Sunday 17th April 2011-More Fishing, and bad news!

Today was not my day Was so bad! It was nice to be sitting out in the sun, but that was about in, besides falling in, everything that could possibly go wrong, did! For all the time that was there, about 5or 6 hours, the first 4and a half I caught 3 trees! Lost 3hooks 5bbs (well 4 Fia dropped 1) and lost a float. Not impressed! Got in a big knot one time and cut myself trying to brake the line without scissors! Ooops! It was bad.
One of dads friends from work was with him, he was sat in a swim with a dead sheep in the water near him, and a dead lamb 6  foot behind him, don't know how he managed that, it stunk over there! The only thing that was good was the cute bouncy lambs that were chasing each other round the field behind us, and I eventually caught 5 fish in the last hour before we left, blinking typical! Not a good day! Glad Fia was there though!
When we got home it was getting late already, so we had showers, had dinner, and cuddled up on the sofa to watch some crap before bed, just as we finished dinner I got a text from my friend saying was I at home, and could we come up, a bit worried I picked up the phone and asked if everything was ok. Apparently one of he pups had taken a turn for the worst, and she didn't want to see him deteriorate. So she wanted to do good by him, and not let him suffer. She basically asked if we could come up, but I knew she wanted us to come up and say bye. It was very sad, I sat and cuddled him and had a good cry. Poor little guy, I do love him, shouty little pup but he is still a sweetie. It was getting really late but I didn't want to leave! I knew I had to say bye. Bye bye baby boy!! We'll miss you!

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