Saturday 19th March 2011- Lunch With mi Fams n A Seriously Tedious Ordeal

Today was something dad had been planning for a little while, it was his dads birthday recently, and as a present he'd decided to take Nan and Granddad out for a meal. The surprise was that neither of them knew that me, mi man and mi brother would be there! As mi brother still can't drive mi man took me and mi brother to the pub,The Three Oaks pub, in Three Oaks, and we waited there for mum and dad to go and get nan and granddad from their house a few miles away in Hastings. As we waited we got drinks and went outside for a quick smoke. Hoping we would not be seen before they arrived. Shortly after I saw mums car coming past where we sat, I realised that we hadn't been spotted when nan and granddad walked round the corner from the car park stil completely unaware that we were sat there! It was onl after I stood up and said "Hi Nan!" that they saw we were there!
We got hugs, i got told off about my new tatto by nan, and went inside to find our table. I had to be stuck behind the table didn't I. Wasn't too clever with my new tattoo. I still love it though. We'd all chose what we wanted to eat and got to catching up on whats been happening lately, lots of different discussions. I phased out for some of it. I had a prawn cocktail starter, sausage, mash and peas for main, and a yummy hot  chocolate fudge brownie for pudding. It was so good I had to eat it, didn't finish the main course though so I could leave room for pudding! It was really nice to see my grandparents, we never have seen them very often.
After such a lovely day it was a shame to end it with the tedious ordeal that followed! After a nap in front Time Gentlemen Please we set off to mums tree hugging friends of Kings Woods quiz night, it even sounds totally lame, and believe me, it was! We were there under false pretenses that we were to make up numbers of mums friends group, only to find when we arrived that they'd changed it so there would now be four people to a team, so my first instinct said to get out of there as quickly as I could! But I could see mum thought that would be rude to her friends! It was so rubbish! There was questiond about deer, bats and some other woodland critters! The most lame of all was the last round where you had to match up the twig to leaves! I soo wanted to bash my head up the table at this point! Even in the high heels I'd worn to the pub allday I could have easily walked all the way home from this crappy little village hall, It was the most tedious ordeal I've had to blog about since I started this Series!! Was soo glad to get home and see my boys after this long day!

Friday 18th March 2011- Uni Interview and Fia's Driving Test

Up for college as usual, only difference is today I was all smartly dressed for my interview for the higher national diploma course at my college. Although it is a BA course and our college is also recognised as a university, I don't think I'll feel like I've moved on if I am doing my degree level course in the same building I've been doing my National Diploma in for two years! I just wnat to know the option is there shoud I feel it is the best place for me to study at this level.
Got into college, where most of my friends were also all smartly dressed for their interviews, all also carrying portfolios of their work. I had to panic slightly, the letter inviting me for an interview said nothing about bringing a portfolio to show some of my work. I did spent most of the day wondering how this might affect my chances. Of course my interview would be later than everyone elses just to give me more time to worry. Everyone came back from their interviews all happy saying they'd been offered a place. I can't honestly say how I felt about what would happen in my interview after this, I was very happy for my friends, but it felt like I couldn't be really excited for them until I'd got my interview out the way. I know looking back that feels really bad of me, but I was so worried as I didn't have any work with me to present.
I quietly sat and got on with my drawing until it was time for me to go in. When my turn came who would be my tutor next year if I went back, Georgia, came to get me. I quickly explained that I didn't have much with me to show but grabbed a few of my most recent work that was still in our room. We went to where she was conducting the interviews and she did the paperwork that was necessary to process forms of the interview back into the ucas system. When it came to showing her my work I explained how the letter had said nothing about ringing any work in, also that as I've been in the process of moving out I have work andsketchbooks all over the place, some at mum and dads, some at my house, and that I'd only found out this morning that I was supposed to bring work in, and I apologised for not realising. She was really good, and took into consideration my personal circumstances and she did admit that we'd only got the letter a week ago so she totally understood that it wasn't that long to get a decent portfolio together, especially since I told her all my other offers I didn't even have to have an interview! She offered to give me an extra week untill next friday to get a few bits of work together and bring it in to show her, she said she'd hold on to the paperwork until then. I think that was the first time I'd breathed properly for hours!
A little while later Fia came to see me after her driving test, brandishing her pass certificate! I was soo happy for her! Made me know I want to start my lessons soon! Its going to be so cool with her driving about, bless her. She was still in shock an hour later! I had to leave early so she could drive me home but it was so worth it to see her driving about. Shes well proud of herself, I would be too passing first time! Go Fia!!

