
My brother came home with his friend on his way to the outlet to get some new trackies, his were getting well worn with his big space boot on his broken foot!
After what seemed like ages missing my better half while he was at work he finally came to see me on his lunch break! I made him some lunch and a cuppa as we sat and chatted. We had to leave slightly earlier after is lunch as he lovingly saved me a long mission and dropped me to my adopted sisters over the other side of town.
Once I got there and we sat down to have a smoke in the kitchen and a catch up I had a good bitch about the silly people overloading my stats, how using four different ip addresses won't change that I can still figure out who it is. Ha, she laughed.
We got outside so I could say hello to her new rabbit, Buttons. Well its really her daughter Lillys rabbit but still, Silly Buttons! I love him and all but he really doesn't like arms! I'm lucky I've had sleeves on every time I've held him cos he nips arms really hard! He won't nip fingers or legs, just arms, very weird animal! But cute though, oh, and the little bugger chewed my zip! He might need something to wear his teeth down on, but preferably not my clothing!
Whilst we were out in the garden she said she'd wanted to get some of the weeds and stuff up to make it nicer for her and the kids to sit out there during summer. Problem with that is shes terrified of spiders, and her garden is full of them! I've known her since she was about two, I was only 3 or 4 when we met but all of that time spiders are the only thing I've ever seen her freak out about! She was brilliant with my snakes, lizards and geckos. Even when we had a praying mantis she was quite intrigued by it! But spiders, she'd run a mile! So I said that I'd sort them out for her, I smushed a few, very mean of me I know but I wouldn't have been able to get her outside if I didn't attempt to get rid of them. Eventually, I saw this wouldn't change her mind so I gave up and went back inside.
A little while later it was her son Riley was awake and it was his feeding time, he is 10 months old now and has started eating some solid foods, I offered to do the really fun job of feeding him his baby pasta! Ohh it was cool!! I did all the aeroplane noises, and he loved it! He gave me some funny looks at first but he did giggle. Bless him, I swear we ended up with more on the floor than he'd eaten!
All too soon her boyfriend was home from work, and mine shortly followed, I gave the kids and Hannah a hug goodbye before I went out to meet mi man in the car so we could get bakc to mums to make some dinner, we thought we'd stay there for a little bit this evening to say hi to a few friends who were meeting up there to watch some rubbish. Before this I had to endure even more rubbish, crystal bloody maze and Catch crappy phrase! As Buffy the parrot once said, What a load of Sh*t!
A little while later I got a call from my Capoeira friends and my instructor telling me I need to get back to class soon, I think I've been missed! I miss them too but still. Really haven't had the time t do things I love lately. Too busy sorting out important things in life. When I got off the phone I was all excited and wanted to go train, maybe next week!
We got home quite late and, as usual, Obi was waiting by the front door for us! I wish he and his piggle brothers could come everywhere with me!

Monday 21st March 2011- Really Good Day Out

Today was a really nice day. I went out with my friend to take her son-who I'm tutoring- to his aunties for a few days as he'd been bad. In the morning as we had sometime before auntie was ready for him we went to Kearsney Abbey to enjoy some sun and fresh air. My friend is babysitting our friends son a few days a week, so it was nice to have a littlun in tow to make silly faces at.
When I was younger during the summer we'd often go to Kearnsney Abbey to relax and have picnics, and play in the waterfalls and rivers. There is a little play park there I had great fun in on the swings, and taking our friends son on the slide. We'd had a late breakfast at the cafe so I didn't want to run around too much.We'd bought some bread with us so we could feed the ducks, although there was a very angry swan trying to scare the ducks away.
 Me and my friends son went paddling in the river, well I did, he tried to stay dry and got wet trainers and socks, bless him. Luckily I'd taken my footwear off, and my feet dried quickly as it was so warm today! We carefully balanced on rocks all the way across the river, and back again! I kicked a rock on my way back, I wouldn't recommend it! But it was so lovely to be back there, it had been quite a while since I'd been there, and it hadn't really changed much either! Which is a very good thing! I took a load of my school friends there a few years ago, that i think was the last time I went to Kearsney, I love it there!
Soon we knew it would be baby's feeding time so we set off to a pub just outside Barham, which is where my friends sons auntie lives. Also where he will be living at the farm he'll inherit a few years after he's finished at college. We had a lovely lunch out in the pub garden, also with a play park! I'll never be too big for a play park! From there we set off to the farm! It was so cool! The farm dog was mad as underpants, she would not stop barking at me, I was soon informed this was because she does not like strangers, fair enough really, I feel like hurling abuse at strangers sometimes!lol. I got to see some calves, and one took a liking to my fingers! Suckling away it was, I don't think it was old enough to realise that my hand is not a bottle of milk! Bless it, I could of easily sat there with that calf all day but we had to move on for the rest of the tour.
there was lots and lots more cows, a lot bigger but somehow a lot more scared of me than the babies were. Some trackers and a Lot of fields. I still think the calves were the best!
Once we'd said our goodbyes it was time to head back and get the baby cleaned up and ready to be given back to his mum. I was so tired on the way home I'm not surprised everyone but my friend driving was falling asleep in the car.
When we got back home I thought I'd let my friend sort the baby out and I went to my mum and dads to see how my brother had been. He's been bored off his trolley being off work for so long, and is apparently sick of the sight of his crutches! I would be too!
It'll be better soon bro.x

