Saturday 26th February 2011-Don't Mess It up!

What a madness. I awoke from my morning doziness to a call from my darlin Fifi telling me they would be on their way up to see me shortly. I quickly ran around to pick clothes so I could jump in the shower really quick, don't quite know why I bothered washing up hair how much mess we've got into today! We managed to clean nearly the whole house, and we didn't brake too much either!
Fia was so helpful as to do the washing up for me, and help me with the living room and dining room, she even hoovered for me! Thank you sweetness!! We were busy cleaning for over four hours! I can't seem to clear up nearly as fast on my own, and we had fun doing it so is all good!
But if anyone gets my oven dirty now I'll kill them! I spent well over an hour scrubbing it with oven cleaner!Ohh the joy! We managed to mop all the floors. It was all going to smoothly to be true!
Then it happened, as I went to make us a late lunch, I noticed the tumble drier didn't seem it normal tumbly self, this was because it wasn't spinning! Not too sure what to do we called on the boys for some advice! Once told a few theories of what maybe wrong with it we had a look, and thought it best to leave it to someone who has a clue what they're doing. Hope it sorts itself out soon! I was told quite shortly by mi man that he could do nothing about it from central London and maybe I should try drying clothes the old fashioned way! To which I replied these appliances have been made for a reason! Maybe we'll take up that debate another day!
So much for my coursework, oh well, procrastinations more fun!
Now me and Fia are sitting down with a nice and well deserved drink, not touching anything else for fear of something blowing up! May play some xbox! Happy days!

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