Tuesday 25th January 2011-Too Much To Do

I don't do mornings!! This morning was another typical example, was wide awake at 20 past 5 when obikat decided to jump on me and purr himself stupid, only to then think he'd be more comfortable on the other side of the bed! Come half 7 when it was time to get up I really didn't want to move! Played the mini car game on the way to mums, which for once by the time we got there I wasn't winning!! That was novel!! I won by the end of the day tho!ha ha! I'm not too competitive,much!

At mums I got the usual verbals from the parrot! All too cute until I've got less than 24 hours to finish a project!! I thought to man the procrastination stations and go to meet a friend for coffee by mid morning. French Connection make a mean cappochino,if that's how you spell it. We had a nice chit chat and caught up, talking about the good old days. Then after a little drive around local villages we thought it best to get our backsides back to our respective works. After a long day and a lot of work done we had dinner at mums. Got some things printed off at last.

 I swear people think its a doss being a student!! Soo not true! For the majority of people, when they leave work, that's it until the next day when they get into the office. Well not for us, work does not stop all day everyday till deadlines are met and projects are handed in. Even then I still worry about if I'll get the distinction I was hoping for, and then a new project will start after group critiques have been carried out. Usually only a day or so in between. All half terms, Christmas, new years and Easter breaks are just a length of time where we don't have our tutors to ask advice about any part of our work we are unsure of. Still is rarely actually a break! It's 20to 11 on one of my supposed 'days off' yet adding up all the time I've spent working today comes to at least 9hours! So much for not leaving things to the last minute!
Got home finished my sketchbook work and annotated some research. Still had to do the washing up, ohh well, its still fun being me! I miss my boys. They're here with me, and i still miss them, when I have more time them and obi r soo gonna be on here telling on me! Obi did a good impression of a cats version of typing, sleeping on the keyboard!! Brilliant, soon as i can get it off the cam it'll be here. dozy lil monkey!
Quick shower and bedibyes for Kat me thinks! Can't actually wait to get to college and see my buddies tomorrow! Night night blogger people!

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  1. I used to think that the student life was a bit of a doss, but I was basing that on the young ones, but having seen how hard you work on your projects, I no longer hold to that view.