Saturday 26th February 2011-Don't Mess It up!

What a madness. I awoke from my morning doziness to a call from my darlin Fifi telling me they would be on their way up to see me shortly. I quickly ran around to pick clothes so I could jump in the shower really quick, don't quite know why I bothered washing up hair how much mess we've got into today! We managed to clean nearly the whole house, and we didn't brake too much either!
Fia was so helpful as to do the washing up for me, and help me with the living room and dining room, she even hoovered for me! Thank you sweetness!! We were busy cleaning for over four hours! I can't seem to clear up nearly as fast on my own, and we had fun doing it so is all good!
But if anyone gets my oven dirty now I'll kill them! I spent well over an hour scrubbing it with oven cleaner!Ohh the joy! We managed to mop all the floors. It was all going to smoothly to be true!
Then it happened, as I went to make us a late lunch, I noticed the tumble drier didn't seem it normal tumbly self, this was because it wasn't spinning! Not too sure what to do we called on the boys for some advice! Once told a few theories of what maybe wrong with it we had a look, and thought it best to leave it to someone who has a clue what they're doing. Hope it sorts itself out soon! I was told quite shortly by mi man that he could do nothing about it from central London and maybe I should try drying clothes the old fashioned way! To which I replied these appliances have been made for a reason! Maybe we'll take up that debate another day!
So much for my coursework, oh well, procrastinations more fun!
Now me and Fia are sitting down with a nice and well deserved drink, not touching anything else for fear of something blowing up! May play some xbox! Happy days!

Friday 25th February 2011-Another very cool day

Loving spending some quality time with my fia before she disappears off to Italy again. I am so going to miss her. She woke me up with a cup of tea this morning, that was bloody cool! We got up and watched telly to wake up a bit before I got some housework done. I did put some washing on and did the washing up. Keep him happy! We decided to get ready with some loud music to get round to my friend Teas house, I think its good that my friends get on! We had a chat about the boys, that was fun, nothing bad boys I promise!
After we got home fia treated us to a lovely chinese and we watched Despicable me again with the guinea pigs this time, (they didn't think as much of it as they did G force) under duvets on the sofa's! It was just as funny the secone time! It's bloody cool! So tired and full. Around 11ish mi man got home from a long day at work and the evening out with his friends complaining that he was hungry. So I said night to Fia as she set off to meet a special someone, and I made mi man some beans on toast, with lots of grated cheese on! Hope he liked it! We watched the last episode of Ice Road Truckers, Deadliest Roads. I love it. The only one that had the balls to make the last drop was the only chick trucker driver, shes cool! All too soon it was near one in the morning and time to go to sleep! Life's good!

Thursday 24th February 2011- Cool day!

Went back to my mum and dads today, with dad off work this week for his birthday I thought it'd be nice if I helped him sort the garden out. I helped him to move the filter for the fish pond, that was heavy, and smelly!! He had a bit of a moan about mums recycling techniques! An idea thats good in theory, bad if the theory never gets to the practical stage! So I sorted the recycling to take to the tip. That was a laugh, seeing one guy sort out the back of his car piece by piece and kiss goodbye to every bit of rubbish individually!
On the way back we went to Sainsburys to get a salad for lunch, very yummy coronation chicken and salad bits. We got home and watched some old young ones episodes on dvd. Bloody love that its so funny!
After a little while mi man came back for his lunch break, before I knew it he was off back to work and it was time for us to collect Sofia! Yay!
Me and dad made a deal that if we can go back to the Lost World Reptile shop, he could go to the telescope shop on the way! Fia and me sat outside there the majority of the time he was in there. Chatting and giggling about randomness! Thank god we weren't there too long. As I couldn't wait to get To the reptile shop. Finally we arrived there, after seeing some strange objects on the way. We had another look around at the other animals before making our way to the important part, the leopard geckos!
We told the guy that Fia is interested in getting some too, so he proceeded to tell her a little more about the different breeds that he has, and how to look after them. Her man was adamant that he wanted to get one from the first place they went to. When we got back I decided to tell him about our trip and that he was to wait until we go back to this place, I think he listened.
A small while after we got back to dads mi man had finished work and we left for her to come and stay at ours for the night! After we both said, Bye dad! Its funny thats she is like my sister now!
This eveninh we had a lovely dinner with the best mash and sausages! Well I did, they had pie, I don't really like pie. Me and Fia had a few southern comfort and cokes whilst watching a brilliant film, Despicable Me, I'm not lying when I say we were laughing literally almost continuiously through the whole film. Could easily watch it again tomorrow, I think we might!
After he took himself off to bed us girls sat up chatting about life the world and everything, what going to happen when she goes away again for the rest of the year, that I'm not looking forward to, and watching random crap on telly and them a little bit of Family guy. The time went so fast it was gone half 12 when we went to bed! I got into bed and put my cold feet on mi sleeping man, to which he jumped and moaned a bit, oh it was funny, he's going to kill me for saying this. But he was so funny! I'm going to stop now before I get in trouble! Love him!

