Thursday 7th April 2011-My friends birthday

Today was so fun, it was my good college buddies birthday! No one had told me though so me and a few other friends decided to take our lunch break early and nip into town to get a pressie and a card. We all thought the same thing as well, our friend loves jewelry, so we thhought it'd be nice to get her a bracelet or a necklace, we were looking for ages for something perfect, then we found it! We got her a bracelet, that had a big butterfly on it, with her favourite colours! We really hoped we liked it!
As it was so hot we also went to New Look to get some new clothes, I got a wicked cool new outfit, a really nice white boob tube, a pair of grey 3quarter length jogging bottoms and a loose grey and white stripy top, it looks Lush, need to get more tops from there soon!
We got back to college quick as we were a little more late than planned, and all said happy birthday to our friend as we gave her her present and card, and she loved it, all the wrapping, the gift bag, and her present were all of her favourite colours! Sweet! She said the bracelet we picked her was exactly what she would of chosen! It was a lovely day all together.
With a gay talk about politics in tutorials to end it! Bloody perfect! Fia came to meet me just before this started, and got to sit in it with me. Was wicked. We walked back, got an energy drink, and watched time gentlemen please with my brother, and waited for mi man to finish work, and we set off back home. On the way we were being really loud, for some reason. Think it was the energy drink! We stopped past her special someones house so she could pick up her booze, and got home to make dinner. Don't really remember much after that, I'm sure we had a pasta bake. I don't know.

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