Saturday 22nd January 2011-Fun with Sofia, and Aladdin

After a relatively nice lie in till around 10half 10 I awoke to 'mi man' offering to make me a bacon and egg sandwich!! Which beats waking up at half 7 and getting moaned at that we're going to be late, which is generally the case in most places I have lived in the past. I enjoyed an hour of the first Saturday I didn't spend all day with himself for a long time with him, and then got rushed out the door to go back to mum and dads for the day. The plan was to get some work done and then go out with them in he evening,we'll get to that.

So back at the folks house I checked my facebook for any irregular occurrences. Not a lot happening on there, no one had attacked me in Backyard monsters, no sign of anything new in mall world. Then the best thing,i spoke to mi girl Sofia, she was still at her mums, so I asked her if she wanted to come see me. As I told mi mum this she said she had a spare ticket for this Aladdin performance tonight and would Sofia like to come with us? All of a sudden my day got a lot more interesting! After we'd met up we spent the day watching peep show, big bang theory and old episodes of other random things we like. Which was tough with their feathery house guest continuously chatting away! Also we found an old R Kelly song we both liked. It does go on a bit!
Before we knew it it was time to go, with the crew in tow we were off to Maidstone, for a small musical production of Disney film, Aladdin. When I say tedious ordeals, this is just a small example of what my loved ones put me through! It was fun don't get me wrong, as soon as I realized there was less cheese in Sainsburys dairy section it became quite enjoyable. Aladdin was a good actor, but the genie was a lot better!
On the way home we stopped back at mums to get a few bits id left and me and fia got a ride home and a nice macd's with the bat! Thank you B!! Just got back to find a certain someone laying on the sofa,feet up watching the telly, must be a man thing!
My little fluff ball just leapt on my lap from halfway across the room, I swear our cat never ceases to amaze me! I have been informed that 'my boys' have had their cuddles and treats for the day!
Has been very weird not being with 'mi man' today!
Just this second been sent a link to an old friends new tracks, listen, love it, and share share share!!!dj krayze!!! click it! You know you want to!!!x

Friday 21st January 2011 Friday- Pigs Cats and Coursework

My life, I mentioned on a day out with my family, is, 90per cent of the time, just one tedious ordeal after another. During the summer we'll have bike rides and camping trips, which are generally a good excuse 4 a weekend long piss up. But for everything fun there will be something boring and dull to go with it. I decided back in the beginning of last year on the name for my diary of adventures, but i have never, until now, got round to writing it! So here it goes..
With a tutor training course at my college and a day off to doss I supposed it would be a better time than ever to start keeping track of what happens in my life. I said doss, which isn't strictly true as i still had a hell of a lot of coursework to do. Projects due next Wednesday and all i can think is procrastination stations are well and truly armed. Luckily-for me- I had a mad text from a good friend saying they were having a bad day so I immediately picked up my phone to give said friend a buzz and within 5minutes had them laughing again! Had a few grateful texts already since exclaiming how i’m good at cheering people up, I do love being me!
 So i read up on one artist I'm currently researching, did some work in my sketchbook, got confused and decided to get some bits done around the house. Keep 'mi man' happy. So I got the Hoover ready, just as my cat decided to go on a mad one! He came racing downstairs and i heard a massive crash followed by,'MEOOWWW!' Silly puss ran straight into the Hoover!! Ohh i did feel bad. Poor little bugger. I gave him cuddles and let him outside for an hour or so, enough time for him to forget what he'd just done.
When the hoovering was done I took myself upstairs to see 'my boys' and get them cleaned out. Which is all good when they behave and don't try playing lemmings jumping off of things, the best way to achieve this is feed them some juicy fruit to keep their little selves occupied! God they are cute!!!
I then made dinner ready for his arrival home and before I knew it himself was back from work and ready to be fed, bathed and ready to chill out and watch some rubbish on telly before bed. My days there is sooo much crap on these days.