Wenesday 27th April 2011- Back to college

Back at college today, still haven't started making prints from my etching, may do that next week. I decided to start on my final piece. Not long left now until, we'll be done with this course. Scary stuff.
As much as I wanted to crack on with my work, I really shouldn't have let mi man introduce me to a new game on facebook, Farkle, the day before I go back to college. Last night I was playing it for ages. It is so addictive! I played twice and already beat nearly all of my friends highest scores! Ha, that's what you call lucky!
I had this genius idea to make a mosaic for my dads garden, and I got technick (our technician) to cut me some big boards up to stick stuff to. Then I had to figure out how to get them home.
So I had a brilliant idea to get in the computer room and get some research done, and facebook called me! It was nearly, lunchtime so I spent pretty much all my lunch break playing, was really bad! I love college.
Don't know what I'm going to be like at uni.
Hope I'll be more focused after a few weeks off than I am now.
After college I walked home with a few friends, got back, all pretty normal until I realised I'd left my keys at my house. Woops, so I said goodbye to the girls so they could walk back to theirs, sat outside my mums thinking it wouldn't be too long until either someone came home, or mi man came to pick me up after work. Soon after sitting down, our 'nice' neighbours(not the mad ones) came past and said hello, and the lady, Jane I think her name is, said that mum had been telling her about me going to uni in September, and seeming interested she asked me what I was going to be studying, I told her the course I really want to do, Film studies, History and Philosophy of Art, and she said that she'd studied Media many years ago, and had a book I could borrow, how sweet of her! She said she'll find it and drop it through the door at my mums. That was nice enough, then a few minutes later she came out again and said she'd found it, and I could have it. I told her I'd give it back when I was finished with it. Was lovely of her to offer, but I think with books that once I've read it I doubt I'd ever read it again. Saying that, I did get a book out about one very cool artist Heironymous Bosch, From the college library that I've read twice and renewed about three times!
So anyways, I called mi dad and told him the situation, and he said he'd be back soon and would I like to meet him at b and q to see what he had in mind for the garden. Seeing as I had nothing better to do than sit there I thought I'd go and meet him.
Just after arriving at b and q mi man called and said he was on the way back, to which I told him he might as well meet me there. I waited for dad, and mi man for about 5 minutes, then they both turned up at the same time! Perfect timing! Wandering around b and q, they were discussing everything they saw. I accidentally caught the eye of some random guy whilst rolling my eyes at them and I said, don't let men loose in a d.i.y shop, he laughed! Finally, after explaining to me what he wanted in the garden, I told him I'd be able to use broken crockery and stuff better than buying tiles to brake, so we left. So if you have any broken plates, send them my way! Wish we still had mi mans old plates we smashed a few months ago now!