Tuesday 1st February 2011- Anniversaries

What a mad day! Back at mums for most of the day, popped out to see friends a few times, but mostly I was trying to type up the first draft of my essay. All good fun when you know what your talking about! All too soon it was time to head home and go out for our anniversary!! Can't believe its been a year already!

After a mad few minutes when we got home trying to sort things here we went out for a chinese, and it was lovely!! I was soo full, and pudding was yummy too!! On the way home we stopped in the shops to get a drink and got back to watch Forest Gump! Not as brilliant a film as I had been lead to believe! Of everything I've heard about it I was expecting it to be really good, but for a film where a lot happens, I was expecting a better ending! I'm soo tired now still.

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