Wednesday 26th January 2011_I thought it was over! It aint now!

Well, I wasn't planning on mentioning this morning as it was an average tedious ordeal of getting up and ready for college, after being up until gone 12 sorting things out for today I did not fancy moving at all! Being that my project ad to be in I thought it best to get a shift on and 'get my arse out of bed' as 'mi man' so sensitively put it!
This may seem like I'm moaning at some points, but I'm not! I do love college, but it has its moments!!!
Got to college, half asleep not really feeling too sociable, and still managed to have 4 conversations at the same time before I'd even walked through the door. Oh I do love my college friends still. In to our room only to find my tutor saying he was giving us an extension till Friday because he hadn't written our project briefs for the next project, gee thanks guy! So I read back through my sketchbook to find final piece ideas that I hadn't dared to attack yet. My piece of work I started just today, is probably the most difficult I've even thought of all term, and it has to be finished by the end of tomorrow!
 Of course up til lunchtime it was all good fun, come half 2 this afternoon I was kicking myself for starting such an extreme piece of work this late on in a project. Why didn't I just keep my head down and do more artist research?!! Oh that reminds me, Going to rewrite my evaluation soon. So anyways, after a few more fag breaks than I probably shouldn't of had I finally got to what I consider is halfway point, to be working on a relatively big sculpture with only a few days to finish is quite a brave thing to do. The only saving grace of this was when my friends came to keep me company in the sculpture room for some of the afternoon. Then my tutor came in and said I had achieved a lot for one day, that made me realise that this work was the difference between failing and getting the merits I need- not looking for a distinction this time, I'll only be disappointed when its not. Going to rewrite my evaluation soon.
On the plus side I finished the day without breaking too much, got round to my friends for a catch up, and home to finish writing up the days events in my sketchbook! Ohh my head. Glad I have this blog now because I bet today would be lost from my memory by this time next week. Wish me luck for finishing tomorrow!

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