Friday 25th March 2011-My Re-interview

Today was the day, I didn't really have to worry as the tutor on the higher national diploma said she thinks my ideas are strong last week, but she needed to see more evidence of it, Fair enough! Last night I scrambled around my mum and dads looking for all my old sketchbooks and work I wanted to put in my portfolio.
I got to college lugging my portfolio all the way, and sat down to do my work while I wait for my interview.
It seemed to go pretty fast. I had my break slightly earlier so I could be ready for my interview on time. I had a weird chat with a new friend in the year we was last year. He's just random as they get! Cool dude!
Anyways, got through the interview without a hitch, got offered a place! Still don't think I want to go back there though, going to have to wait and see what the other uni's I have offers to are like.
I love fridays, I was just getting as much of my practical work done as I could as i knew I couldn't take it home with me. Later in the afternoon a few friends were asking if they could leave early, my tutor asked if they'd been working hard enough, I asked if I could go early and my tutor said I had been working very hard so I most definitely could go! I was drawing so much I even was drawing with my right hand at one point cos my left hand hurt so much! I guess I am ambidextrous!
At home this evening as mi man was out gallivanting somewhere as usual. Luckily Fia was coming to see me for a bit. Mi brother asked me if I wanted to get started on doing my sleeve, he'd drawn up a few idea's and I loved them, I spent about a hour trying to choose what I wanted. We started with one piece so we could add to it at a later date. It was wierd but it didn't hurt anywhere near as much as any other my other tattoos did!
After that was done me and Fia went round to my friends house to catch up, and they ended up chatting about babies and horse riding for hours! I do love it when my friends get on!

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