Thursday 28th April 2011- College with Fia

This morning I really wanted to start on my final piece, didn't happen yesterday. Fia met me by mums and got a ride with us as she doesn't have her mums car anymore. So wanted her to stay with me, and was really looking forward to telling my other tutor about my new kitten. But as soon as we got into our studio my tutor said Fia was not allowed in our space while he's tutoring, glum! I sat in the canteen with her for a bit, then we figured out a loophole, my tutor said shes not allowed in our studio, nothing about the rest of the college, so as long as we stayed in the sculpture room its all good. I started trying to make models as a mock up for the figures in my final piece with clay, that didn't work too well! Really didn't work too well! The clay didn't stay in the positions I wanted it to, was getting really worked up with it! Then technick came in and I moaned at him that it wasn't working, and he showed me a much better way of doin it!
So while Sofia made Dave minion from despicable me, I listened and worked along while nick taught me this new technique. It was really fun, when I knew how!
I won't bore you with the technicalities of it but its coming along alright now. Pics are on the way!
Binks was being a little tear away when we got home, he thinks he's top cat cos he'll still got his balls, well not for long sonny boy! He popped Obi so I sprayed Binks with a water bottle, and boy he can run! Dozey little monkey! He's really not sure what to make of the piggles!

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