Saturday 12th February 2011- Grrrrr I lost

Don't really knopw what to say today, not a lot happened for most of it! Got up middayish, was in the bath for actual ages!! I swear it was hours and hours! I coulda stayed in there till my phone died and I had no music but I knew I had to sort a few things out.
After a very late breakfast I got my boys out for cuddles, then thought they were due they're big clean up. Usually gets done every few weeks. Every couple of days I'll clean them out and remake their beds, (dozy piggles are too small to lift the dustpan!) but today was the Big clean in which they get they're den all sprayed with special pet cage disinfectant. They love it! Surprisingly guinea pigs are very clean animals. They have a little hoppy Skippy jump when they see that their cage is all fresh and clean! I'd sent them downstairs to chill out with himself while I did the hoovering because they really don't like the loudness. You'd think they'd be used to loudness with me around! With hoovering done and dusted I quickly put some clothes away and popped my boys back in their cage to have a skippy hoppy jump, I got ready to go out.
At some point this afternoon I was asked if I wanted to go to play poker, this generally being a man thing I thought it best we checked if I was allowed. So a few messages were sent and no one seemed to mind. This meant I was an honorary man for the evening! Don't think I can do an impression of a bloke very well!
I lost terribly! Not as bad as I would have if I didn't have a little help and a few saving chips! Thanks you!
I think getting to the second to last round, with help or without is still pretty good going for a first try! Must play that again soon, maybe not with quite as much help next time. It was greatly appreciated though! Wonder whats happening tomorrow?

Friday 11th February 2011- Mad days

I'm so rubbish in the mornings! I'll spend all day feeling sleepy then as soon as I get to bed at night I'll be awake for hours trying to sleep. It sucks big time! Really don't know why and I don't like it! Even if I go to bed early I'll still be up watching telly till gone 12. At least I know I ain't gotta get up tomorrow!
Got to college and had an average morning, chatting away and trying to focus on getting some practical work done, till the poxy place actually get us some sketchbooks I don't want to do too much writing. Had a really cool lunch break though.. My friend has started a blog as I'd shown her mine, and she wanted some help setting it up, I said I'd show her a few things, then spent most of our lunch break in the computer room! I like being helpful! Hope shes getting on ok!!
We played with some different materials for our project after lunch, something called pavepol. Fabric stiffener! We were told to impregnate some scrim(material) with fabric stiffener! Woof, we did have a laugh! After a few innuendos we got to actually making things with it, mine hadn't dried by the time I'd left college, hope it turns out ok.
I left my art history a little earlier than usual as I had to work, only after I'd shown my llecturer my essay of course! My friend met me from college, and after a cup of tea and a chat she went off to her appointment and left me to tutoring, which is usually quite fun. Until my 'student' decided he wasn't playing ball today. Of only an hour we had to get some work done he spent at least half of it saying he didn't want to work on it anymore, etc, more reasoning that isn't my place to discuss. So a serious pep talk was in order. After a little while I think I got him to realise that hard work pays off in the end. I hope I did anyways cos I had a serious headache when I left! So glad I got to chill out when I got home!

Thursday 10th February 2011- February, Febuary,Februray.What?

I don't quite know what has been up with my spelling of this months name lately. I should remember it considering how many important dates fall in this month. One of our closest friends birthdays, my friends daughters birthday, my Dads birthday, our anniversary, and Valentines Day! Not really a month to forget about! For future blog entries I will be able to look back at this year and see what has happened.
 Maybe now I should recall what Ive done over the last few years. A lot of fun times out with friends that I can't really remember, a lot of good times out camping I can't remember, I knew I should have started this years ago.
One thing I won't forget for a while is being put on breakfast duty on day, trying to catch a frying pan full of boiling oil isn't a very clever thing to do! Ohh I did scream! My auntie and my cousins were over the other side of the field and they said it sounded like someone was havin a baby! Kinda funny now but I so wasn't laughing at the time! Dad was though! He was tryin to reassure me(between sniggers) and told me to try and take my hand out of the water, I wasn't having any of it! After about 5or6 hours with my hand in cold water and no signs of the pain disappearing I decided it was time to go to a and e. Here's where the tip of the year comes in.. If you go to a and e and do need immediate attention, just scream as loud as you can for as long as you can and some nursey type will take you in so that you don't scare the normal people! I did it without even thinking, was pretty cool looking back! Shame about the half wit agency nurse that took half an hour attempting to wrap me up! Dad did have a good rant at them about that! Thanks Dad!! I got lots of 'laaaavvvy' painkillers and was sent back to camp with some nice big bandages to show off. And got banned from breakfast duty forever, what a shame that is, lol joke!!
So back to now! After a very early start I knew I had to crack on with my project and get some work made I thought I'd have a play with some chicken wire. Word of warning, don't do it! I got cuts all over my hands now. After about an hour and a half of this and 10 cuts later my lovely tutor said,'Why don't you put some gloves on?' I thought, 'Why didn't you say that an hour ago?' But me being me decided to crack on anyways! I was near enough falling asleep come mid-afternoon, so had enough it was mad. With an early finish I thought I'd see the day through. Little did I know a very good friend of mine would call and say there had been a fatality in the family and she needed some comforting! Me, again being me, dropped what I was doing told my tutors I was off and made run for it. If there's one thing in this world I can't bear its seeing my friends unhappy! I did my best to cheer things up, I think it worked. It was that or the couple of glasses of drinks we had in rememberance. Words cannot describe how bad I feel for them right now!
I had a long cuddle with my lovely little boys when I got home, and we had a lovely dinner! Thanks to my fab friend! Am now sitting on the floor with my laptop till I sort out a better place for it. should really be in a chair. My back is killing!!

