Wednesday 9th March 2011-Group Crits

With some very strange news from Sofia yesterday I thought it would be cool if she could come to college with me for the day. We picked her up in the morning and off we went. At college we signed her in and checked with my tutor that it was ok that she sat in on our crits, he said it was cool. I think that was because he knew that she'd been there and done it all before, so she knew what was involved.
It was fun, I really like doing crits because it gives us a chance to show our work off, and to discuss our opinions about each others work. My friends at college have some really cool ideas, but no one else seems to get involved in each others crits as much as I do, sometimes it seems like its just me and our tutor asking all the questions, and everyone else is staring into space, a couple of people will ask questions when prompted to, but I can tell they aren't really interested and are just waiting for their turn.
My crit was good though, I want people to ask questions, but at the same time I always make sure I answer most questions in the presentation. So I can't win, I like to fully explain my work before the questions then I wonder why no one asks me anything! Shooting myself in the foot really, I think its funny how everyone has so many ideas for improvement when the project has finished, think we need to advise each other during the project so we'd have a chance to consider developing our ideas. After feedback we were supposed to write a little note for each other to remember what had been said in our crits, but once again, i was one of the very few people that actually did it. With Fia being a guest for the day I think my tutor was quite shocked about how well she got involved. It was just like she never left! Brilliant.
We walked home for her to meet her driving instructor, and I went round to my friends to get some tutoring done. I like my job, still hard work but I like it.