Sunday 17th April 2011-More Fishing, and bad news!

Today was not my day Was so bad! It was nice to be sitting out in the sun, but that was about in, besides falling in, everything that could possibly go wrong, did! For all the time that was there, about 5or 6 hours, the first 4and a half I caught 3 trees! Lost 3hooks 5bbs (well 4 Fia dropped 1) and lost a float. Not impressed! Got in a big knot one time and cut myself trying to brake the line without scissors! Ooops! It was bad.
One of dads friends from work was with him, he was sat in a swim with a dead sheep in the water near him, and a dead lamb 6  foot behind him, don't know how he managed that, it stunk over there! The only thing that was good was the cute bouncy lambs that were chasing each other round the field behind us, and I eventually caught 5 fish in the last hour before we left, blinking typical! Not a good day! Glad Fia was there though!
When we got home it was getting late already, so we had showers, had dinner, and cuddled up on the sofa to watch some crap before bed, just as we finished dinner I got a text from my friend saying was I at home, and could we come up, a bit worried I picked up the phone and asked if everything was ok. Apparently one of he pups had taken a turn for the worst, and she didn't want to see him deteriorate. So she wanted to do good by him, and not let him suffer. She basically asked if we could come up, but I knew she wanted us to come up and say bye. It was very sad, I sat and cuddled him and had a good cry. Poor little guy, I do love him, shouty little pup but he is still a sweetie. It was getting really late but I didn't want to leave! I knew I had to say bye. Bye bye baby boy!! We'll miss you!

Saturday 16th April 2011-Out for Chinese

Weekends are great! We got up late and went to town to look for some stuff, i needed new moisturiser, fun. Mi man bought me a new top! Yay! When we were nearly done in town we had to drop by Kalala's to book a table for tonight. We going out to celebrate! Haha! Well, we'll go into that another time! But we booked the table, and whilst we did one of the girls in there noticed my tattoos, she recognized the Chinese writing, and knew what it meant, so that was good news!
We went home and got ready to go out. It was a lovely evening, mi man, me, his mum and dad, and his brother and sister-in-law all had too much food, but we had all finished relatively quickly, it was still quite early when the waiting staff were not too subtle about saying we could leave now! So we were all off to mi mans mum and dads for teas and coffee. Which was nice as its not very often you find everyone together. It was so nice. I got a lot of catching up to do now!

Friday 15th April 2011- Obi's Girlfriends Back

Well, not a lot happening today really. I got up and let Obi out to play so I could get some things sorted out, I cleaned the kitchen and mopped up, didn't want Obi to get bleachy paws!
 After that I was planning on going out to see my friend. So I called Obi in, and for a change he didn't comeback. So I went out to go and look for him. I called him from by the back gate, and I saw a little girly puss come running towards me! She rubbed up on my ankle and purred at me, so I stroked her and called Obi again.. Nothing! I walked up and down the alley, seeing if I could spy him anywhere, with girly cat following me all the way! She followed me up and down that alley for at least 20 minutes! Bless her! I called my friend to say that I was waiting for Obi to get back, didn't want to leave him out unless he got scrapping again, he's had a few of them lately. I forgot to say he did yesterday!
One big cat was out in the garden, and I could see Obi didn't like him. He tried to go around Obi to get out of the garden and my boy was having none of it! Obi went for him clawing out like mad! He made me jump and I shouted at him, and the other cat ran away! He sat on the neighbours roof keeping guard of the garden for ages after that!
Anyways my lovely friend told me that she didn't mind if I wanted to stay and wait for him. So I did! And our baby's girlfriend sat with me the whole time! Silly girly! At one point a street cleaner guy came by on a big machine and I was worried that she might get scared so I picked her up and held her, but then she dug her claws in and jumped into our garden!
She started playing when I was stroking her, and she bit my hand! Cheeky moo! Wasn't happy with her after that. She's still cute though, well she was until she started trying to follow me into the house! I only went in to get my sketchbook! She is a little minx! She's not as gorgeous as Obi though. He came back a little while later, saw me playing with her, then buggered off again, jealous much Obi baby? Love him!! I eventually managed to entice him in with some treats!(not chocolate hobnobs, he ain't that fond of them!)
So yeah, my day did end up revolving around him. Not ideal most of the time, but I'm on holiday so I'll let him off this time.

Thursday 14th April 2011- Maxi's Birthday! and curry!

