Monday 31st January 2011- Art History Essays

After Mi man disappeared off to work, I was left with the cat and my piggles! I decided it was a perfect time to crack on with my essay. I love doing my college work at home, simply for the fact that I can do my work in the living room with the telly on, in the dining room and listen to some music, or even have my sketchbook in bed and work under a snugly warm duvet.
With obikat snuggled up too I thought it would make sense to stay in bed. While writing, obi fidgeted away, sat on mi arm, and thought he was really clever rubbing up on mi pen, bless him!
The thing about writing essays, is planning. its relatively simple, so long as you know what your talking about and its in an order that makes sense that's pretty much half the work done already. For our essays we got to choose this year, (which I really liked as last year we were told what we did it on) we chose from one of the subjects we'd researched in our lectures during this year. (I did laugh when I pulled out my art history notes, all accounted for and in order, then one of my friends stated that they'd thrown all their notes away!) So we could pick our favourite from Landscape, Drama, Interiors, Still life, The Figure, or one of two options for The Portrait. I won't bore you with the tasks for each but I chose, Drama- An analysis of dramatic portrayal in painting. How do painters dramatize? Choose examples from the Baroque, Neo-Classical and Romantic periods. Discuss content, style and influences. Easy right? Nope!!
I spent about 4 or 5 hours on this today, with a few breaks to have a cup of tea, and still only got about halfway through the first draft! Gonna have to get a shift on tomorrow if I'll have any chance of finishing it in time. My boys came out to play for a bit, had to keep my eye on them so they didn't eat my homework, that would be a new one!!
Before I knew it mi man was home from work, I ran his bath, put the dinner on. Faffed about sorting things out. We spent a little while catching up on dads blog.
Wanted to get an early night as its our first anniversary tommorrow! Well looking forward to going out for chinese!Mmmmm

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