Thursday 3rd February 2011- New project! and piggles..Yay

Feels like ages since my last project, was just sayin the other day how we never get a break in between, that proved me wrong didn't it!! Still, got mi first draft of my art history essay ready to hand in tomrrow! It has been a long day, was so tired yesterday I didn't really have the energy to type too much.. I haven't today but I got a lot to say.
Everyone's all excited getting interviews for uni, I haven't got many offers yet. Thinking logically, I have been notified that they do it alphabetically. In which case I'd be one of the last to get a reply. I did get an email saying I needed to have some additional information on my ucas form, and had my tutors running around like headless chickens researching my key skills grades for my first year. They are good our tutors!! Don't really know how I would of found that out without them! Don't have a clue where I left my certificates!!!
I love having self directed projects! Means we can do anything we want, within the guidelines of the project brief, and take our breaks at more relaxed times, which makes it brilliant when some snotty cow fashion and textiles tutor comes out and tells us we not supposed to be on our break! Had soo much fun putting her in her place this morning! She ain't my tutor, so I'm really not bothered what shes gotta say.
I got my mind map(not allowed to say brain storm anymore) and initial idea's down, did some artist research, and then it was time for our group tutorials.
We were talking about interviews today and I swear my pastoral tutor makes anything funny! He was saying about what to prepare and how bad body language affects their decisions. Still making everyone laugh. My sides hurt when I left there today!
Walked home with one of my closest friends from college jj. He's jokes too. Called mi darlin Fifi after jj went his way home and had a nice chit chat and a little bitch about the world. Got home and had a very interesting chat with Buffy about what she'd done today, which is making a lot of mess for mum to clean up!
On the way home,after nearly falling asleep in the car, we stopped in to see bear and t! Had a cuppa, tried to stay awake while the boys talked boy stuff, and a little cuddle with Ronnii. That was nice, Richie only shouted at me once or em..
Got home about half 7 adamant that I was going straight to bed.. Don't quite know how I'm still awake.. My boys are helping me to type, I say help. slobbering cucumber juice all over me,and trying not to fall off my lap! Got to say mi boys are the best, all three of them. I wonder what they'd make of a leopard gecko?

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