Wednesday 23rd February 2011-Pj day!

There isn't really a lot to report today. Some days I will have so much to say. Other days not so much. Dull Really, not as tedious as usual, but dull still. I decided to relax and wire up my laptop to the new connection cable. Its really cool. Its so long it reaches pretty much round the whole house, I can now facebook and blog from the bedrrom and the living room, it will reach to the bathroom but I think thats a bit dangerous. Don't like the idea of having the laptop in the bath!
Was a bit of a waste of time today, so much happened yesterday, felt like taking it easy while I'm supposed to be on holiday. I watched Shameless this afternoon, that was cool! Sucks I've still gotta do my sketchbook but still, thats life I guess.
I really thought about being socialable today and going to see mi mans brother and sister in law, but seein as I didn't change out of my pajamas til half 4 this afternoon, I wouldn't have been home for himself to get back from work! Maybe see them at the weekend. We'll see.
Went to see our friends for a cuppa this evening. That was fun, don't know why I'm so tired! Haven't really done too much.

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