Tuesday 1st February 2011- In tha House

Fia  came round early to chill with me for the day as her other half was at work. I was supposed to be getting some coursework done but you only live once dont ya. We tidied up (again) for having some other friends round this evening, and sat back making plans for what we going to do before she abandons me again, time flies so fast when we jamming its mad. Mi man came home from work with some sauce so I could do a pasta bake. As soon as we'd eaten there was only a couple of bits left to do before everyone arrived.
Once I'd made everyone a cup of tea we disappeared quick time up the stairs so we could watch something interesting and not listen to whatever crap they were watching downstairs.
Whilst I sorted theguinea pigs out we watched Hestons Mission Impossible! Hadn't seen any of this series so far, it is really cool. He was trying to change to food we eat at the cinema. He had some brilliant idea's like popcorn flavoured ice cream, and inside out hotdogs, with the tomato ketchup and mustard on the inside! They looked good!
After that had finished everyone was leaving so me and fia said our goodbyes and had a little chat quickly before she set off to her mans. Don't know when I'm going to see her again now, hope is not too long!

Monday 28th February 2011-Bye bye Buffy

Back to mums to meet fifi today. We relaxed and watched loadsa crap..
Said goodbye to Buffy this afternoon. Which was sad because we were actually getting used to her racket by now. She said see ya later for the last time, I called dad to say that she wouldn't be coming back here next year as shes going to a new owner. He seemed very sad as he was under the impression she would be back same time next year. I told him not to worry and we'll go find him a royal python soon. I think that cheered him up a bit!
After Buffy had gone my brother assured his friends he'd hoover up Buffy's mess, soon as they went out the door he turned to me and said, "Kat get hoovering then!"
Which I was waiting for so I thought that was quite funny! A little while later he said he was going out to Charing to his mates to pick up some new tattoo inks, which were a thank you present for looking after the parrot, Fia said she wanted to go for a road trip so we tagged along for a journey.
With a quick stop off there we were back in half an hour and it was time for us to go back home. Mi man made us a lovely dinner, we had a little drink. He went off to do some thing on his computer and left us girls to watch tv and chat about girly stuff. (so gonna miss that when she goes) Before we knew it, it was time for her to go see her special someone. I wish she could just live with us! That'd be Cool!