Thursday 24th February 2011- Cool day!

Went back to my mum and dads today, with dad off work this week for his birthday I thought it'd be nice if I helped him sort the garden out. I helped him to move the filter for the fish pond, that was heavy, and smelly!! He had a bit of a moan about mums recycling techniques! An idea thats good in theory, bad if the theory never gets to the practical stage! So I sorted the recycling to take to the tip. That was a laugh, seeing one guy sort out the back of his car piece by piece and kiss goodbye to every bit of rubbish individually!
On the way back we went to Sainsburys to get a salad for lunch, very yummy coronation chicken and salad bits. We got home and watched some old young ones episodes on dvd. Bloody love that its so funny!
After a little while mi man came back for his lunch break, before I knew it he was off back to work and it was time for us to collect Sofia! Yay!
Me and dad made a deal that if we can go back to the Lost World Reptile shop, he could go to the telescope shop on the way! Fia and me sat outside there the majority of the time he was in there. Chatting and giggling about randomness! Thank god we weren't there too long. As I couldn't wait to get To the reptile shop. Finally we arrived there, after seeing some strange objects on the way. We had another look around at the other animals before making our way to the important part, the leopard geckos!
We told the guy that Fia is interested in getting some too, so he proceeded to tell her a little more about the different breeds that he has, and how to look after them. Her man was adamant that he wanted to get one from the first place they went to. When we got back I decided to tell him about our trip and that he was to wait until we go back to this place, I think he listened.
A small while after we got back to dads mi man had finished work and we left for her to come and stay at ours for the night! After we both said, Bye dad! Its funny thats she is like my sister now!
This eveninh we had a lovely dinner with the best mash and sausages! Well I did, they had pie, I don't really like pie. Me and Fia had a few southern comfort and cokes whilst watching a brilliant film, Despicable Me, I'm not lying when I say we were laughing literally almost continuiously through the whole film. Could easily watch it again tomorrow, I think we might!
After he took himself off to bed us girls sat up chatting about life the world and everything, what going to happen when she goes away again for the rest of the year, that I'm not looking forward to, and watching random crap on telly and them a little bit of Family guy. The time went so fast it was gone half 12 when we went to bed! I got into bed and put my cold feet on mi sleeping man, to which he jumped and moaned a bit, oh it was funny, he's going to kill me for saying this. But he was so funny! I'm going to stop now before I get in trouble! Love him!

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  1. "strange objects" indeed. The A2 wasn't so much of a road as a freak show.