Sunday 27th March 2011- Hunting n Fishing with Jimbo and Ned

Did you catch that South park? Bloody classic!! We watched the one with Russell Crowe and Tugger last night. Great stuff!
Anyways we went fishing today. Was really nice day for it as well! I stupidly suggested we go to our friends farm,'the Batfarm' and fish in one of the ponds there. I thought it was be good to see the bat and meet some of the new lambs and calves.
 Usually fishing is quite good there, today was not so good. I didn't get a single bite all  the time we were there! After a few hours I said, why don't we go somewhere else? No sooner had I said this than mi man and dad had pulled their rods out of the pond and had already started packing away.
We got to the next location, a pond in a place called Coldblow, just outside Shadoxhurst. Literally as soon as my hook hit the water I got a bite! I was kicking myself we didn't go there earlier! Dad was catching fish after fish, by the time I'd got 3 he'd caught 9! Cheeky git I swear they just jumped out of the pond at him! After a little while Fia drove out to meet us as its not too far from her parents house, and I set her up with a rod and showed her how its done. Totally out of the blue her first ever bite was a Massive fish! It was huge! I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a bit jealous! By the time we tried to get the landing net to her it'd came off the hook! Still weren't bad going for her first time! In the end I caught 21, dad caught 35 and mi man caught 7! One of those they managed to catch at the same time!! That was strange! I started going fishing when I was 5 or 6 years old and I had never seen that in my life!!
All of a sudden it got very cold! We quickly packed up shivering and started heading back!
We dropped dad off at his house and headed back home.
Nearly home we had to stop at the shop to get some squash, usually I wouldn't blog about such trivial events, if it wasn't for what happened on the way there this time. Just between the car and the shop, I thought I'd run as to not keep mi man waiting in the car, and I tripped up on the floor where it gets uneven, and fell on my knees! Luckily I put my hands down so I didn't smash my head on the floor! Still bloody hurt though! It was only when I came out of the shop and back in the car, I looked down and saw the amount of blood on my knees that it really started to sting! I shouldn't have looked! Quickly we got back to the house so we could clean me up a bit, and mi man, from spending way too much time with my dad just said, oh wait, let me take a picture! I was like, sod the bloody picture and help me!! Cheeky git I was not impressed! He did clean it up for me though, and I don't care how old I get, when I fall over I will always go crying to my mum! Tried crying to my dad it doesn't work! lol. When I called him and told him what happened he just said, "Oh, I thought it was something serious!" It was bloody serious I was in pain!! He did make me laugh when he just replied to that with, "Well, stop grizzling then." Then I called mum and she made it better! So not going to be fun  living with my knees for a few days! I'll post the picture up later! What a crappy ending to a lovely day!

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