Monday 28th March 2011- Nursing Poorly knees

I was in so much pain when I woke up this morning, hardly slept last night cos my knees are so sore from my minor accident last night. I decided to attempt to have a lie in. It didn't work! I got up and cleaned my babies den out. They love it! I had to try and get it done quick cos my knees wouldn't let me bend down for that long! My lovely friend told me to go see her so she could patch me up a bit. That was nice, she got some hot water and iodine, and wiped them and let them dry. She did joke and say I look like a 7yr old! Lol, funny gal! That did make me laugh! I had to run back after a little while to meet Fia as she way down my way for a few days. I had the laziest afternoon I could, not wanting to move cos every time I did  move it was so painful.
This evening, after putting some iodine my lovely friend gave me on my wounds I watched the second have of a two part series called Everything and Nothing on bbc four, and learnt about what the definition of nothingness may be. It was talking about peoples theories and experiments for hundreds of years, it showed an experiment to determine whether light needs a substance to travel through, the same way sound needs air to travel. Sounds dull but I wanted to know what nothing actually was. Turns out even if you make a vacuum container, and remove all the air from it atoms and 'anti-atoms' form and then 'extinguish each other in less than a hundredth of a second. So really and truly there isn't ever a space with nothing in it.
 Just watching everything now on iplayer. Don't think its as interesting, to me personally.
As mi man was out this evening it was nice to kick back and watch something I wasn't sure if he'd be interested in. I recorded some stuff for him anyways.
I think Obi realised I was in pain as he came and snuggled up on me, as usual, but he seemed to be different today, he fell into such a deep sleep I even got a few tiny little snores out of him! So beautiful! When he woke up he stretched and rolled right over on his back, between me and the sofa, and layed there with his feet up in the air for ages! Was so cute I really wish I could of filmed it!
When mi man finally came home I made him some spaghetti on toast and when straight to sleep, was so hard trying to sleep with my sore knees!

Sunday 27th March 2011- Hunting n Fishing with Jimbo and Ned

Did you catch that South park? Bloody classic!! We watched the one with Russell Crowe and Tugger last night. Great stuff!
Anyways we went fishing today. Was really nice day for it as well! I stupidly suggested we go to our friends farm,'the Batfarm' and fish in one of the ponds there. I thought it was be good to see the bat and meet some of the new lambs and calves.
 Usually fishing is quite good there, today was not so good. I didn't get a single bite all  the time we were there! After a few hours I said, why don't we go somewhere else? No sooner had I said this than mi man and dad had pulled their rods out of the pond and had already started packing away.
We got to the next location, a pond in a place called Coldblow, just outside Shadoxhurst. Literally as soon as my hook hit the water I got a bite! I was kicking myself we didn't go there earlier! Dad was catching fish after fish, by the time I'd got 3 he'd caught 9! Cheeky git I swear they just jumped out of the pond at him! After a little while Fia drove out to meet us as its not too far from her parents house, and I set her up with a rod and showed her how its done. Totally out of the blue her first ever bite was a Massive fish! It was huge! I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a bit jealous! By the time we tried to get the landing net to her it'd came off the hook! Still weren't bad going for her first time! In the end I caught 21, dad caught 35 and mi man caught 7! One of those they managed to catch at the same time!! That was strange! I started going fishing when I was 5 or 6 years old and I had never seen that in my life!!
All of a sudden it got very cold! We quickly packed up shivering and started heading back!
We dropped dad off at his house and headed back home.
Nearly home we had to stop at the shop to get some squash, usually I wouldn't blog about such trivial events, if it wasn't for what happened on the way there this time. Just between the car and the shop, I thought I'd run as to not keep mi man waiting in the car, and I tripped up on the floor where it gets uneven, and fell on my knees! Luckily I put my hands down so I didn't smash my head on the floor! Still bloody hurt though! It was only when I came out of the shop and back in the car, I looked down and saw the amount of blood on my knees that it really started to sting! I shouldn't have looked! Quickly we got back to the house so we could clean me up a bit, and mi man, from spending way too much time with my dad just said, oh wait, let me take a picture! I was like, sod the bloody picture and help me!! Cheeky git I was not impressed! He did clean it up for me though, and I don't care how old I get, when I fall over I will always go crying to my mum! Tried crying to my dad it doesn't work! lol. When I called him and told him what happened he just said, "Oh, I thought it was something serious!" It was bloody serious I was in pain!! He did make me laugh when he just replied to that with, "Well, stop grizzling then." Then I called mum and she made it better! So not going to be fun  living with my knees for a few days! I'll post the picture up later! What a crappy ending to a lovely day!

