Tuesday 12th April 2011- At the Beach, the park, and home to mums

I had a brilliant day today, my friend Rachy brought her daughter down to see me so we could take her to the park! It was really cool, when they got down they came in for a cuppa and I introduced her to the guinea pigs. She loved them!
We made a move quickly and got to the beach so we could have a picnic there. Me and my friends daughter went to play with the waves! It was cool, I didn't want to get wet feet though, learnt my lesson on that last time we were out. So anyways, we had a nice picnic on the beach and set off down to the park. It was heaving, there was so many kids on the climbing frame I thought it was going to fall over!
 There was kids pushing in and shoving each other out of the way! Has nobody told these spoilt children how to wait their turn?! At one point this little boy went to push in front of my friends little girl so I just stopped him, and told him, she was first, you can wait!! He seemed shocked! Like he'd never heard this sentence in his life! Then I took her to go on the zip lines, she waited patiently. Whilst other children who were in front of her went. There was a dad and his little boy waiting too, I was positive they were there before us, when everyone else had gone the dad said, "After you." I said, "No you go, I'm sure you were here before us." He smiled then put his boy on the zip line. They must have been waiting a while. Bless them. There was some nice people there.
Then, I took her to go back on the big slide, where, in the queue, we saw lots of kids holding sand in pots, in their rolled  up t-shirts, in anything they could use to carry it. They were throwing it onto the slide, then sliding down in it! When I asked one child why they were doing this they replied,"It makes you go faster!" I thought right, and what about the other kids? I asked my friends girl if she still wanted to go on the slide, and she said, "Yeah, but I don't want to get a dirty bum!" How sweet is that?! So I took her over to the slide on the other side, where others kids hadn't messed it up quite as bad. All too soon it was time to leave the park and head back to the car, we walked up through the cave path and to the top of the hill, where we got the lift back down, cannot think what them hill lifts are called now, sure I'll remember at some point. After we got home I had a quick cup of tea at theirs and went back to mums. Not a lot happening this evening. After such a lovely day not a lot could be that good!

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