Thursday 31st March 2011- Finally Finished

Today was such a good day for me, after a long few weeks my drawing was nearly finished, I spent the majority of the day making sure I'd finished my drawing, final touches took a lot longer than I expected. My hand started hurting so much after weeks of drawing allday I decided to use both hands! Apparently I am ambidexterious!
 I don't know why some days everyone wants to play around and have a laugh, today was one of them. It was brilliant! Until I peeked at the register and realised how many weeks we got left, not many! We got next week, then 2 weeks off for easter, then a couple of weeks, then a half term, god knows why! But all in all we only got about 6 or 7 weeks left before we have to clear out and set up for the end of year show.
 Still in pain but thats life, will be making sure I try not to fall over again, unless I'm too drunk to notice!

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