Monday 21th February 2011- Dads Birthday!

I stayed at home today. In hindsight I could of gone and spent the day getting under dads feet but I decided to give him some peace and quiet. Besides, we going to find some reptiles tomorrow! Hope he has had a good day today!
Instead I waited for miss Fia to come see me! The plan was to help her sort out some pictures on her blog. In showing her how it works I ended up going through my pictures and adding lots to my blog. I think my pics are more interesting now there's more than 15 on here! At least my fifi knows how to do it now. The day went so fast I can't have enough time with her before she goes.
We played on xbox for a little while and chatted for ages about different idea's for my project. I got to get it finished I think by next week and my sketchbooks kinda empty! If we'd have got sketchbooks sooner I may have got more to put in it. I'll stop going on about that soon.
Before I knew it she was off and mi man was on his way home from work. I put our dinner on and we watched last nights Top gear! It was so funny! So tired now I can't wait to go to sleep!

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