Wednesday 23rd February 2011-Pj day!

There isn't really a lot to report today. Some days I will have so much to say. Other days not so much. Dull Really, not as tedious as usual, but dull still. I decided to relax and wire up my laptop to the new connection cable. Its really cool. Its so long it reaches pretty much round the whole house, I can now facebook and blog from the bedrrom and the living room, it will reach to the bathroom but I think thats a bit dangerous. Don't like the idea of having the laptop in the bath!
Was a bit of a waste of time today, so much happened yesterday, felt like taking it easy while I'm supposed to be on holiday. I watched Shameless this afternoon, that was cool! Sucks I've still gotta do my sketchbook but still, thats life I guess.
I really thought about being socialable today and going to see mi mans brother and sister in law, but seein as I didn't change out of my pajamas til half 4 this afternoon, I wouldn't have been home for himself to get back from work! Maybe see them at the weekend. We'll see.
Went to see our friends for a cuppa this evening. That was fun, don't know why I'm so tired! Haven't really done too much.

Tuesday 22nd February 2011- New Reptile Shops

Today was so cool! For years now I've wanted to get my own lizards. Still have a favourite, as you may remember me saying a few weeks ago I've been looking around for gecko's. For most of the day me and dad were out driving around to lots of different pet shops to see what options are out there. If I'm deadly serious about getting my own pets I need to look around to see which would be the best, mainly the most healthy animals. The best set up, and, although I know quite a bit about the species, the place that would give the best advice; that is beneficial to the animal, not their profit! Talking of profits Lost World Reptiles got broken into a few months ago, around 40,000 pounds worth of reptiles got stolen! I wonder where they all went! I really hope they are ok.
We set off around 9, the first stop was a reptile shop in Teynham, Sittingbourne called Lost World Reptiles. It was brilliant! They had so many bearded dragons it was unbelievable! I don't think I'd ever seen so many in the same place! They were in lots of different vivariums all around the room as I got in the entrance. They had some cute tortoises. A few massive iguana's, even some toads too, and another animal I'd never even seen before. Sure dad could tell us what it was!
As we got there early it was the lizards feeding time, and the guy in there was so nice! You could tell he genuinely cared about the animals. He told them to wait their turn as he was feeding others, which I thought was dead sweet!
As we got to look around he was very good and talking to us about the animals we were looking at, telling us some facts about them and the particular animals condition. We told him the reason for our visit and he was more than happy to show me some leopard geckos, and even let me hold a few! I was so in love with a couple I saw then. I could easily have walked away with one there and then! But I need to consider it a tiny bit more. Gotta figure out how my boys would feel about a reptile in the family!
When we were nearly done looking the guy showed us about his set ups and how they would work it for us. He basically said then that in most places one would go to purchase such animals, they would give you all the bits and let you figure it out for yourself, where as he will assemble the light and heat sources for you make sure it all works correctly, and give you food and sand so you're all ready to go. Most places, I know from past research, don't give you anything else other than the box, light set up and the animal! So I do think he is doing it right! Before you know it with other places you would have spent well over the odds on something that was supposed to be a better deal. At least if I do get my pet gecko from there I will know it has been well looked after, I think I may get three!
As we left (I was really excited about what we'd seen) dad told me that this shop may have been the highlight of the day! I wasn't that shocked really, I didn't think we would find a much better place. It was so cool!
From there we went to a place called Ark pet and reptile centre. Which was quite rubbish actually. There was a funny few minutes where the sat nav said we were there when we actually near the middle of a field. But we weren't far away so it was ok. There was the usual stuff you would find in a pet shop. Rabbit and cat food. We manged to find a new bottle for my boys as they managed to pull the metal bit off the end of theirs yesterday. I fixed it temporarily but I thought it would be safer for them to have two bottles should anything happen to their old one. Luckily I was in when they did it so they didn't go very long without their bottle. It did make a mess though! Love em! Anyway, there was a few cool parrots, just like my parents house guest, but they weren't any where near as noisy as she is!
After realising how crappy this place was we set off to our next destination, Pelagic aquatics in Tonbridge, I meant to find out what that means. It was cool in there too, the guy also seemed to know his stuff, telling me about several different types of geckos. He told me of a few smaller ones in one tank being of the same family group as larger ones in a different tank. Which I thought was quite cool. He said that they prefer to take babies on from customers who have bred them as they know they are well looked after. I know mine will be! On the point of returning to purchase one from them it was a bit out of the way.
The next stop was world of water to get dads bits for his pond, where I got my toe under a sliding door, that hurt! Not a lot to report there really.
On the way home we stopped at Swallow aquatics, which I can't really remember much about. Then home past the Snake shed in High Halden, which was closed. As usual.
Once back me and dad had a lovely KFC that I walked up to get and the plan was to watch Guest House Paradiso. Peeeb, hello! But the DVD was being gay so we watched Monty Python instead. Which was a lot wierder than I recalled.
Before I knew it mi man was home from work and we'd had dinner, whilst the boys watched crystal maze and Catchphrase,(crap and crapper) I sat trying to think of the oddest answers to the pictures to stop myself going mad. Later, with their house full, I thought I'd run up to see an old friend. I helped to bath the dog. Bearing in mind the last dog I bathed was a Yorkie. This Bull mastiff cross American bulldog was a bit more difficult! Totally soaked I headed back to mums to meet mi man and head home to bed. Bloody good day.

