Tuesday 22nd March 2011-At mums and 'My Sister' Hannahs, Blogs and Stats

This morning I went to my mums in the morning, mainly so I could see mi man at lunchtime. I set about sorting through my emails and facebook a bit, something I hadn't done for a while! I had a little bitch fit at my stat counts. I have been keeping track of my stats from the day I had my blog set up, Its funny that I know who is reading my blog, where they are, what site they've come from and where they went after. I know that the majority of my readers have found my blog through my dads. I know that some people have been looking for other peoples blogs through mine, and I know who they are too. I know how many times a day people have viewed my blog, which for some people is a surprisingly high number of times!
Don't get me wrong, I do not mind that people I hardly know are reading my blog. But I'm sure my life isn't that interesting, to check if I've updated it ten times a day is a bit extreme isn't it? Anyways, back to my life!
I messed around with the laptop and watched some telly whilst trying to figure out how to make my essay better.
I watched this weeks dispatches about train journeys. It was just in the background bu I totally agree with what it was trying to say, the bit that I paid attention to was when they had a rail passenger who commutes to London everyday for her job, in this bit this woman said that she pays four Thousand pounds a year for her season ticket, and has hardly ever, ever she said been able to actually sit for any time of the journey. I would have gone mad! Paying that amount of money for a season ticket you would expect more than to be stood in a walkway getting shoved past as more people got on. I would expect my own carriage! When she was asked if she'd complained she said she didn't see the point! I would ask for my money back!
My brother came home with his friend on his way to the outlet to get some new trackies, his were getting well worn with his big space boot on his broken foot!
After what seemed like ages missing my better half while he was at work he finally came to see me on his lunch break! I made him some lunch and a cuppa as we sat and chatted. We had to leave slightly earlier after is lunch as he lovingly saved me a long mission and dropped me to my adopted sisters over the other side of town.
Once I got there and we sat down to have a smoke in the kitchen and a catch up I had a good bitch about the silly people overloading my stats, how using four different ip addresses won't change that I can still figure out who it is. Ha, she laughed.
We got outside so I could say hello to her new rabbit, Buttons. Well its really her daughter Lillys rabbit but still, Silly Buttons! I love him and all but he really doesn't like arms! I'm lucky I've had sleeves on every time I've held him cos he nips arms really hard! He won't nip fingers or legs, just arms, very weird animal! But cute though, oh, and the little bugger chewed my zip! He might need something to wear his teeth down on, but preferably not my clothing!
Whilst we were out in the garden she said she'd wanted to get some of the weeds and stuff up to make it nicer for her and the kids to sit out there during summer. Problem with that is shes terrified of spiders, and her garden is full of them! I've known her since she was about two, I was only 3 or 4 when we met but all of that time spiders are the only thing I've ever seen her freak out about! She was brilliant with my snakes, lizards and geckos. Even when we had a praying mantis she was quite intrigued by it! But spiders, she'd run a mile! So I said that I'd sort them out for her, I smushed a few, very mean of me I know but I wouldn't have been able to get her outside if I didn't attempt to get rid of them. Eventually, I saw this wouldn't change her mind so I gave up and went back inside.
A little while later it was her son Riley was awake and it was his feeding time, he is 10 months old now and has started eating some solid foods, I offered to do the really fun job of feeding him his baby pasta! Ohh it was cool!! I did all the aeroplane noises, and he loved it! He gave me some funny looks at first but he did giggle. Bless him, I swear we ended up with more on the floor than he'd eaten!
All too soon her boyfriend was home from work, and mine shortly followed, I gave the kids and Hannah a hug goodbye before I went out to meet mi man in the car so we could get bakc to mums to make some dinner, we thought we'd stay there for a little bit this evening to say hi to a few friends who were meeting up there to watch some rubbish. Before this I had to endure even more rubbish, crystal bloody maze and Catch crappy phrase! As Buffy the parrot once said, What a load of Sh*t!
A little while later I got a call from my Capoeira friends and my instructor telling me I need to get back to class soon, I think I've been missed! I miss them too but still. Really haven't had the time t do things I love lately. Too busy sorting out important things in life. When I got off the phone I was all excited and wanted to go train, maybe next week!
We got home quite late and, as usual, Obi was waiting by the front door for us! I wish he and his piggle brothers could come everywhere with me!

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