Saturday 26th March 2011- Walk in centre

Mi man has been poorly sick for a few days now, been threatening to drag him to the walk in centre since Thursday, today we finally went, ohh it was tedious! We waited for hours, reading health pamphlets and giggling to pass the time. He was thinking about giving up and going home about half an hour before they called him in but I made him wait or it would have been a total waste of time!
After what seemed like days they called him in, and I went off outside to have a fag, in the rain, so I sat in the car. Can't wait to start driving now! Especially since mi mans letting me do the gear stick!
When I got back in a dear old lady with one of them rolling shopping trolley bag things came in and asked if she could make an appointment, bless her heart, when the lady at reception said she'd have to wait if she got signed in she got all confused and said she'll come back another time. Then she couldn't figure out to press the button to open the doors,, so I jumped up and showed her how it worked! She was so appreciative, bless her old crinkly stockings! Old people are sweet!
When mi man came out he'd got some medicine and a bill and we were off to do some food shopping, oh the fun! We usually have a laugh when we do the shopping. We got back to find obi racing down the stairs to meet us, well, he probably wanted to see if we'd got him anything.
Then we spent a very lazy afternoon watching telly and I had a nap. I started eating my chocolate bunny I got a few weeks ago, going to feel bad eating his face!

Friday 25th March 2011-My Re-interview

Today was the day, I didn't really have to worry as the tutor on the higher national diploma said she thinks my ideas are strong last week, but she needed to see more evidence of it, Fair enough! Last night I scrambled around my mum and dads looking for all my old sketchbooks and work I wanted to put in my portfolio.
I got to college lugging my portfolio all the way, and sat down to do my work while I wait for my interview.
It seemed to go pretty fast. I had my break slightly earlier so I could be ready for my interview on time. I had a weird chat with a new friend in the year we was last year. He's just random as they get! Cool dude!
Anyways, got through the interview without a hitch, got offered a place! Still don't think I want to go back there though, going to have to wait and see what the other uni's I have offers to are like.
I love fridays, I was just getting as much of my practical work done as I could as i knew I couldn't take it home with me. Later in the afternoon a few friends were asking if they could leave early, my tutor asked if they'd been working hard enough, I asked if I could go early and my tutor said I had been working very hard so I most definitely could go! I was drawing so much I even was drawing with my right hand at one point cos my left hand hurt so much! I guess I am ambidextrous!
At home this evening as mi man was out gallivanting somewhere as usual. Luckily Fia was coming to see me for a bit. Mi brother asked me if I wanted to get started on doing my sleeve, he'd drawn up a few idea's and I loved them, I spent about a hour trying to choose what I wanted. We started with one piece so we could add to it at a later date. It was wierd but it didn't hurt anywhere near as much as any other my other tattoos did!
After that was done me and Fia went round to my friends house to catch up, and they ended up chatting about babies and horse riding for hours! I do love it when my friends get on!

Thursday 24th March 2011- So much Coursework

I got to college quickly as possible this morning. On my way I got a text form my friend at college saying she didn't know how too tell me in person so she thought to text, but her cat had been hit by a car at the weekend and had passed away last night, poor little thing tried so hard to stay alive but he just didn't make it! I was close to tears. Much loves fat cat! That was his nick name cos the clever little monkey figured out how to get into his food box. I know at least he's not in pain anymore.
I really had to crack on with my drawing if I want to get it finished in time for the Easter break, the plan is to finish this drawing and get it digitally downsized so I can make a print from it. I need to get it finished soon so that I can make a start on developing my ideas.
I spent most of the day doing my drawing, until we had to walk over to the other campus to do a poxy key skills exam! Well most of my class mates had to walk, I had a love Fia come to meet me and take me and a few friends over there.
She said she'd hang around and wait for me as I only thought I'd be a little while, English exams are a piece of piss! Turns out we had two exams, both 45minutes long, and we weren't allowed to leave in between!
I had finished the first one within the first 20 minutes, and sat there bored for the rest of it. Oh one moment was priceless though, one of my friends at college, Jayy, she is lovely and really funny, but she has a tendency to fall asleep whenever shes a tiny bit bored. So I sat there thinking, I bet Jayys asleep right now, looked over, and sure enough she was passed out on her desk! Oh it was sweet bless her!
Got to the second exam and the examiner said, as soon as you've finished this one you can go. So, knowing Fia was waiting for me I rushed through it really quickly so I could leave! Ohh it was rubbish! It really was a waste of time! At least its done now, just as I was leaving Fia was calling me to say she had to run  to pick up her mum from work, so she dropped me home and off she went.

