Saturday 30th April 2011- He's out

OOOOOOPS!! Just deleted that whole post! What a doughnut! Well It was long so I won't go into it again.
Mi mans been out at the football in London, so I stayed in and chillaxed with Fia.  It was cool but I really felt like going out and doing something!
I walked her back across town to meet her mum and go back home. Whilst walking back I called my good friend Maxine, she had been at her uni in London since lunchtime studying for her dissertation, and it was nearly 12 o clock at night! Bless her heart!
Its mad how far we've both come in the last few years! We both started our courses at the same time, and now we both in our final month, Scary!
Around half 12 1ish mi man called me and said he was on his way home form the station, and I was still wide awake! So I walked down to meet him too. My feet were killing when I got back!

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