After Fia stayed at mine last night she came back to mums with me today, via her mums so we could get her car and she could get ready. I thought we would come home to an empty house, or at least just my brother to be in, I found mums car outside, which was very weird. I came in and no one was to be seen, a little while later mum came downstairs and she had a nose bleed! That was a bit worrying as she never gets them! Turns out she went to hospital yesterday to have an operation, and it also seemed like I was the last person on the planet to know! She said I would have only worried and she wasn't even going to tell me, but as I was there, she did. I was worried, but I think I would of been worse if something happened and I didn't even know she went in, so people, in future, I kind of want to know these things!
I stayed a little while and chatted with her and Fia about stuff, then I had to go to work for a little while. I think I need a new job! It was a slight bit painful today! Still had to crack on for a bit,only did about an hour an a half. I really couldn't focus, so I explained what had happened, and said that I had to get home.
Got home to find Fia and my brother had gone out shopping!
Here she is with the news on shopping!
Hellooo :) well me and Kats brother decided to go shopping because we thought Kat would be gone for a while.
So we went to Matalan, he was insistent on looking at absolutely everything!! Seeing as I don't like shopping it wasn't all that bad, we then went to tesco to buy some lunch, by then Kat was already home so we hurried along a bit..
When we got home we made hot dogs!! But i left them in the water a bit too long and they kind of exploded haha, they was still good to eat though and was good :), we sat and watched TV until Kat and everyone went out for dinner..
Seeing as I wasn't there Kat's back to tell you what happened.
Hi, well we got to the County, and got drinks in before we ordered our food. I cashed in on the drinks big time! I got my first drink, then I got a drink with my dinner, and one of our lot didn't want the drink with his meal so I had that too! So I was sat with three drinks in front of me before we'd even got our food! Nice!! Curry was lush! I'm not usually that much of a curry fanatic, but it is nice with popadoms and mango chutney dip! I love that stuff! We all nattered and ate lots, I had a very nice hot chocolate fudge cake for dessert! Yum!
After everyone had eaten we all chatted a bit more, then me and mi man had to get on our long arduous journey home, so we left the rest of them to it!
Obi was glad to see us when we got home! Haven't seen his girlfriend since though!

Wednesday 13th April 2011-More Birthday Celebrations

I stayed at home today so I could catch up on a few bits. didn't think I had to be back at mum and dads for anything today
This morning I got a text from Maxi saying that this evening they were going out for a meal, and she really hoped I could be there, I so wished she'd told me that yesterday! Then I could of been back at home! But still, I tried to figure out a way to get home to be there, I asked mum what she was up to, there was no way mi man would come all the way home then go all the way back out there! So I was stuck! I told Maxi we could make a plan soon though still.
 Luckily Sofia came to spent the day with me!We didn't really do much, just watched a lot of telly. I texted my brother a few times to see how he was getting on with a back piece he was having done today. He was booked in from 10 this morning til 5 this afternoon, and I thought 3and a half hours was painful enough!
I then had the hard task of writing an old friend a letter. It wasn't the writing that was the difficult part, it was what I wanted to say. I haven't seen this friend for a few years now, but we still stayed in contact through mutual friends. this friend was very important to me as they are one of the people who originally introduced me to Capoeira, and has been a big part of my life for the majority of the time I've been an adult. So I thought seeing as it was his birthday last week, i thought I should use that opportunity to open the lines of conversation again. It was really difficult to get started but once I had I managed to write four pages!
Just before the post went I mangaged to get the address off another friend, find a stamp, and walked to the postbox just in time!
Before mi man came home from work he called to say he was on his way so we asked him if he would pick up some pasta sauce so I could make a pasta bake. Fia wanted to make a potato salad so we cooked up some bacon to put in it, I ate most of that before it even made the salad but it was very good all the same!

