Sunday 20th February 2011- No comment

This blog has its name for a reason. Every now and then there would be a day I wish I could rewind and record over. Don't get me wrong going out with my mum and dad was fun, I'm one of the few lucky people in this planet who 1, still has their parents together, and 2, actually gets on with them. But after they went I wish I'd just gone to sleep. Was so tired after our lovely meal and walk down the beach. It was fun.
We saw a really cute dog though, he was Massive! He was trying to talk to me the way that huskies do! As I looked up after stroking the pup I noticed that mi man and ma dad had already walked to the other end of the sea front, don't know why they had such a mission on! We went past the new park, and I toyed with the idea of having a go on the zip lines, but gave up on it with the decision that I didn't want to get a dirty bum!
We walked home via boots to get some new lip gloss, and had a cup of tea with everyone before they headed back home.
Not five minutes after they left a certain some one was on facebook already. Not impressed. Lol. Sure the novelty will wear off soon. I'm very bored of facebook already. There's only so much time you can waste before you realise you can be doing something useful, like your coursework Kat! Focussss!!
I'm going to need to crack on with that now.

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