Friday 29th April 2011- The royal wedding,big woop

As soon as everyuone knew it was a royal wedding, most people I knew were like, so what, then they found out they had a day off! Then of course everyone suddenly became very patriotic! I intended to have a lie in! That was the plan, until my man woke me and insisted I tell him if anyone important came in to the church! The wedding hadn't even started! Wake me when I can see the dress!
Well it was lovely! I'll admit that, my mum had gone to the pub with a few friends to watch it, and I knew from 20miles away she would blub when the wedding started! I texted her and told her to stop crying, and she said she was doing ok until I texted her that! Woops!! I think I have the only guinea pigs in the country that sat and watched it with me! That was funny! They don't usually pay much attention to the telly but they sat up and took notice when the hymns were playing, still don't think they were very impressed with them, I know I wasn't! Not a big fan of church music! My piggles are definately mummies boys! They took notice all the same! Mi man was getting all into the spirit and singing along, love him. I told him I said, I know why you like choir music, cos its one of the few times you are allowed the words in front of you! Ha ha, he's not very good at remembering lyrics.

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