Tuesday 12th April 2011- At the Beach, the park, and home to mums

I had a brilliant day today, my friend Rachy brought her daughter down to see me so we could take her to the park! It was really cool, when they got down they came in for a cuppa and I introduced her to the guinea pigs. She loved them!
We made a move quickly and got to the beach so we could have a picnic there. Me and my friends daughter went to play with the waves! It was cool, I didn't want to get wet feet though, learnt my lesson on that last time we were out. So anyways, we had a nice picnic on the beach and set off down to the park. It was heaving, there was so many kids on the climbing frame I thought it was going to fall over!
 There was kids pushing in and shoving each other out of the way! Has nobody told these spoilt children how to wait their turn?! At one point this little boy went to push in front of my friends little girl so I just stopped him, and told him, she was first, you can wait!! He seemed shocked! Like he'd never heard this sentence in his life! Then I took her to go on the zip lines, she waited patiently. Whilst other children who were in front of her went. There was a dad and his little boy waiting too, I was positive they were there before us, when everyone else had gone the dad said, "After you." I said, "No you go, I'm sure you were here before us." He smiled then put his boy on the zip line. They must have been waiting a while. Bless them. There was some nice people there.
Then, I took her to go back on the big slide, where, in the queue, we saw lots of kids holding sand in pots, in their rolled  up t-shirts, in anything they could use to carry it. They were throwing it onto the slide, then sliding down in it! When I asked one child why they were doing this they replied,"It makes you go faster!" I thought right, and what about the other kids? I asked my friends girl if she still wanted to go on the slide, and she said, "Yeah, but I don't want to get a dirty bum!" How sweet is that?! So I took her over to the slide on the other side, where others kids hadn't messed it up quite as bad. All too soon it was time to leave the park and head back to the car, we walked up through the cave path and to the top of the hill, where we got the lift back down, cannot think what them hill lifts are called now, sure I'll remember at some point. After we got home I had a quick cup of tea at theirs and went back to mums. Not a lot happening this evening. After such a lovely day not a lot could be that good!

Monday 11th April 2011- fun day!

Luckily I didn't have to get up for work today! I didn't quite know what I was going to do, I started cleaning the kitchen after I let Obi out. He was out for hours this morning! I was planning on meet Sofia at some point, didn't know we were going to do what we did, but I'll get to that later! Whilst Obi was out he'd found a new friend! A beautiful little girl cat, she didn't have a tag so I don't know her name. but she is cute! Such a floosy as well, you know that noise that girl cats make when they trying it with a boy cat, she waas doing that, and rolling on the floor in front of him! She was trrying it bless her, don't think Obi knew where to look, he is a gentleman you know. Even if he does scrap with big cats sometimes. Eventually I got him to stop flirting and got him in, and she sat right out by the window and meowed and meowed until I went out!
Anyways Sofia called me, and said her and her man were going to his friends house for a BBQ, and he'd said I was invited as Sofia's always talking about me! But when Sofia came to meet me we had to go get the food! Fia got her friend to come pick me up and dropped us to Morrison's to get some BBQ stuff. We weren't there too long, managed to get all the necessary BBQ stuff, a few disposable BBQ's and some more food!  After we'd paid for everything Fia decided to go back and get some more ribs, I waited outside to have a fag. Whilst I walked out there was some guy trying to flog windows, I told him, slight problem with that, I don't own a house, I told him I didn't think my boyfriend would appreciate coming home to see I'd changed all the windows! When Fia was out we then set off to their friends house!
I felt like we were walking for ages but it really wasn't that far. Soon as we got there the boys started the BBQ, in their "ug make fire" man ways. don't know what it is with men and bbq's! They all get a pair of BBQ tongs in their hands and all of a sudden they are the worlds best cook! Me and Fia set up plates and she peeled, chopped and cooked the onions, I can't do that, chopping them always makes my eyes water, I've tried everything people say to make you not cry, it nevers works!
It was good anyways, we all ate far too much, music and drinks were enjoyed, I can't say I didn't feel bad sitting in a friends garden in the sun with a drink and nice bbq when mi man was at work, I did feel a bit guilty.
 Mi man came to meet me there after work but he didn't stay long as we had to go to our friends as it is her birthday today. Lots of Birthdays in April! We had to go home first and get her presents I'd left there, and Obi's girlfriend was Still in the garden, Obi was in the kitchen too just watchin her! So I opened the window and she came up to say hi. Obi was a good boy and he didn't go out! We moved her out and closed the window ( I did go outside to give her one last stroke as she is so cute!) and we set off to our friends!
 It was really good to see her, and we had nommy birthday cake too! It was really nice! We watched the new series, think its called the Waking dead, the walking dead? something like that! It was really cool! All zombies running around eating people! I was giggling most of the way through and saying "BRAAIINS!!" In the most zombie-like voice I could! Ha it was funny. Can't wait to watch the next episode!
When we got home, we found Obi's girlfriend still in the garden! It had been raining and she'd stayed there, in the rain, how cute! I opened the window to say hello, and she was all soggy, bless her heart! I had to leave her cos she wouldn't ever leave if I kept stroking her! She was out there a little while after we were in still. I said I want to keep her! Mi man then said, "How would I feel if someone took Obi?" It was a good point!

Sunday 10th April 2011- My girls visit!