Wednesday 23rd March 2011- Tutor Training Day

I love having a lie in on days I could have been at college. I really wanted to be there today but as I couldn't do anything about it I thought I might as well make the most of a day off. I had a lovely long lie in, and got up to sort the house out, seems like it doesn't matter how much time you spent on housework, it always gets just as bad in a few days. I don't know how it happens, even if I sat here and didn't move for days I'm sure it'd still get messed up somehow, I blame Obikat. Lol. not really! He's too cute to blame. We did have a lovely cuddle this morning, bless him!
I don't get why tutors need training days, I said to my tutor the other day while we were on the topic, "Do you know how to do your job?" He replied, "Yeah of course I do!" So I then said what the hell do they need training for then?!
I don't get it!

Tuesday 22nd March 2011-At mums and 'My Sister' Hannahs, Blogs and Stats

This morning I went to my mums in the morning, mainly so I could see mi man at lunchtime. I set about sorting through my emails and facebook a bit, something I hadn't done for a while! I had a little bitch fit at my stat counts. I have been keeping track of my stats from the day I had my blog set up, Its funny that I know who is reading my blog, where they are, what site they've come from and where they went after. I know that the majority of my readers have found my blog through my dads. I know that some people have been looking for other peoples blogs through mine, and I know who they are too. I know how many times a day people have viewed my blog, which for some people is a surprisingly high number of times!
Don't get me wrong, I do not mind that people I hardly know are reading my blog. But I'm sure my life isn't that interesting, to check if I've updated it ten times a day is a bit extreme isn't it? Anyways, back to my life!
I messed around with the laptop and watched some telly whilst trying to figure out how to make my essay better.
I watched this weeks dispatches about train journeys. It was just in the background bu I totally agree with what it was trying to say, the bit that I paid attention to was when they had a rail passenger who commutes to London everyday for her job, in this bit this woman said that she pays four Thousand pounds a year for her season ticket, and has hardly ever, ever she said been able to actually sit for any time of the journey. I would have gone mad! Paying that amount of money for a season ticket you would expect more than to be stood in a walkway getting shoved past as more people got on. I would expect my own carriage! When she was asked if she'd complained she said she didn't see the point! I would ask for my money back!
My brother came home with his friend on his way to the outlet to get some new trackies, his were getting well worn with his big space boot on his broken foot!
After what seemed like ages missing my better half while he was at work he finally came to see me on his lunch break! I made him some lunch and a cuppa as we sat and chatted. We had to leave slightly earlier after is lunch as he lovingly saved me a long mission and dropped me to my adopted sisters over the other side of town.
Once I got there and we sat down to have a smoke in the kitchen and a catch up I had a good bitch about the silly people overloading my stats, how using four different ip addresses won't change that I can still figure out who it is. Ha, she laughed.
We got outside so I could say hello to her new rabbit, Buttons. Well its really her daughter Lillys rabbit but still, Silly Buttons! I love him and all but he really doesn't like arms! I'm lucky I've had sleeves on every time I've held him cos he nips arms really hard! He won't nip fingers or legs, just arms, very weird animal! But cute though, oh, and the little bugger chewed my zip! He might need something to wear his teeth down on, but preferably not my clothing!
Whilst we were out in the garden she said she'd wanted to get some of the weeds and stuff up to make it nicer for her and the kids to sit out there during summer. Problem with that is shes terrified of spiders, and her garden is full of them! I've known her since she was about two, I was only 3 or 4 when we met but all of that time spiders are the only thing I've ever seen her freak out about! She was brilliant with my snakes, lizards and geckos. Even when we had a praying mantis she was quite intrigued by it! But spiders, she'd run a mile! So I said that I'd sort them out for her, I smushed a few, very mean of me I know but I wouldn't have been able to get her outside if I didn't attempt to get rid of them. Eventually, I saw this wouldn't change her mind so I gave up and went back inside.
A little while later it was her son Riley was awake and it was his feeding time, he is 10 months old now and has started eating some solid foods, I offered to do the really fun job of feeding him his baby pasta! Ohh it was cool!! I did all the aeroplane noises, and he loved it! He gave me some funny looks at first but he did giggle. Bless him, I swear we ended up with more on the floor than he'd eaten!
All too soon her boyfriend was home from work, and mine shortly followed, I gave the kids and Hannah a hug goodbye before I went out to meet mi man in the car so we could get bakc to mums to make some dinner, we thought we'd stay there for a little bit this evening to say hi to a few friends who were meeting up there to watch some rubbish. Before this I had to endure even more rubbish, crystal bloody maze and Catch crappy phrase! As Buffy the parrot once said, What a load of Sh*t!
A little while later I got a call from my Capoeira friends and my instructor telling me I need to get back to class soon, I think I've been missed! I miss them too but still. Really haven't had the time t do things I love lately. Too busy sorting out important things in life. When I got off the phone I was all excited and wanted to go train, maybe next week!
We got home quite late and, as usual, Obi was waiting by the front door for us! I wish he and his piggle brothers could come everywhere with me!

