Friday 4th February 2011- Finally Friday

This weeks been never ending I swear.. Its actually Saturday, couldn't get on the laptop last night cos a someone was hogging it. silly cat,, Na it weren't really obi! it was mi man! I got to watch a few things on telly tho so that was nice! Wanted to crack on wit my project at college but my tutor said we had to make experimental samples,. ohh what fun,. I just hid upstairs researching mosta the day!
I love my life I really do! I'm seeing Sofia today now so I cant babble too much!
 I'll catch u guys laters for Saturdays entry if I'm not too drunk by then!

Thursday 3rd February 2011- New project! and piggles..Yay

Feels like ages since my last project, was just sayin the other day how we never get a break in between, that proved me wrong didn't it!! Still, got mi first draft of my art history essay ready to hand in tomrrow! It has been a long day, was so tired yesterday I didn't really have the energy to type too much.. I haven't today but I got a lot to say.
Everyone's all excited getting interviews for uni, I haven't got many offers yet. Thinking logically, I have been notified that they do it alphabetically. In which case I'd be one of the last to get a reply. I did get an email saying I needed to have some additional information on my ucas form, and had my tutors running around like headless chickens researching my key skills grades for my first year. They are good our tutors!! Don't really know how I would of found that out without them! Don't have a clue where I left my certificates!!!
I love having self directed projects! Means we can do anything we want, within the guidelines of the project brief, and take our breaks at more relaxed times, which makes it brilliant when some snotty cow fashion and textiles tutor comes out and tells us we not supposed to be on our break! Had soo much fun putting her in her place this morning! She ain't my tutor, so I'm really not bothered what shes gotta say.
I got my mind map(not allowed to say brain storm anymore) and initial idea's down, did some artist research, and then it was time for our group tutorials.
We were talking about interviews today and I swear my pastoral tutor makes anything funny! He was saying about what to prepare and how bad body language affects their decisions. Still making everyone laugh. My sides hurt when I left there today!
Walked home with one of my closest friends from college jj. He's jokes too. Called mi darlin Fifi after jj went his way home and had a nice chit chat and a little bitch about the world. Got home and had a very interesting chat with Buffy about what she'd done today, which is making a lot of mess for mum to clean up!
On the way home,after nearly falling asleep in the car, we stopped in to see bear and t! Had a cuppa, tried to stay awake while the boys talked boy stuff, and a little cuddle with Ronnii. That was nice, Richie only shouted at me once or em..
Got home about half 7 adamant that I was going straight to bed.. Don't quite know how I'm still awake.. My boys are helping me to type, I say help. slobbering cucumber juice all over me,and trying not to fall off my lap! Got to say mi boys are the best, all three of them. I wonder what they'd make of a leopard gecko?

Wednesday 2nd February 2011- More Crits!

There's always something to do at college, always when you can be bothered to put the work in to do it. For some reason today my mind was not with it to focus on my work, maybe I shouldn't of had a drink last night I don't know. But with more group crits to do I was glad to sit and listen, then breaktime came. Everyone was all busying about the place but not actually doing very much, I want to start my new project but my tutor hasn't written the project brief yet! So I was stuck researching what the general idea of our project is going to be. Not very interesting really.
I haven't checked in on the world of facebook for a while either!

Luckily my friend has a task for me to help her son with tutoring for him to get into college, that'll be fun! We discussed when we'll work and what we are going to do. So we'll start next week! I'm really excited! I'm going to be a mentor! Yay!
Best crack on and get some housework done soon too, oh the fun things in life!lol.
I wonder what obi's going to blog about today!

Tuesday 1st February 2011- Anniversaries

What a mad day! Back at mums for most of the day, popped out to see friends a few times, but mostly I was trying to type up the first draft of my essay. All good fun when you know what your talking about! All too soon it was time to head home and go out for our anniversary!! Can't believe its been a year already!

