Thursday 24th March 2011- So much Coursework

I got to college quickly as possible this morning. On my way I got a text form my friend at college saying she didn't know how too tell me in person so she thought to text, but her cat had been hit by a car at the weekend and had passed away last night, poor little thing tried so hard to stay alive but he just didn't make it! I was close to tears. Much loves fat cat! That was his nick name cos the clever little monkey figured out how to get into his food box. I know at least he's not in pain anymore.
I really had to crack on with my drawing if I want to get it finished in time for the Easter break, the plan is to finish this drawing and get it digitally downsized so I can make a print from it. I need to get it finished soon so that I can make a start on developing my ideas.
I spent most of the day doing my drawing, until we had to walk over to the other campus to do a poxy key skills exam! Well most of my class mates had to walk, I had a love Fia come to meet me and take me and a few friends over there.
She said she'd hang around and wait for me as I only thought I'd be a little while, English exams are a piece of piss! Turns out we had two exams, both 45minutes long, and we weren't allowed to leave in between!
I had finished the first one within the first 20 minutes, and sat there bored for the rest of it. Oh one moment was priceless though, one of my friends at college, Jayy, she is lovely and really funny, but she has a tendency to fall asleep whenever shes a tiny bit bored. So I sat there thinking, I bet Jayys asleep right now, looked over, and sure enough she was passed out on her desk! Oh it was sweet bless her!
Got to the second exam and the examiner said, as soon as you've finished this one you can go. So, knowing Fia was waiting for me I rushed through it really quickly so I could leave! Ohh it was rubbish! It really was a waste of time! At least its done now, just as I was leaving Fia was calling me to say she had to run  to pick up her mum from work, so she dropped me home and off she went.

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