Wednesday 13th April 2011-More Birthday Celebrations

I stayed at home today so I could catch up on a few bits. didn't think I had to be back at mum and dads for anything today
This morning I got a text from Maxi saying that this evening they were going out for a meal, and she really hoped I could be there, I so wished she'd told me that yesterday! Then I could of been back at home! But still, I tried to figure out a way to get home to be there, I asked mum what she was up to, there was no way mi man would come all the way home then go all the way back out there! So I was stuck! I told Maxi we could make a plan soon though still.
 Luckily Sofia came to spent the day with me!We didn't really do much, just watched a lot of telly. I texted my brother a few times to see how he was getting on with a back piece he was having done today. He was booked in from 10 this morning til 5 this afternoon, and I thought 3and a half hours was painful enough!
I then had the hard task of writing an old friend a letter. It wasn't the writing that was the difficult part, it was what I wanted to say. I haven't seen this friend for a few years now, but we still stayed in contact through mutual friends. this friend was very important to me as they are one of the people who originally introduced me to Capoeira, and has been a big part of my life for the majority of the time I've been an adult. So I thought seeing as it was his birthday last week, i thought I should use that opportunity to open the lines of conversation again. It was really difficult to get started but once I had I managed to write four pages!
Just before the post went I mangaged to get the address off another friend, find a stamp, and walked to the postbox just in time!
Before mi man came home from work he called to say he was on his way so we asked him if he would pick up some pasta sauce so I could make a pasta bake. Fia wanted to make a potato salad so we cooked up some bacon to put in it, I ate most of that before it even made the salad but it was very good all the same!

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