Friday 24th June 2011- End of Year Show!

I really wished I had blogged about the upcoming weeks to this event! It was the best time ever in my life. Every day waking up happy to see my lovely friends, but sad that I only had a small time left with them! We'd set up our gallery space together, feeling as if we worked more as a team than we ever had the whole 2years we'd been in our little group. It was a lovely feeling to know that we'd dome all that, mostly by our selves, our tutors worked so hard helping us to organise the show it was amazing. A few of our group had been and got them all a bottle or two of their favourite drinks, and we all sat and hid in a corner of my friends installation to write their cards! Good times!
 I am missing that place soo much already! It only gets tougher from here!
So with the gallery space up and ready to go, and my lovely 50 foot hallway that I painted all by myself, with a little help from two friends,(and I mean a Little help) me Jadeykins and jayy were back at my mums ready to get changed and have a few drinks before the show started. Maybe one of us had too many, Jayy!! It took both of them to help me get into my dress! lol. Should really stop eating for a while!
My brother came home and said he'd take us up the college cos I wanted him to see my work, and he wanted a free glass of champagne! Lol. It was really nice. My dad was there to meet us, so I showed them round, then mum and mi man turned up, and had to show them round too! My brother is very critical of contemporary art, and he was very vocal with his criticisms too! I laughed tho.
Back outside my Fifi had come up,(in her Wheelchair cos she broke her leg the week before) so I was wheeling her around, and my friend came running up to me saying someone wanted to buy my work! It was that drawing, that I'd only decided to present in the show three days before! It turns out she worked at the university of Kent, where I'm going! She wanted to buy one piece in the show that evening, and out of every group presenting work, she chose mine! There must have been well over 100 pieces in that exhibition, why mine? I was a bit too drunk to think about approaching her by this time, o my tutor said he knew her and would arrange with her to contact me about it, I have yet to hear about that. But still, a result!
By about 7 all the wine had been drunk already,and My Jayy started blubbing that she was sad that we were all leaving and we'll never see each other again, that set Jadey off, then, I started too! So we were all there blubbing like girls the rest of the time we were there. Its funny now, wasn't then though.
I knew we'd stay in touch, we still talk most days too. I will still miss seeing everyone 3days a week!

Thursday 23rd June 2011- Poxy Christmas Lights

I know what you're thinking, why is she posting about christmas lights in July? Well in my final piece I'm using christmas lights to represent stars. I had such a mission to get said lights in place too! Luckily my friend Jan kindly donated me some when mine broke two days before. My piece, named Per Ardua Ad Astra, was finally ready to show. I wish I'd posted about the efforts i put into making the figures but still, I guess that'll remain history now.
This last two weeks we'd managed to put up temporary walls, fasten and paint them, and paint the floors, and get all our work in place for the show tomorrow, not to bad going guys! I'll post a picture on here soon.

Friday 3rd June 2011- My Birthday!!

Well i know this was ages ago now but it was a bloody brilliant day! Had such a good time. Luckily it was our last half term form college so I had most of the week to make sure everyone knew where we were meeting n stuff. I wsa so glad I arranged my day, cos I wasn't about to sit around and expect other people to do it cos nothing would of happened! Want a job done, do it yourself! Had to go and get my friend Smelliot a badge as we shared our birthday, so I got myself a badge too, as I didnt get one, see, job, done, myself!
 I got very very drunk! A few too many jugs of purple rain during the afternoon I ws out of my face by about 4 in the afternoon, and surprisingly could still walk in my killer heels! Don't know how I managed, or how the rest of the County put up with us! But it was brilliant!
 Seeing as mi man was at work I could chill out with my friends and not have to worry if he is ok. Bit harsh but I wanted to have fun on my birthday! There ended up being about 15people there with us, and everyone got me lovely cards, and a few presents too! Woulda been soo much better if it hadnt taken me half an hour to get my eyelashes on that morning!lol. Even my besties Jada and Max made it! Which was a lovely surprise!!
I met himself at his friends and went to his brother and sister in laws when we got near hme as we'd promised, and drunk some more! They'd got me a lovely necklace! Very pretty indeed, shame the piggles like to try n steal things like that so I been keeping a close eye on it when they're out and about. Thank god they didn't take any chunks out of my hair that I had done a few days before!
I just had to blog this day, even though it was a day I'll never forget!