Monday 21th February 2011- Dads Birthday!

I stayed at home today. In hindsight I could of gone and spent the day getting under dads feet but I decided to give him some peace and quiet. Besides, we going to find some reptiles tomorrow! Hope he has had a good day today!
Instead I waited for miss Fia to come see me! The plan was to help her sort out some pictures on her blog. In showing her how it works I ended up going through my pictures and adding lots to my blog. I think my pics are more interesting now there's more than 15 on here! At least my fifi knows how to do it now. The day went so fast I can't have enough time with her before she goes.
We played on xbox for a little while and chatted for ages about different idea's for my project. I got to get it finished I think by next week and my sketchbooks kinda empty! If we'd have got sketchbooks sooner I may have got more to put in it. I'll stop going on about that soon.
Before I knew it she was off and mi man was on his way home from work. I put our dinner on and we watched last nights Top gear! It was so funny! So tired now I can't wait to go to sleep!

Sunday 20th February 2011- No comment

This blog has its name for a reason. Every now and then there would be a day I wish I could rewind and record over. Don't get me wrong going out with my mum and dad was fun, I'm one of the few lucky people in this planet who 1, still has their parents together, and 2, actually gets on with them. But after they went I wish I'd just gone to sleep. Was so tired after our lovely meal and walk down the beach. It was fun.
We saw a really cute dog though, he was Massive! He was trying to talk to me the way that huskies do! As I looked up after stroking the pup I noticed that mi man and ma dad had already walked to the other end of the sea front, don't know why they had such a mission on! We went past the new park, and I toyed with the idea of having a go on the zip lines, but gave up on it with the decision that I didn't want to get a dirty bum!
We walked home via boots to get some new lip gloss, and had a cup of tea with everyone before they headed back home.
Not five minutes after they left a certain some one was on facebook already. Not impressed. Lol. Sure the novelty will wear off soon. I'm very bored of facebook already. There's only so much time you can waste before you realise you can be doing something useful, like your coursework Kat! Focussss!!
I'm going to need to crack on with that now.

Saturday 19th February 2011- Going to London!!

To buy a heat magazine! Yes we've all seen the advert! Unfortunately our trip to London was a bit more important than that! We were off to vistit mi mans sister in hospital. It was a long journey but when we got there it was really good to see her! We weren't allowed in til after 2 as everyone had to have lunch at 12 and a nap from 1, so we went out to get some lunch at a cafe called Giraffe. It was really nice, but I wanted to see a real giraffe!lol.
He ain't that bad at driving in London. the sat nav got us lost a few times but it seemed to sort itself out eventually.
When we finally got into the hospital and found the right ward we found a very sleepy sister! After having a nap and waking up to find four people standing around me ~I think I'd be quite shocked too! Once she was awake it was really nice chatting about stuff and finding out how she'd been. A little while after we arrived a nursey type came in and asked her what the date was, to which she replied the 20th. We thought it was close enough! When we'd sat around for a bit more I thought a little explore might do some good.. So I asked if she'd like to come have a walk round the hospital with me. Seemed like a good idea to all we went for a little look around. Walking up and down the stairs a few times we realised there wasn't really an awful lot to see. So we headed back.
The day went so fast, even though nothing amazingly exciting had happened the time still flied by! It was very odd. All too soon it was time to head home.
On the way home we thought we'd missed a turning(well he did) me knowing the area as well as I do told him to ignore the silly sat nav and keep going, I still think I got us out of London quicker! He'd probably disagree but I'll get over it! Arriving back home around 8ish I really couldn't be bothered to do anything. Yet somehow managed to clean the dining room, living room, bedroom, and sort the pigs out! No wonder I couldn't be doing with writing this entry then!