Sunday 1st May 2011- Puppies!

Yay, today we went to meet my aunties puppies! I forgot to say during the week we went over to mi mans mum and dads house and as soon as we walked in the door his mum said to me, Kat, your auntie's dogs had puppies, I want one! Ha ha, so I called her up and arranged for today to go and meet them. My mum was worried when I 1st asked about them, think she thought I wanted one!
So anyways, we went over his mum and dads, and had a lovely roast dinner before we went off to Hastings to see my auntie! It was so nice to see her, and I hadn't seen my cousins for such a long time! Awww the puppies were so sweet! There was one left, he was meant to be theirs! They had been looking for a dog for ages! My aunties dog Rolo, is a chocolate Labrador, and she paid for a stud dog in Smarden to mate her with, now she has 6 gorgeous puppies! They won't be ready to leave Rolo until the 9th of June. But that time will go so fast!
They are so sweet. Rolo is a really good mum too. She knows exactly when its time to feed them, my aunties boyfriend said you can literally time it, exactly every two hours without fail she would just get in the big open box he made for them, and rally them all together to feed. They were so funny. Not long now and I'll be taking him for lots of walks!His names Alfie! My cousins have already started calling him that!
It was so good to meet them!

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