Sunday 10th April 2011- My girls visit!

I still love weekends! This morning we had a lovely lie in, and breakfast in bed before heading up town, just to be nosey, and see whats happening. Wasn't really much going on. We had a really lazy day. It was great!
Mi man wanted to watch golf this evening so I knew I was going to be bored off my trolley!
Spent most of the day preparing for this tedious ordeal, was thinking about catching up with my blogs! Lol!
Then I got a call from a good friend, one of my besties, Maxi. she was asking what I was up to this evening! I told her, not a hell of a lot! She said her and our friend Jada was thinking about coming to see me! That was so cool! I haven't seen them for ages!
Then Jada texted me a little while after asking me what I was doing, I was like, "I just told Max that!" lol. "Come see me!" About 20 past 7 they said they were going to be on the way soon, come 20 past 8 I was still waiting! I just thought, typical1 They've always been like that but its been so long since I've seen them I'd forgot! About 10 to 9 I called Jada and asked her where they were, she said Max had been at the gym so she had to drop her mum home and then they were on their way, it was about half 9 I think by the time they were actually on the way though! Blinking typical of my girls!
They finally arrived, and came in for a cup of tea, and met our Obikat. Mi man was watching the golf so we left him to it and sat in the other room. They said they love our house,, ain't that sweet, still can't believe they hadn't been to our house before! But the last time they came down we went straight out. After we finished our tea we went out to go down the beach, it was so cool, it was all dark, wasn't even that cold! We went and sat by the sea and talked a little while before we set off to the new park, months ago I went there in the day, and it was really busy, I would of felt bad taking the zip line from the little kids so I had planned to come back when no one would be there. It was so cool to be there with my besties. We had a lovely little walk there, I showed them the way and some cool little paths. When we got there we were all like kids again, on the zine lines, racing round the climbing frame,we sat in one of the tunnels and had more chats, and we went down the curly slide so many times we were all dizzy! Before we knew it, it was almost 11o clock! We had to head back home then. Unfortunately Max had to get up for work the next day! That sucked! But it was really good to see them still!

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