Monday 21st March 2011- Really Good Day Out

Today was a really nice day. I went out with my friend to take her son-who I'm tutoring- to his aunties for a few days as he'd been bad. In the morning as we had sometime before auntie was ready for him we went to Kearsney Abbey to enjoy some sun and fresh air. My friend is babysitting our friends son a few days a week, so it was nice to have a littlun in tow to make silly faces at.
When I was younger during the summer we'd often go to Kearnsney Abbey to relax and have picnics, and play in the waterfalls and rivers. There is a little play park there I had great fun in on the swings, and taking our friends son on the slide. We'd had a late breakfast at the cafe so I didn't want to run around too much.We'd bought some bread with us so we could feed the ducks, although there was a very angry swan trying to scare the ducks away.
 Me and my friends son went paddling in the river, well I did, he tried to stay dry and got wet trainers and socks, bless him. Luckily I'd taken my footwear off, and my feet dried quickly as it was so warm today! We carefully balanced on rocks all the way across the river, and back again! I kicked a rock on my way back, I wouldn't recommend it! But it was so lovely to be back there, it had been quite a while since I'd been there, and it hadn't really changed much either! Which is a very good thing! I took a load of my school friends there a few years ago, that i think was the last time I went to Kearsney, I love it there!
Soon we knew it would be baby's feeding time so we set off to a pub just outside Barham, which is where my friends sons auntie lives. Also where he will be living at the farm he'll inherit a few years after he's finished at college. We had a lovely lunch out in the pub garden, also with a play park! I'll never be too big for a play park! From there we set off to the farm! It was so cool! The farm dog was mad as underpants, she would not stop barking at me, I was soon informed this was because she does not like strangers, fair enough really, I feel like hurling abuse at strangers sometimes!lol. I got to see some calves, and one took a liking to my fingers! Suckling away it was, I don't think it was old enough to realise that my hand is not a bottle of milk! Bless it, I could of easily sat there with that calf all day but we had to move on for the rest of the tour.
there was lots and lots more cows, a lot bigger but somehow a lot more scared of me than the babies were. Some trackers and a Lot of fields. I still think the calves were the best!
Once we'd said our goodbyes it was time to head back and get the baby cleaned up and ready to be given back to his mum. I was so tired on the way home I'm not surprised everyone but my friend driving was falling asleep in the car.
When we got back home I thought I'd let my friend sort the baby out and I went to my mum and dads to see how my brother had been. He's been bored off his trolley being off work for so long, and is apparently sick of the sight of his crutches! I would be too!
It'll be better soon bro.x

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