Saturday 19th March 2011- Lunch With mi Fams n A Seriously Tedious Ordeal

Today was something dad had been planning for a little while, it was his dads birthday recently, and as a present he'd decided to take Nan and Granddad out for a meal. The surprise was that neither of them knew that me, mi man and mi brother would be there! As mi brother still can't drive mi man took me and mi brother to the pub,The Three Oaks pub, in Three Oaks, and we waited there for mum and dad to go and get nan and granddad from their house a few miles away in Hastings. As we waited we got drinks and went outside for a quick smoke. Hoping we would not be seen before they arrived. Shortly after I saw mums car coming past where we sat, I realised that we hadn't been spotted when nan and granddad walked round the corner from the car park stil completely unaware that we were sat there! It was onl after I stood up and said "Hi Nan!" that they saw we were there!
We got hugs, i got told off about my new tatto by nan, and went inside to find our table. I had to be stuck behind the table didn't I. Wasn't too clever with my new tattoo. I still love it though. We'd all chose what we wanted to eat and got to catching up on whats been happening lately, lots of different discussions. I phased out for some of it. I had a prawn cocktail starter, sausage, mash and peas for main, and a yummy hot  chocolate fudge brownie for pudding. It was so good I had to eat it, didn't finish the main course though so I could leave room for pudding! It was really nice to see my grandparents, we never have seen them very often.
After such a lovely day it was a shame to end it with the tedious ordeal that followed! After a nap in front Time Gentlemen Please we set off to mums tree hugging friends of Kings Woods quiz night, it even sounds totally lame, and believe me, it was! We were there under false pretenses that we were to make up numbers of mums friends group, only to find when we arrived that they'd changed it so there would now be four people to a team, so my first instinct said to get out of there as quickly as I could! But I could see mum thought that would be rude to her friends! It was so rubbish! There was questiond about deer, bats and some other woodland critters! The most lame of all was the last round where you had to match up the twig to leaves! I soo wanted to bash my head up the table at this point! Even in the high heels I'd worn to the pub allday I could have easily walked all the way home from this crappy little village hall, It was the most tedious ordeal I've had to blog about since I started this Series!! Was soo glad to get home and see my boys after this long day!