Monday 21st March 2011- Really Good Day Out

Today was a really nice day. I went out with my friend to take her son-who I'm tutoring- to his aunties for a few days as he'd been bad. In the morning as we had sometime before auntie was ready for him we went to Kearsney Abbey to enjoy some sun and fresh air. My friend is babysitting our friends son a few days a week, so it was nice to have a littlun in tow to make silly faces at.
When I was younger during the summer we'd often go to Kearnsney Abbey to relax and have picnics, and play in the waterfalls and rivers. There is a little play park there I had great fun in on the swings, and taking our friends son on the slide. We'd had a late breakfast at the cafe so I didn't want to run around too much.We'd bought some bread with us so we could feed the ducks, although there was a very angry swan trying to scare the ducks away.
 Me and my friends son went paddling in the river, well I did, he tried to stay dry and got wet trainers and socks, bless him. Luckily I'd taken my footwear off, and my feet dried quickly as it was so warm today! We carefully balanced on rocks all the way across the river, and back again! I kicked a rock on my way back, I wouldn't recommend it! But it was so lovely to be back there, it had been quite a while since I'd been there, and it hadn't really changed much either! Which is a very good thing! I took a load of my school friends there a few years ago, that i think was the last time I went to Kearsney, I love it there!
Soon we knew it would be baby's feeding time so we set off to a pub just outside Barham, which is where my friends sons auntie lives. Also where he will be living at the farm he'll inherit a few years after he's finished at college. We had a lovely lunch out in the pub garden, also with a play park! I'll never be too big for a play park! From there we set off to the farm! It was so cool! The farm dog was mad as underpants, she would not stop barking at me, I was soon informed this was because she does not like strangers, fair enough really, I feel like hurling abuse at strangers sometimes!lol. I got to see some calves, and one took a liking to my fingers! Suckling away it was, I don't think it was old enough to realise that my hand is not a bottle of milk! Bless it, I could of easily sat there with that calf all day but we had to move on for the rest of the tour.
there was lots and lots more cows, a lot bigger but somehow a lot more scared of me than the babies were. Some trackers and a Lot of fields. I still think the calves were the best!
Once we'd said our goodbyes it was time to head back and get the baby cleaned up and ready to be given back to his mum. I was so tired on the way home I'm not surprised everyone but my friend driving was falling asleep in the car.
When we got back home I thought I'd let my friend sort the baby out and I went to my mum and dads to see how my brother had been. He's been bored off his trolley being off work for so long, and is apparently sick of the sight of his crutches! I would be too!
It'll be better soon bro.x