Friday 3rd June 2011- My Birthday!!

Well i know this was ages ago now but it was a bloody brilliant day! Had such a good time. Luckily it was our last half term form college so I had most of the week to make sure everyone knew where we were meeting n stuff. I wsa so glad I arranged my day, cos I wasn't about to sit around and expect other people to do it cos nothing would of happened! Want a job done, do it yourself! Had to go and get my friend Smelliot a badge as we shared our birthday, so I got myself a badge too, as I didnt get one, see, job, done, myself!
 I got very very drunk! A few too many jugs of purple rain during the afternoon I ws out of my face by about 4 in the afternoon, and surprisingly could still walk in my killer heels! Don't know how I managed, or how the rest of the County put up with us! But it was brilliant!
 Seeing as mi man was at work I could chill out with my friends and not have to worry if he is ok. Bit harsh but I wanted to have fun on my birthday! There ended up being about 15people there with us, and everyone got me lovely cards, and a few presents too! Woulda been soo much better if it hadnt taken me half an hour to get my eyelashes on that morning!lol. Even my besties Jada and Max made it! Which was a lovely surprise!!
I met himself at his friends and went to his brother and sister in laws when we got near hme as we'd promised, and drunk some more! They'd got me a lovely necklace! Very pretty indeed, shame the piggles like to try n steal things like that so I been keeping a close eye on it when they're out and about. Thank god they didn't take any chunks out of my hair that I had done a few days before!
I just had to blog this day, even though it was a day I'll never forget!

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