Friday 18th March 2011- Uni Interview and Fia's Driving Test

Up for college as usual, only difference is today I was all smartly dressed for my interview for the higher national diploma course at my college. Although it is a BA course and our college is also recognised as a university, I don't think I'll feel like I've moved on if I am doing my degree level course in the same building I've been doing my National Diploma in for two years! I just wnat to know the option is there shoud I feel it is the best place for me to study at this level.
Got into college, where most of my friends were also all smartly dressed for their interviews, all also carrying portfolios of their work. I had to panic slightly, the letter inviting me for an interview said nothing about bringing a portfolio to show some of my work. I did spent most of the day wondering how this might affect my chances. Of course my interview would be later than everyone elses just to give me more time to worry. Everyone came back from their interviews all happy saying they'd been offered a place. I can't honestly say how I felt about what would happen in my interview after this, I was very happy for my friends, but it felt like I couldn't be really excited for them until I'd got my interview out the way. I know looking back that feels really bad of me, but I was so worried as I didn't have any work with me to present.
I quietly sat and got on with my drawing until it was time for me to go in. When my turn came who would be my tutor next year if I went back, Georgia, came to get me. I quickly explained that I didn't have much with me to show but grabbed a few of my most recent work that was still in our room. We went to where she was conducting the interviews and she did the paperwork that was necessary to process forms of the interview back into the ucas system. When it came to showing her my work I explained how the letter had said nothing about ringing any work in, also that as I've been in the process of moving out I have work andsketchbooks all over the place, some at mum and dads, some at my house, and that I'd only found out this morning that I was supposed to bring work in, and I apologised for not realising. She was really good, and took into consideration my personal circumstances and she did admit that we'd only got the letter a week ago so she totally understood that it wasn't that long to get a decent portfolio together, especially since I told her all my other offers I didn't even have to have an interview! She offered to give me an extra week untill next friday to get a few bits of work together and bring it in to show her, she said she'd hold on to the paperwork until then. I think that was the first time I'd breathed properly for hours!
A little while later Fia came to see me after her driving test, brandishing her pass certificate! I was soo happy for her! Made me know I want to start my lessons soon! Its going to be so cool with her driving about, bless her. She was still in shock an hour later! I had to leave early so she could drive me home but it was so worth it to see her driving about. Shes well proud of herself, I would be too passing first time! Go Fia!!

After Fia dropped me off I got in to find mi brother there bored out of his skull as he has still been off work. He asked me if I wanted to have a tattoo as his friend was supposed to be having one earlier and had changed their mind after having the stencil put on! I'dhad an idea of what I wanted for a little while so this was a really nice surprise! Seeing as mi man had a day off work today and wasn't going to be waiting to bring me home, and was busy I knew it would be ok if I left it a few hours before heading back. This was my 12th tattoo I've had since last August when I had my first design, and this was also my first colour one. I was being all brave saying I didn't care if it took hours I'd sit for it, how silly that was! The first few hours were fine, The third hour hurt a lot, going over and between darker colours with lighter ones and the shading, but the last half an hour was so painful I don't know how I dealt with it!
My dad was downstairs waiting to drop me back home, and heard me yelling that I wanted my mum, and came up to laugh at my pain, him and mum both really liked my new tat.

Thursday 17th March 2011-New Idea's

I had a cool idea today, I wanted to make a big drawing of a post Apocalypse scene, with lots of destruction, ruined buildings and people in despair. Was a bit depressing really so I printed off some pics of cute cats to cheer myself up. I loved this one!! Cats are cool!
 I spent so much time looking at sad pictures this one really cheered me up. As it was such a big piece I chose to do, I thought to use a projector to make life slightly easier for myself. It didn't really make it easier at all as I had to print off lots and lots of pictures, get them down do size in the photocopier then photocopy them onto acetate paper (see through stuff). Next I got to use the lift, to get a projector down from upstairs, I had to borrow my friend Jj for assistance, apparently I was too small to work heavy machinery on my own,lol! Then wen I'd set up that I had to align the smaller images onto the acetate image of the back ground on the projector and then stick up a massive sheet of paper on the wall and draw onto that! I swear the next person who knocks that projector out of line or thinks they're being funny putting their hands in front of it when I'm trying to work is going to have their fingers broken!
 So anyway, I did spent the majority of the day running around the college playing with the photocopiers and lookin for our technician to get me more acetate paper from where it is locked up near the staff room!Which is easier said than done as 'technick' (yes our technicians name is nick) is usually hiding in the sculpture room at the other side of the building!
I'll post pictures of my work when its done.

Sunday 13th March 2011- Fun, Games and Scary Movies

Fia and her boyfriend were chilling with us for most of the day today, was really good, mi man made us a lovely dinner! Was so full it was mad.
We decided to watch a scary movie, as we'd been planning to have a movie night for ages. We watched White Noise. Really messed up film, wasn't too scary until the end, even then it was just loud. Not a lot happening really. Good that me and Fia ain't drinking so much lately. Dono why! Gonna keep my posts in order from now I think.

Saturday 12th March 2011- New Keys!

