Friday 8th April- Rewriting essays

I don't know what happened, but I did feel ill when I woke up this morning. With today being the last day of the term before Easter break I thought I'd better get my essay retyped, seeing as my tutor was off sick and our art history lecturer filling in, this was even better as he was there to check my work as I was doing it, its not that I needed that much help, it was more with the layout and settings he is quite particular about! I was sat at that poxy computer for ages, after I realised only half of my essay was saved to my key drive I had to type it again from the copy I had printed, that was Tedious!
Ohh what a day. Fia came to meet me around lunch time with a quite odd tasting bottle of coke, don't know what was in that, honest! After last night it didn't surprise me! I was so looking forward to getting home, had enough of this term.

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