I still love weekends! This morning we had a lovely lie in, and breakfast in bed before heading up town, just to be nosey, and see whats happening. Wasn't really much going on. We had a really lazy day. It was great!
Mi man wanted to watch golf this evening so I knew I was going to be bored off my trolley!
Spent most of the day preparing for this tedious ordeal, was thinking about catching up with my blogs! Lol!
Then I got a call from a good friend, one of my besties, Maxi. she was asking what I was up to this evening! I told her, not a hell of a lot! She said her and our friend Jada was thinking about coming to see me! That was so cool! I haven't seen them for ages!
Then Jada texted me a little while after asking me what I was doing, I was like, "I just told Max that!" lol. "Come see me!" About 20 past 7 they said they were going to be on the way soon, come 20 past 8 I was still waiting! I just thought, typical1 They've always been like that but its been so long since I've seen them I'd forgot! About 10 to 9 I called Jada and asked her where they were, she said Max had been at the gym so she had to drop her mum home and then they were on their way, it was about half 9 I think by the time they were actually on the way though! Blinking typical of my girls!
They finally arrived, and came in for a cup of tea, and met our Obikat. Mi man was watching the golf so we left him to it and sat in the other room. They said they love our house,, ain't that sweet, still can't believe they hadn't been to our house before! But the last time they came down we went straight out. After we finished our tea we went out to go down the beach, it was so cool, it was all dark, wasn't even that cold! We went and sat by the sea and talked a little while before we set off to the new park, months ago I went there in the day, and it was really busy, I would of felt bad taking the zip line from the little kids so I had planned to come back when no one would be there. It was so cool to be there with my besties. We had a lovely little walk there, I showed them the way and some cool little paths. When we got there we were all like kids again, on the zine lines, racing round the climbing frame,we sat in one of the tunnels and had more chats, and we went down the curly slide so many times we were all dizzy! Before we knew it, it was almost 11o clock! We had to head back home then. Unfortunately Max had to get up for work the next day! That sucked! But it was really good to see them still!

Saturday 9th April 2011-Fishing!

We've been fishing a lot lately, has been really nice as its been so hot!
I wanted to have a lie in this morning, but for some reason I was up quite early today. Think I was looking forward to going to the pond. We had breakfast and got ready to go.
We weren't at the pond too long before the fish started biting. It was quite a slow day though, not a lot happening. We got there a little while before dad did as he had to work this morning. I only caught 8 fish, and the last one I only got cos I'd thrown all the bait in whilst getting ready to pack up! That was a little cheeky, but I won all the same, mi man spent most of the day in the lead still! He had a little lamb friend come right up to him, it was so cute! I like lambs. No nasty comments about mint sauce please!!!!lol

Friday 8th April- Rewriting essays

I don't know what happened, but I did feel ill when I woke up this morning. With today being the last day of the term before Easter break I thought I'd better get my essay retyped, seeing as my tutor was off sick and our art history lecturer filling in, this was even better as he was there to check my work as I was doing it, its not that I needed that much help, it was more with the layout and settings he is quite particular about! I was sat at that poxy computer for ages, after I realised only half of my essay was saved to my key drive I had to type it again from the copy I had printed, that was Tedious!
Ohh what a day. Fia came to meet me around lunch time with a quite odd tasting bottle of coke, don't know what was in that, honest! After last night it didn't surprise me! I was so looking forward to getting home, had enough of this term.

Thursday 7th April 2011-My friends birthday

Today was so fun, it was my good college buddies birthday! No one had told me though so me and a few other friends decided to take our lunch break early and nip into town to get a pressie and a card. We all thought the same thing as well, our friend loves jewelry, so we thhought it'd be nice to get her a bracelet or a necklace, we were looking for ages for something perfect, then we found it! We got her a bracelet, that had a big butterfly on it, with her favourite colours! We really hoped we liked it!
As it was so hot we also went to New Look to get some new clothes, I got a wicked cool new outfit, a really nice white boob tube, a pair of grey 3quarter length jogging bottoms and a loose grey and white stripy top, it looks Lush, need to get more tops from there soon!
We got back to college quick as we were a little more late than planned, and all said happy birthday to our friend as we gave her her present and card, and she loved it, all the wrapping, the gift bag, and her present were all of her favourite colours! Sweet! She said the bracelet we picked her was exactly what she would of chosen! It was a lovely day all together.
With a gay talk about politics in tutorials to end it! Bloody perfect! Fia came to meet me just before this started, and got to sit in it with me. Was wicked. We walked back, got an energy drink, and watched time gentlemen please with my brother, and waited for mi man to finish work, and we set off back home. On the way we were being really loud, for some reason. Think it was the energy drink! We stopped past her special someones house so she could pick up her booze, and got home to make dinner. Don't really remember much after that, I'm sure we had a pasta bake. I don't know.