Yay. Finally I have my new keys! Still haven't found the old ones, oh well. We went to town to grab a few bits and I got some vitamins and cod liver oil tablets so my knee will stop clicking! your fault dad!
I got a chocolate bunny, can't wait to eat that! Then we went to his parents to say hello. That was fun, his brother and sister inlaw were there as well, and we'd planned to see them this afternoon too. So that saved sometime. Still have to go and visit them properly soon! Not much else happening really, very layed back day. Which I like occasionally, my days always seem to be planned for me by someone.

Monday 14th March 2011-Lots of Work to do

What a madness, worked most of the day. This doesn't sound out of the ordinary for most people but for someone tutoring a 15year old who has been out of education for a little while is quite a lot to handle, he is a smart enough boy to realise that if he keeps talking about random things it'll take away from time that he'd have to be writing. With his mum shouting blue murder at him I thought it'd be a good idea if I took him to the library to do some research for his presentation he was asked to do before he starts his new college course in September. Everyone was just getting stressed out so it was good that we went out for a while. Problem was that our local library is under construction and being totally rebuilt so we had to make do with the temporary library in the middle of town, we got dropped off in town(as he didn't want to walk) and we walked through to find the makeshift library, and it was rubbish! There was hardly any informative books there at all, let alone relative information to what we were trying to find. But we had a good go at it. We found out where we could find relevant information at least.
After a little giggle at some normal people and nearly getting very rude to the soo not helpful library staff we decided we'd found all we could and started heading back! Being nearly lunch time  I thought we'd have a break and my friend made me a lovely sandwich, then I had to dash so I could go and meet my man for lunch. Which seemed to go all too quickly as always. I told my pupil that when I got back we would get back to researching for his project. He thought we were done for the day, bless him!
I made lunch for mi man and my brother, which I hope they liked. I coulda easily stayed in watching time gentlemen please with my brother and his poorly foot but I knew I had better get back to work, I think it lasted a grand total of about half hour before he my pupil was moaning again. All good fun. We gave up around half 3 4ish so me and rachy could nip to boots and get her some hair stuff.
All to soon it was time to head home. For some reason evenings are such a blur, I wasn't drinking that much wine after work, honest!

Friday 11th March 2011-God, 2012 and my Essay Feedback

I was trying to get my research for my new project in order for most of the morning. The majority of projects I've done so far usually are in sketchbooks in which my brain has just burst onto the first few pages and the rest of the book will be trying to make sense of it! Not playing like that this time, from my initial 'mind map' (not allowed to say brainstorm anymore did I mention? Its apparently offensive to people with..Something I've forgotten!lol), anyways, from my ideas I put a page for the order of research. To make sure it stays in some kind of order. The problem was as soon as I start researching ideas, they get developed into something slightly different making the order even more hard to follow. I researched lots of information on the Mayans 'supposed end of the world' 2012 predictions. Some crap about religions and then I found this,the good person test! Ha! Just have a look at it when you can, it was coming up to my break time so I thought I'd have a laugh. If you play along and say yes to the first question and then answer no to any of the questions it basically guilts you into saying yes to every question and then tells you your going to hell unless you repent and become a bible bashing god botherer. I think I'll pass thanks. I was quite miffed for any weak minded people who might actually be silly enough to fall for or believe this crap. Don't get me wrong, everyone is entitled to do and believe what they want-within reason- but they don't have to scare or guilt trip others to join them in their eternal waste of time! Besides if God does exist, which he may, but we'll never know; one, he'd want us to be happy, two, he wouldn't want us to be scared or think that the worlds going to end every other year.
So off track then sorry about that, 3,2,1 back in the room. After lunch I awaited feedback from my art history lecturer. Then I wished I didn't shortly after getting it, it turned out that one artist, Joseph Solomon, that the majority of online sources consider to be a neo-classical artist, apparently isn't at all. So a good part of my essay was apparently inaccurate, that ticked me off a bit! Such is life, I'l just have to edit that bit so I can get my distinction, Think I'll want it to get into uni comfortably. Bloody artists and their silly bloody movements.
In other news my brother came to play poker with us tonight, it was really fun, I was almost winning at one point, but soon enough we got to a point where dad wiped the floor with everyone, and had to have a gloat! Was still funny.