Thursday 14th April 2011- Maxi's Birthday! and curry!

After Fia stayed at mine last night she came back to mums with me today, via her mums so we could get her car and she could get ready. I thought we would come home to an empty house, or at least just my brother to be in, I found mums car outside, which was very weird. I came in and no one was to be seen, a little while later mum came downstairs and she had a nose bleed! That was a bit worrying as she never gets them! Turns out she went to hospital yesterday to have an operation, and it also seemed like I was the last person on the planet to know! She said I would have only worried and she wasn't even going to tell me, but as I was there, she did. I was worried, but I think I would of been worse if something happened and I didn't even know she went in, so people, in future, I kind of want to know these things!
I stayed a little while and chatted with her and Fia about stuff, then I had to go to work for a little while. I think I need a new job! It was a slight bit painful today! Still had to crack on for a bit,only did about an hour an a half. I really couldn't focus, so I explained what had happened, and said that I had to get home.
Got home to find Fia and my brother had gone out shopping!
Here she is with the news on shopping!
Hellooo :) well me and Kats brother decided to go shopping because we thought Kat would be gone for a while.
So we went to Matalan, he was insistent on looking at absolutely everything!! Seeing as I don't like shopping it wasn't all that bad, we then went to tesco to buy some lunch, by then Kat was already home so we hurried along a bit..
When we got home we made hot dogs!! But i left them in the water a bit too long and they kind of exploded haha, they was still good to eat though and was good :), we sat and watched TV until Kat and everyone went out for dinner..
Seeing as I wasn't there Kat's back to tell you what happened.
Hi, well we got to the County, and got drinks in before we ordered our food. I cashed in on the drinks big time! I got my first drink, then I got a drink with my dinner, and one of our lot didn't want the drink with his meal so I had that too! So I was sat with three drinks in front of me before we'd even got our food! Nice!! Curry was lush! I'm not usually that much of a curry fanatic, but it is nice with popadoms and mango chutney dip! I love that stuff! We all nattered and ate lots, I had a very nice hot chocolate fudge cake for dessert! Yum!
After everyone had eaten we all chatted a bit more, then me and mi man had to get on our long arduous journey home, so we left the rest of them to it!
Obi was glad to see us when we got home! Haven't seen his girlfriend since though!

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