Thursday 27th January 2011- Success!!

Well I never thought I'd manage it but I did, completed my work by this afternoon! Had to miss my tutorial but no big deal, I got permission to stay in the sculpture room and finish my work before the tutorial had even started! Everyone else got kicked out of the tutorial anyways for arriving late, ohh I did laugh!
So happy I'm done with that project now,and I'm confident my final piece will now get me a good grade. God I haven't stopped blogging about my college work for days have I? Mind you, it is the only thing, besides my lovely boys (and man) that I think about all the time. Still haven't had time to watch Tuesdays Shameless. Tragic I know!haha.
Really don't want this to sound as big headed as its going to but, Go Me!haha. Well happy I've finished that work now, and yes manky b I will post my pic of my work very soon! Its a bit scary though so I might just show you when I'm over that way!
Well Obikat and the pigs will be starting their blogs very soon, bet they are more interesting than this, if Obi had his blog today he would be remarking on how much fun playing with his mummy's rubbish bits of paper was, and making a mess of daddy's dining room floor with said paper. The pigs would be saying how lovely mummy is for getting thorns in my hands while checking their hay would be safe for them. Got so many thorns stuck in my hands this week I've lost count, but I'd rather it was my hands bleeding than their little paws!
So much for a relaxing evening, we had a nice little catch up t and bears earlier! I showed off my new eyelashes, they are uber cool! Then home to again check my sketchbook would be ready for submission tomorrow. I've written about 4 a4 pages of evaluation now, again, Go Me!haha.. now I'm really tired and i wanna go to bed! If anyone wants to do my next project for me it would be greatly appreciated,lol jokes!! Night people!

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