Wednesday 2nd February 2011- More Crits!

There's always something to do at college, always when you can be bothered to put the work in to do it. For some reason today my mind was not with it to focus on my work, maybe I shouldn't of had a drink last night I don't know. But with more group crits to do I was glad to sit and listen, then breaktime came. Everyone was all busying about the place but not actually doing very much, I want to start my new project but my tutor hasn't written the project brief yet! So I was stuck researching what the general idea of our project is going to be. Not very interesting really.
I haven't checked in on the world of facebook for a while either!

Luckily my friend has a task for me to help her son with tutoring for him to get into college, that'll be fun! We discussed when we'll work and what we are going to do. So we'll start next week! I'm really excited! I'm going to be a mentor! Yay!
Best crack on and get some housework done soon too, oh the fun things in life!lol.
I wonder what obi's going to blog about today!

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