Wednesday 9th February 2011- Supposed to be at College

I skipped college today, very naughty of me I know but with a lot of stuff going down at home I thought it best to prioritise what is most essential. Today would not have been a productive day even if I had gone. Mi man had an appointment to get to this morning so I thought it best I was around should anything go wrong. We were both sure it wouldn't but you never know sometimes its better to be safe than sorry.
So with him out the door I sat down to watch last nights Shameless. Epic!!
Before I knew it he was back home and we were chillin out and chatting about what we were going to do with our day. We decided to go to town and have a look around at things we want. The big difference between us is if I see somethnig I like, I'll get it, whereas he'll think about it and go back only to find they don't have it anymore. Well thats what happens to me if I wait anyways! I got a new dress! Its so lush I love it, just got to find a reason to wear it out now! We also met our Bear in town, We Love You Bear!!
We met up with sofia and her man in town and had a right laugh, the guys hadn't met before, they seemed to get on pretty well!
When we got back obi was laying on the ironing board, as usual. I left it out the way for him cos (I don't know why) he just loves it! After cuddles from him and mi boys we sat down to watch Zohan. Bloody hilarious. Adam Sandler is a quality actor, he was the first favourite film I ever claimed as a favourite, the Wedding Singer. I watched that hundreds of times when I was younger!
Then whilst someone was hogging my laptop I tried my dress on again. I love new clothes!
I noticed that I didn't actually mention why I said 'bloody parrot' for yesterdays blog, I shall do that now. The reason I said that, as much as I love her, she is so noisy all the time I'm tryin to concentrate on my coursework, or hav a nap! Bless her! Although she loves making noise and trying to bite my fingers when I give her treats I'm still going to miss her!
All said and done I'm glad we had a day off today! Ohhh in totally unrelated news we watched a programme about a serial killer pig farmer in Canada. What a madness!! Can't get over how people can get so damn crazy!

Tuesday 8th February- Bloody Parrot

Back to mums early again, like most Tuesdays. Was workin this morning. Spent the rest of the day sorting through emails and tryin to properly finish my essay.. So much  fun.
Obi needs to wake up and get his blog done, he's been asleep for about a week! Lucky boy! I'll sort him out with some catnip later! He'll like that!
Stayed round my friends for a bit after work this afternoon, had a nice chat about upcoming events and a little drink, that was nice! We mentally prepared for Wednesday. All will be good though.
I actually got to spend time in my old room this evening which was wierd with all of mums boxes in there. I haven't been in there for ages! I watched big fat gipsy wedding, lovin the dresses! Then I had to leave before Shameless or I never woulda got home! Good day!
I will start writin more in my posts when i'm allowed my laptop back!

Monday 7th February 2011- I'm So Tired

I'm not used to getting up early on a Monday. With a new job to do I thought it best to get my butt in gear and get back to mums to prepare a few things. I thought I'd get to work bright and early so we could get more done. We did faff around for a lil bit before working, which was nice, but we did get a lot done in the end.
The rest of the day I spent sorting a few bits out for my project. Wish I had my new sketchbook though, why they college messed up their orders of new I supplies I don't know, but it means unless I do my work in some crappy folded up paper I'm going to have to wait to properly start work on this project.

As I'm writing this at my mums I realised that it is so much easier to do my coursework without this blinking parrot squawking away. She is beautiful, all the time shes not trying to chew my fingers, and when she talks she is really funny! But its all the noise and misbehaving that gets me! I mean my boys squeak a hell of a lot, they're guinea pigs,its a feature! But their noise is never as painful as a noisy parrot! That's why I love my cat, he knocks things over sometimes and he meows but the majority of the time you cant hear him. I'm so tired, got to bed about 9 o clock, was still up at 11. Don't know why I try to sleep early it never happens, Woulda wrote this then if someone wasn't  hogging the laptop as usual, can't wait till he gets his new computer so he can let me use mine once in a while!

Sunday 6th February 2011-Parents

Was actually asleep really early last night.. Was really sweet, looking after a certain someone when he was all dizzy! I felt better by the time I got to bed! I watched million pound drop live the went to sleep,. i well wanna go on that programme!
 He was up really early this morning as usual! I had A wickid lie in! it was lovely!! I woke up, and he'd blitzed the whole house! I was well impressed, and half asleep.
We decided, both a bit poorly, that we'd go and see his parents for lunch, to cheer ourselves up a bit. We had a lovely lunch. Lots of chats, as my mum and dad were supposed  to be coming to see me this afternoon mi man said why don't they meet us at his parents.. That was quite strange! Cool though.
After we got home we watched ice road truckers, and then a film that my friend lent us called Notebook. Big mistake.. It was really good but it was So sad.. I'm officially banning myself from watching any sad movies! Don't let my mum watch this film either, she'd be blubbing for hours! After a little (himself would say a lot of) crying and cuddling my piglets I finished off his ironing.
My boys were falling asleep on him while I was doing the ironing, they were looking up at me like, 'mum what on earth are you doing?! Soo sweet!

Saturday 5th February 2011- Bloody Keys!

Can't find my keys for my life! Spent hours looking for em this morning! I've looked everywhere! Mum thinks obi hid them from me so I couldn't go out! It worked the cheeky monkey!
Cos mi man went out I couldn't leave till I found em, Luckily Fifi came round to see me and we've had a few drinks. Maybe a few too many.. We had some music on proper loud!! Think we scared obi a bit. bless him!
It was funny when mi man got back from being out on the lash allday, me and fifi were still more drunk than him! We may have had a little accident with one of his ties, we were a little ill at one point! lol. All good now though. Hope everyone else had a wicked cool Saturday too.
 I'ma really start getting some pictures up on here soon.