Friday 28th January 2011- Group Critques

Today was a really good day at college, content that my project was finished I had the pleasure of sitting down an listening to my class mates crits of this last project, it is really nice to see what everyone else has been up to, what they've made and the reasons behind it. I like having my stuff finished before crits day for this very reason, and I'd feel rude wandering around doing my work while someone is presenting their work. More times than most I usually decide to go first to get it out of the way. today I chose to let others go before me and show how they present work and how they speak about it, I wondered if this may give me ideas for presenting my own work. It did. One of my class mates is an amazing artist anyways, but likes to specialize in compuer graphic imagery, his presentation was brilliant as usual! So I made sure I had a chat with him before I did my critique.
We sat through about 4or 5 crits, and we each got a chance to ask questions about each persons work. My tutor often found himself looking for a certain word, and I was there like his personal dictionary telling him the word that had slipped his mind! That was good, i do like being helpful! After lunch we had art history, then it was my turn to do my presentation, once I had finished talking it wasn't so much as being asked questions, more like a group debate about the issues my work had touched upon and everyones personal opinions which was cool cos I could just sit back and listen to how they felt. I was soo happy to get it out of the way. at the end of each crit the class with our tutor went through the grade criteria and we all got to help him decide what grade each students work was worth. Mine got a distinction!! I was so Happy! Its always when you don't expect it!
 On my way home from college I went to the pub to meet a good friend and had a drink to celebrate the weeks achievements. Which is something I don't really do to much, and should really do more often. I got back to my mums so tired I made dinner a little while after mi man got home from work, he went out gallivanting. So I had a quick nap and got a taxi to my friends house. After what seemed like two minutes it was time to meet mi man and head back home. Was a cool day.

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