Monday 18th April- Finally finished

This holiday was dragging a bit last week, now I'm getting used to it today just flew by! I was up and round my friends house, near my mums early this morning. Spent a little while there before Fia came to see me. Needed to see her after last night!
Mi brother got in from his friends about lunchtime and asked if I wanted to finish my tattoo today, its always better when I havent got time to freak out about it! Luckily mi man was out for lunch with a friend so I didn't have to worry about what he was doing! He called me to say hi still and heard the needle going so he knew I was being coloured in! That was funny! We started about half one, and was finished by about 3 half 3, not feeling the pain too much! Luckily Fia was with me to keep me company!
My obikats friend hasn't been around for a little while!