Saturday 29th January 2011- Only a little Tedious

Wow I had a nice lie in this morning, breakfast in bed is always a good way to start the day, Thanks honey!!
Wish the rest of that day was as nice as that. Quick bath and hurried out the door as usual. We stopped at his parents to say hi, and off to see mine. I thought I could get some clothes shopping done at some point today, even a little window shopping would have been cool. But no, driven round in circles for hours til we finally found where we were supposed to be, 2crappy tediously dull shops later it was time to get home. Didn't even get to look at any girly stuff! Grrr.
Nice cup of tea with ma parents n it was time to get back. Stopped in with our besties on the way home, is always good to see them after a long day. I say stopped in. We stayed a few hours, an unexpected chinese went down a treat, could hardly move I was so stuffed!
After a while we knew it was time to get back and get some things done around the house, cleaned my boys den out, hoovered up their mess. Although Mi man would say its my mess. Done the washing up and cleaned the kitchen, which is sad because it was actually fun with my music on. Great way to spent a Saturday evening, lol, jokes!
Finally got to watch Shameless, and now its time for bed! Ohhh Obi started his blog today too!

Friday 28th January 2011- Group Critques

Today was a really good day at college, content that my project was finished I had the pleasure of sitting down an listening to my class mates crits of this last project, it is really nice to see what everyone else has been up to, what they've made and the reasons behind it. I like having my stuff finished before crits day for this very reason, and I'd feel rude wandering around doing my work while someone is presenting their work. More times than most I usually decide to go first to get it out of the way. today I chose to let others go before me and show how they present work and how they speak about it, I wondered if this may give me ideas for presenting my own work. It did. One of my class mates is an amazing artist anyways, but likes to specialize in compuer graphic imagery, his presentation was brilliant as usual! So I made sure I had a chat with him before I did my critique.
We sat through about 4or 5 crits, and we each got a chance to ask questions about each persons work. My tutor often found himself looking for a certain word, and I was there like his personal dictionary telling him the word that had slipped his mind! That was good, i do like being helpful! After lunch we had art history, then it was my turn to do my presentation, once I had finished talking it wasn't so much as being asked questions, more like a group debate about the issues my work had touched upon and everyones personal opinions which was cool cos I could just sit back and listen to how they felt. I was soo happy to get it out of the way. at the end of each crit the class with our tutor went through the grade criteria and we all got to help him decide what grade each students work was worth. Mine got a distinction!! I was so Happy! Its always when you don't expect it!
 On my way home from college I went to the pub to meet a good friend and had a drink to celebrate the weeks achievements. Which is something I don't really do to much, and should really do more often. I got back to my mums so tired I made dinner a little while after mi man got home from work, he went out gallivanting. So I had a quick nap and got a taxi to my friends house. After what seemed like two minutes it was time to meet mi man and head back home. Was a cool day.

Thursday 27th January 2011- Success!!

Well I never thought I'd manage it but I did, completed my work by this afternoon! Had to miss my tutorial but no big deal, I got permission to stay in the sculpture room and finish my work before the tutorial had even started! Everyone else got kicked out of the tutorial anyways for arriving late, ohh I did laugh!
So happy I'm done with that project now,and I'm confident my final piece will now get me a good grade. God I haven't stopped blogging about my college work for days have I? Mind you, it is the only thing, besides my lovely boys (and man) that I think about all the time. Still haven't had time to watch Tuesdays Shameless. Tragic I know!haha.
Really don't want this to sound as big headed as its going to but, Go Me!haha. Well happy I've finished that work now, and yes manky b I will post my pic of my work very soon! Its a bit scary though so I might just show you when I'm over that way!
Well Obikat and the pigs will be starting their blogs very soon, bet they are more interesting than this, if Obi had his blog today he would be remarking on how much fun playing with his mummy's rubbish bits of paper was, and making a mess of daddy's dining room floor with said paper. The pigs would be saying how lovely mummy is for getting thorns in my hands while checking their hay would be safe for them. Got so many thorns stuck in my hands this week I've lost count, but I'd rather it was my hands bleeding than their little paws!
So much for a relaxing evening, we had a nice little catch up t and bears earlier! I showed off my new eyelashes, they are uber cool! Then home to again check my sketchbook would be ready for submission tomorrow. I've written about 4 a4 pages of evaluation now, again, Go Me!haha.. now I'm really tired and i wanna go to bed! If anyone wants to do my next project for me it would be greatly appreciated,lol jokes!! Night people!

