Saturday 9th April 2011-Fishing!

We've been fishing a lot lately, has been really nice as its been so hot!
I wanted to have a lie in this morning, but for some reason I was up quite early today. Think I was looking forward to going to the pond. We had breakfast and got ready to go.
We weren't at the pond too long before the fish started biting. It was quite a slow day though, not a lot happening. We got there a little while before dad did as he had to work this morning. I only caught 8 fish, and the last one I only got cos I'd thrown all the bait in whilst getting ready to pack up! That was a little cheeky, but I won all the same, mi man spent most of the day in the lead still! He had a little lamb friend come right up to him, it was so cute! I like lambs. No nasty comments about mint sauce please!!!!lol

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