Saturday 19th February 2011- Going to London!!

To buy a heat magazine! Yes we've all seen the advert! Unfortunately our trip to London was a bit more important than that! We were off to vistit mi mans sister in hospital. It was a long journey but when we got there it was really good to see her! We weren't allowed in til after 2 as everyone had to have lunch at 12 and a nap from 1, so we went out to get some lunch at a cafe called Giraffe. It was really nice, but I wanted to see a real giraffe!lol.
He ain't that bad at driving in London. the sat nav got us lost a few times but it seemed to sort itself out eventually.
When we finally got into the hospital and found the right ward we found a very sleepy sister! After having a nap and waking up to find four people standing around me ~I think I'd be quite shocked too! Once she was awake it was really nice chatting about stuff and finding out how she'd been. A little while after we arrived a nursey type came in and asked her what the date was, to which she replied the 20th. We thought it was close enough! When we'd sat around for a bit more I thought a little explore might do some good.. So I asked if she'd like to come have a walk round the hospital with me. Seemed like a good idea to all we went for a little look around. Walking up and down the stairs a few times we realised there wasn't really an awful lot to see. So we headed back.
The day went so fast, even though nothing amazingly exciting had happened the time still flied by! It was very odd. All too soon it was time to head home.
On the way home we thought we'd missed a turning(well he did) me knowing the area as well as I do told him to ignore the silly sat nav and keep going, I still think I got us out of London quicker! He'd probably disagree but I'll get over it! Arriving back home around 8ish I really couldn't be bothered to do anything. Yet somehow managed to clean the dining room, living room, bedroom, and sort the pigs out! No wonder I couldn't be doing with writing this entry then!

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