Wednesday 26th January 2011_I thought it was over! It aint now!

Well, I wasn't planning on mentioning this morning as it was an average tedious ordeal of getting up and ready for college, after being up until gone 12 sorting things out for today I did not fancy moving at all! Being that my project ad to be in I thought it best to get a shift on and 'get my arse out of bed' as 'mi man' so sensitively put it!
This may seem like I'm moaning at some points, but I'm not! I do love college, but it has its moments!!!
Got to college, half asleep not really feeling too sociable, and still managed to have 4 conversations at the same time before I'd even walked through the door. Oh I do love my college friends still. In to our room only to find my tutor saying he was giving us an extension till Friday because he hadn't written our project briefs for the next project, gee thanks guy! So I read back through my sketchbook to find final piece ideas that I hadn't dared to attack yet. My piece of work I started just today, is probably the most difficult I've even thought of all term, and it has to be finished by the end of tomorrow!
 Of course up til lunchtime it was all good fun, come half 2 this afternoon I was kicking myself for starting such an extreme piece of work this late on in a project. Why didn't I just keep my head down and do more artist research?!! Oh that reminds me, Going to rewrite my evaluation soon. So anyways, after a few more fag breaks than I probably shouldn't of had I finally got to what I consider is halfway point, to be working on a relatively big sculpture with only a few days to finish is quite a brave thing to do. The only saving grace of this was when my friends came to keep me company in the sculpture room for some of the afternoon. Then my tutor came in and said I had achieved a lot for one day, that made me realise that this work was the difference between failing and getting the merits I need- not looking for a distinction this time, I'll only be disappointed when its not. Going to rewrite my evaluation soon.
On the plus side I finished the day without breaking too much, got round to my friends for a catch up, and home to finish writing up the days events in my sketchbook! Ohh my head. Glad I have this blog now because I bet today would be lost from my memory by this time next week. Wish me luck for finishing tomorrow!

Tuesday 25th January 2011-Too Much To Do

I don't do mornings!! This morning was another typical example, was wide awake at 20 past 5 when obikat decided to jump on me and purr himself stupid, only to then think he'd be more comfortable on the other side of the bed! Come half 7 when it was time to get up I really didn't want to move! Played the mini car game on the way to mums, which for once by the time we got there I wasn't winning!! That was novel!! I won by the end of the day tho!ha ha! I'm not too competitive,much!

At mums I got the usual verbals from the parrot! All too cute until I've got less than 24 hours to finish a project!! I thought to man the procrastination stations and go to meet a friend for coffee by mid morning. French Connection make a mean cappochino,if that's how you spell it. We had a nice chit chat and caught up, talking about the good old days. Then after a little drive around local villages we thought it best to get our backsides back to our respective works. After a long day and a lot of work done we had dinner at mums. Got some things printed off at last.

