Sunday 30th January 2011-Missing my Babies!

Was well looking forward to a lie in again today, after being up late watching some mad scary film called Shutter. Was so tripped out at one point I took Squeakles-my bravest piggle- to the bathroom with me to go pee, he is a lot braver than his big brothers!
 I so shoulda stayed in and got my art history essay done. I'll do it tomorrow! Instead we went out, I was still half asleep mosta the day, like most weekends.
We went to see some spiders today, that was cool. Then we had a little road trip, and went past this cool pet place near Canterbury, they had all of my favourite animals in one place! In one bit there was mice, hamsters, guinea pigs(that my boys would have loved) and some rabbits too! In a next bit of the place there was all kinds of snakes, I was so close to tears when I saw some of them. I grew up in a house with loads of snakes and lizards. I miss them all very much! There was an albino bermese that reminded me so much of our old one. She was so big my dad used to tell me not to get her out when I was on my own. But I did, and it was like she knew I was small, and she was so gentle with me, so never gripped too tight because I really think she trusted me. I really miss her!
Okaii so I didn't blub too much just then, honest!
I asked the nice man at the counter if they had any leopard geckos, because ours were so cool, I've always wanted my own. That had so many different coloured ones I'd never seen any like them, give it a few months to get some money together for all their accessories and I'll totally be getting some new pets! Think I need some girls in this house! It sucks being the only female with all these boys! Still love em though!
With all the looking at the animals I'm not allowed or can't afford yet over with we had to head back home. Stopped at my mums to check obi's blog Then to his mums to find his brother and sister there with their partners, was really nice to see them all at the same time! After a little catch up on the weekends events it was time to get home and see what my boys had been up to.. They were pretending to be asleep as usual! Cheeky monkeys! I think I've got my pics downloaded to my laptop now, think its time to call dad for a reminder on how to post them to Kats Pix.

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