Friday 15th April 2011- Obi's Girlfriends Back

Well, not a lot happening today really. I got up and let Obi out to play so I could get some things sorted out, I cleaned the kitchen and mopped up, didn't want Obi to get bleachy paws!
 After that I was planning on going out to see my friend. So I called Obi in, and for a change he didn't comeback. So I went out to go and look for him. I called him from by the back gate, and I saw a little girly puss come running towards me! She rubbed up on my ankle and purred at me, so I stroked her and called Obi again.. Nothing! I walked up and down the alley, seeing if I could spy him anywhere, with girly cat following me all the way! She followed me up and down that alley for at least 20 minutes! Bless her! I called my friend to say that I was waiting for Obi to get back, didn't want to leave him out unless he got scrapping again, he's had a few of them lately. I forgot to say he did yesterday!
One big cat was out in the garden, and I could see Obi didn't like him. He tried to go around Obi to get out of the garden and my boy was having none of it! Obi went for him clawing out like mad! He made me jump and I shouted at him, and the other cat ran away! He sat on the neighbours roof keeping guard of the garden for ages after that!
Anyways my lovely friend told me that she didn't mind if I wanted to stay and wait for him. So I did! And our baby's girlfriend sat with me the whole time! Silly girly! At one point a street cleaner guy came by on a big machine and I was worried that she might get scared so I picked her up and held her, but then she dug her claws in and jumped into our garden!
She started playing when I was stroking her, and she bit my hand! Cheeky moo! Wasn't happy with her after that. She's still cute though, well she was until she started trying to follow me into the house! I only went in to get my sketchbook! She is a little minx! She's not as gorgeous as Obi though. He came back a little while later, saw me playing with her, then buggered off again, jealous much Obi baby? Love him!! I eventually managed to entice him in with some treats!(not chocolate hobnobs, he ain't that fond of them!)
So yeah, my day did end up revolving around him. Not ideal most of the time, but I'm on holiday so I'll let him off this time.

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