 I swear people think its a doss being a student!! Soo not true! For the majority of people, when they leave work, that's it until the next day when they get into the office. Well not for us, work does not stop all day everyday till deadlines are met and projects are handed in. Even then I still worry about if I'll get the distinction I was hoping for, and then a new project will start after group critiques have been carried out. Usually only a day or so in between. All half terms, Christmas, new years and Easter breaks are just a length of time where we don't have our tutors to ask advice about any part of our work we are unsure of. Still is rarely actually a break! It's 20to 11 on one of my supposed 'days off' yet adding up all the time I've spent working today comes to at least 9hours! So much for not leaving things to the last minute!
Got home finished my sketchbook work and annotated some research. Still had to do the washing up, ohh well, its still fun being me! I miss my boys. They're here with me, and i still miss them, when I have more time them and obi r soo gonna be on here telling on me! Obi did a good impression of a cats version of typing, sleeping on the keyboard!! Brilliant, soon as i can get it off the cam it'll be here. dozy lil monkey!
Quick shower and bedibyes for Kat me thinks! Can't actually wait to get to college and see my buddies tomorrow! Night night blogger people!

Monday 24th January 2011-Coursework, Coursework and guess what, wrong! Got To Dance!

Okaii so I did spend most of the day glued to my sketchbook, Still not getting my head round this project, thank god its nearly over! I sorted a few things round the house and cleaned my boys den.. They were jumping to get back in it! Had a quick cup of tea and checked my emails wen an Obikat tried to jump on mi lap. Poor little mite got a bit of tea spilt on his noggin! Lucky it wasn't that hot by this time, he still didn't like it much.
Was supposed to spend the evening on my sketchbook, but after mi man got home and had made me a lovely dinner my brain had other thoughts.. We watched an episode of South Park, some red dwarf. Then he went out and left me to get on with some stuff. Stuff that mainly involved cuddling the boys, squeakles,(the little brother) got very comfy on my lap and nearly fell asleep, and watching last nights Got To Dance. Oh my daisies it was so cool! Is usually much more fun watching it with people so you can laugh at the rubbish ones, but this one was really cool! This guy on there, Turbo, wickid dancer I well liked that performance. Anyone who hasn't seen it better watch now!
From time to time in my blog I may have a moment or two to reflect on the past. My past, that isn't a part of me now, is left behind for a reason. Maybe things that I used to do that I don't do anymore, or certain friends I'm not that tight with, or an ex I just couldn't see eye to eye with, its not that i hate them, life is too short to be holding grudges. But none the less, they are in my past for a reason! I hope that other people can learn to let go and move on to better things as well.
As of tomorrow I should have more pix uploaded to my blog.

Sunday 23rd January 2011-Dogs and Blogs, Courseworks a sod!

After a mad day yesterday out with friends I was looking forward to a quiet day at home to get some more work finalized, this art don't make itself you know! But as usual there's always something else that has to be done! So I helped mi man organize his new toy, i.e The book of face. We had lunch and I had to crack on with my painting. As much as I enjoy painting i don't feel particularly confident it is my best medium to portray certain idea's. There has been very few painting projects i have been quite proud of, one of them is hanging in my mum and dads living room, dad says its rude, I say its art!  So painting away, I came to realise this college lark is more often than not about the idea behind the work, not so much the quality of drawings, prints or in this case, painting. As long as there is solid evidence written in sketchbook to define why you made the work you will more often than not get at least a merit! mind you, I thought that for my last project.

It was an optional unit, i chose to do a video installation, as i had never done this before. i made a video based around my family, funny things from the past,etc, and how we interact on a day to day basis. I thought it was brilliant, i'll post it up soon. but when i got the marks back, my tutor told me, "hypothetically, if a distinction was 70, i got 68!" Ohhh i was soo close to tears!! that was on one unit of the two that project hit, I did get a distinction for the other unit though. So that was a bonus.
So this is why I'm finding it hard to get my head round this current project! For all the time I try hard, its never good enough, when i don't try, my work sails through. Ohhh life. what i weird thing it is.
 Back to today, we had a lazyish afternoon then went to our friends for a cuppa, trying to talk over  gorgeous, yet loud pups is quite amusing, bless them! They are sweet really.
For the very few people who have viewed my blog already you may notice a few tweaks have been made to my design layout. Well, a very good friend showed me how this was achieved! I like it! Hope my new blog pet doesn't distract you too much!