After a mad few minutes when we got home trying to sort things here we went out for a chinese, and it was lovely!! I was soo full, and pudding was yummy too!! On the way home we stopped in the shops to get a drink and got back to watch Forest Gump! Not as brilliant a film as I had been lead to believe! Of everything I've heard about it I was expecting it to be really good, but for a film where a lot happens, I was expecting a better ending! I'm soo tired now still.

Monday 31st January 2011- Art History Essays

After Mi man disappeared off to work, I was left with the cat and my piggles! I decided it was a perfect time to crack on with my essay. I love doing my college work at home, simply for the fact that I can do my work in the living room with the telly on, in the dining room and listen to some music, or even have my sketchbook in bed and work under a snugly warm duvet.
With obikat snuggled up too I thought it would make sense to stay in bed. While writing, obi fidgeted away, sat on mi arm, and thought he was really clever rubbing up on mi pen, bless him!
The thing about writing essays, is planning. its relatively simple, so long as you know what your talking about and its in an order that makes sense that's pretty much half the work done already. For our essays we got to choose this year, (which I really liked as last year we were told what we did it on) we chose from one of the subjects we'd researched in our lectures during this year. (I did laugh when I pulled out my art history notes, all accounted for and in order, then one of my friends stated that they'd thrown all their notes away!) So we could pick our favourite from Landscape, Drama, Interiors, Still life, The Figure, or one of two options for The Portrait. I won't bore you with the tasks for each but I chose, Drama- An analysis of dramatic portrayal in painting. How do painters dramatize? Choose examples from the Baroque, Neo-Classical and Romantic periods. Discuss content, style and influences. Easy right? Nope!!
I spent about 4 or 5 hours on this today, with a few breaks to have a cup of tea, and still only got about halfway through the first draft! Gonna have to get a shift on tomorrow if I'll have any chance of finishing it in time. My boys came out to play for a bit, had to keep my eye on them so they didn't eat my homework, that would be a new one!!
Before I knew it mi man was home from work, I ran his bath, put the dinner on. Faffed about sorting things out. We spent a little while catching up on dads blog.
Wanted to get an early night as its our first anniversary tommorrow! Well looking forward to going out for chinese!Mmmmm

Sunday 30th January 2011-Missing my Babies!

Was well looking forward to a lie in again today, after being up late watching some mad scary film called Shutter. Was so tripped out at one point I took Squeakles-my bravest piggle- to the bathroom with me to go pee, he is a lot braver than his big brothers!
 I so shoulda stayed in and got my art history essay done. I'll do it tomorrow! Instead we went out, I was still half asleep mosta the day, like most weekends.
We went to see some spiders today, that was cool. Then we had a little road trip, and went past this cool pet place near Canterbury, they had all of my favourite animals in one place! In one bit there was mice, hamsters, guinea pigs(that my boys would have loved) and some rabbits too! In a next bit of the place there was all kinds of snakes, I was so close to tears when I saw some of them. I grew up in a house with loads of snakes and lizards. I miss them all very much! There was an albino bermese that reminded me so much of our old one. She was so big my dad used to tell me not to get her out when I was on my own. But I did, and it was like she knew I was small, and she was so gentle with me, so never gripped too tight because I really think she trusted me. I really miss her!
Okaii so I didn't blub too much just then, honest!
I asked the nice man at the counter if they had any leopard geckos, because ours were so cool, I've always wanted my own. That had so many different coloured ones I'd never seen any like them, give it a few months to get some money together for all their accessories and I'll totally be getting some new pets! Think I need some girls in this house! It sucks being the only female with all these boys! Still love em though!
With all the looking at the animals I'm not allowed or can't afford yet over with we had to head back home. Stopped at my mums to check obi's blog Then to his mums to find his brother and sister there with their partners, was really nice to see them all at the same time! After a little catch up on the weekends events it was time to get home and see what my boys had been up to.. They were pretending to be asleep as usual! Cheeky monkeys! I think I've got my pics downloaded to my laptop now, think its time to call dad for a reminder on how to post them to Kats Pix.