After Fia dropped me off I got in to find mi brother there bored out of his skull as he has still been off work. He asked me if I wanted to have a tattoo as his friend was supposed to be having one earlier and had changed their mind after having the stencil put on! I'dhad an idea of what I wanted for a little while so this was a really nice surprise! Seeing as mi man had a day off work today and wasn't going to be waiting to bring me home, and was busy I knew it would be ok if I left it a few hours before heading back. This was my 12th tattoo I've had since last August when I had my first design, and this was also my first colour one. I was being all brave saying I didn't care if it took hours I'd sit for it, how silly that was! The first few hours were fine, The third hour hurt a lot, going over and between darker colours with lighter ones and the shading, but the last half an hour was so painful I don't know how I dealt with it!
My dad was downstairs waiting to drop me back home, and heard me yelling that I wanted my mum, and came up to laugh at my pain, him and mum both really liked my new tat.

Thursday 17th March 2011-New Idea's

I had a cool idea today, I wanted to make a big drawing of a post Apocalypse scene, with lots of destruction, ruined buildings and people in despair. Was a bit depressing really so I printed off some pics of cute cats to cheer myself up. I loved this one!! Cats are cool!
 I spent so much time looking at sad pictures this one really cheered me up. As it was such a big piece I chose to do, I thought to use a projector to make life slightly easier for myself. It didn't really make it easier at all as I had to print off lots and lots of pictures, get them down do size in the photocopier then photocopy them onto acetate paper (see through stuff). Next I got to use the lift, to get a projector down from upstairs, I had to borrow my friend Jj for assistance, apparently I was too small to work heavy machinery on my own,lol! Then wen I'd set up that I had to align the smaller images onto the acetate image of the back ground on the projector and then stick up a massive sheet of paper on the wall and draw onto that! I swear the next person who knocks that projector out of line or thinks they're being funny putting their hands in front of it when I'm trying to work is going to have their fingers broken!
 So anyway, I did spent the majority of the day running around the college playing with the photocopiers and lookin for our technician to get me more acetate paper from where it is locked up near the staff room!Which is easier said than done as 'technick' (yes our technicians name is nick) is usually hiding in the sculpture room at the other side of the building!
I'll post pictures of my work when its done.

Sunday 13th March 2011- Fun, Games and Scary Movies

Fia and her boyfriend were chilling with us for most of the day today, was really good, mi man made us a lovely dinner! Was so full it was mad.
We decided to watch a scary movie, as we'd been planning to have a movie night for ages. We watched White Noise. Really messed up film, wasn't too scary until the end, even then it was just loud. Not a lot happening really. Good that me and Fia ain't drinking so much lately. Dono why! Gonna keep my posts in order from now I think.

Saturday 12th March 2011- New Keys!

Yay. Finally I have my new keys! Still haven't found the old ones, oh well. We went to town to grab a few bits and I got some vitamins and cod liver oil tablets so my knee will stop clicking! your fault dad!
I got a chocolate bunny, can't wait to eat that! Then we went to his parents to say hello. That was fun, his brother and sister inlaw were there as well, and we'd planned to see them this afternoon too. So that saved sometime. Still have to go and visit them properly soon! Not much else happening really, very layed back day. Which I like occasionally, my days always seem to be planned for me by someone.

