Saturday 26th March 2011- Walk in centre

Mi man has been poorly sick for a few days now, been threatening to drag him to the walk in centre since Thursday, today we finally went, ohh it was tedious! We waited for hours, reading health pamphlets and giggling to pass the time. He was thinking about giving up and going home about half an hour before they called him in but I made him wait or it would have been a total waste of time!
After what seemed like days they called him in, and I went off outside to have a fag, in the rain, so I sat in the car. Can't wait to start driving now! Especially since mi mans letting me do the gear stick!
When I got back in a dear old lady with one of them rolling shopping trolley bag things came in and asked if she could make an appointment, bless her heart, when the lady at reception said she'd have to wait if she got signed in she got all confused and said she'll come back another time. Then she couldn't figure out to press the button to open the doors,, so I jumped up and showed her how it worked! She was so appreciative, bless her old crinkly stockings! Old people are sweet!
When mi man came out he'd got some medicine and a bill and we were off to do some food shopping, oh the fun! We usually have a laugh when we do the shopping. We got back to find obi racing down the stairs to meet us, well, he probably wanted to see if we'd got him anything.
Then we spent a very lazy afternoon watching telly and I had a nap. I started eating my chocolate bunny I got a few weeks ago, going to feel bad eating his face!

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