Monday 14th March 2011-Lots of Work to do

What a madness, worked most of the day. This doesn't sound out of the ordinary for most people but for someone tutoring a 15year old who has been out of education for a little while is quite a lot to handle, he is a smart enough boy to realise that if he keeps talking about random things it'll take away from time that he'd have to be writing. With his mum shouting blue murder at him I thought it'd be a good idea if I took him to the library to do some research for his presentation he was asked to do before he starts his new college course in September. Everyone was just getting stressed out so it was good that we went out for a while. Problem was that our local library is under construction and being totally rebuilt so we had to make do with the temporary library in the middle of town, we got dropped off in town(as he didn't want to walk) and we walked through to find the makeshift library, and it was rubbish! There was hardly any informative books there at all, let alone relative information to what we were trying to find. But we had a good go at it. We found out where we could find relevant information at least.
After a little giggle at some normal people and nearly getting very rude to the soo not helpful library staff we decided we'd found all we could and started heading back! Being nearly lunch time  I thought we'd have a break and my friend made me a lovely sandwich, then I had to dash so I could go and meet my man for lunch. Which seemed to go all too quickly as always. I told my pupil that when I got back we would get back to researching for his project. He thought we were done for the day, bless him!
I made lunch for mi man and my brother, which I hope they liked. I coulda easily stayed in watching time gentlemen please with my brother and his poorly foot but I knew I had better get back to work, I think it lasted a grand total of about half hour before he my pupil was moaning again. All good fun. We gave up around half 3 4ish so me and rachy could nip to boots and get her some hair stuff.
All to soon it was time to head home. For some reason evenings are such a blur, I wasn't drinking that much wine after work, honest!

Friday 11th March 2011-God, 2012 and my Essay Feedback

I was trying to get my research for my new project in order for most of the morning. The majority of projects I've done so far usually are in sketchbooks in which my brain has just burst onto the first few pages and the rest of the book will be trying to make sense of it! Not playing like that this time, from my initial 'mind map' (not allowed to say brainstorm anymore did I mention? Its apparently offensive to people with..Something I've forgotten!lol), anyways, from my ideas I put a page for the order of research. To make sure it stays in some kind of order. The problem was as soon as I start researching ideas, they get developed into something slightly different making the order even more hard to follow. I researched lots of information on the Mayans 'supposed end of the world' 2012 predictions. Some crap about religions and then I found this,the good person test! Ha! Just have a look at it when you can, it was coming up to my break time so I thought I'd have a laugh. If you play along and say yes to the first question and then answer no to any of the questions it basically guilts you into saying yes to every question and then tells you your going to hell unless you repent and become a bible bashing god botherer. I think I'll pass thanks. I was quite miffed for any weak minded people who might actually be silly enough to fall for or believe this crap. Don't get me wrong, everyone is entitled to do and believe what they want-within reason- but they don't have to scare or guilt trip others to join them in their eternal waste of time! Besides if God does exist, which he may, but we'll never know; one, he'd want us to be happy, two, he wouldn't want us to be scared or think that the worlds going to end every other year.
So off track then sorry about that, 3,2,1 back in the room. After lunch I awaited feedback from my art history lecturer. Then I wished I didn't shortly after getting it, it turned out that one artist, Joseph Solomon, that the majority of online sources consider to be a neo-classical artist, apparently isn't at all. So a good part of my essay was apparently inaccurate, that ticked me off a bit! Such is life, I'l just have to edit that bit so I can get my distinction, Think I'll want it to get into uni comfortably. Bloody artists and their silly bloody movements.
In other news my brother came to play poker with us tonight, it was really fun, I was almost winning at one point, but soon enough we got to a point where dad wiped the floor with everyone, and had to have a gloat! Was still funny.

Thursday 10th March 2011-New Project, Yay

I love starting new projects. Its so exciting! I have so many idea's at the beginning of projects and narrowing down ideas is always the tough part. I thought that if I started with a broad subject matter it'll be so much easier to choose what to make for the final piece. The original plan was to use an element of each project we had done so far and recreate the idea in a new way. This morning I sat down with my tutor and went over my mind map to see where the common link was between each idea. It seemed that the link was that the majority of ideas were related by the theme of the human condition, (how we live in a consumerist environment and what effect that has on the world) and how we treated animals and the planet in history. All good stuff.
 The thing I love about making artwork is that, providing you have enough theory behind your work to back it up, you can make work about whatever you want, and its neither right or wrong. I love to create intricate and elaborate theories behind my work, makes it so much more interesting.
Soo couldn't wait to get home and sleep, as always!

Monday 7th March 2011- Long Time Waiting

I do not like waiting for things to show up. Even more I don't like waiting for things to turn up that don't! I spent the day waiting in for mi mans silly parcel so I couldn't really do a hell of a lot. Fia came and kept me company so it wasn't that bad. It was a bit random but thats always the way when we together. I was really expecting to go out and the parcel come but I didn't, and it didn't come. Typical! We mess around so much its so not good! Was supposed to be sorting my coursework out for mi crits this week but i really couldn't be bothered. Fia just distracts me! lol.